(3) Life has been made so much           (3) We complete our task before   157. The burglar destroyed several
           easier by the modern means               sunset.                            items in the room. Even the car-
           of communication.                    (4) We had completed our task          pet has been torn.
       (4) Life was made so much eas-               before sunset.                     (1) Several items destroyed in the
           ier by the modern means of      152. The boy laughed at the beggar.             room by the burglar. Even the
           communication.                       (1) The beggar was laughed by              carpet he has torn.
 148. Thick clouds have overcast the                the boy.                           (2) Several items in the room
       sky.                                     (2) The beggar was being laughed           were destroyed by the burglar.
       (1) The sky has been overcast                by the boy.                            Even the carpet was torn.
           by thick clouds.                     (3) The beggar was being laughed       (3) Including the carpet, several
       (2) The sky overcast by thick                at by the boy,                         items in the room have been
           clouds.                                                                         torn by the burglar.
                                                (4) The beggar was laughed at by
       (3) The sky is overcast by thick             the boy.                           (4) The burglar, being destroyed
           clouds,                                                                         several items in the room,
                                           153. The government has launched a
       (4) The sky is being overcast by                                                    also carpet has torn.
                                                massive tribal welfare pro-
           thick clouds.                        gramme in Jharkhand.              158. We must respect the elders.
 149. One should not give unsolicited           (1) A massive tribal welfare pro-      (1) The elders deserve respect
       advice.                                      gramme is launched by the              from us.
       (1) Unsolicited advice is not to             government in Jharkhand.           (2) The elders must be respect-
           be given.                            (2) A massive tribal welfare pro-          ed.
       (2) Unsolicited advice can’t be              gramme has been launched           (3) The elders must be respect-
           given.                                   by the government in Jhark-            ed by us.
       (3) Unsolicited advice may not               hand.                              (4) Respect the elders we must.
           be given.                            (3) Jharkhand government has      159. We have warned you.
       (4) Unsolicited advice should                launched a massive tribal          (1) You have been warned.
           not be given.                            welfare programme.                 (2) We have you warned.
 150. The scheme permits investors              (4) The government in Jhark-           (3) Warned you have been.
       to buy the shares from foreign               hand has launched a massive        (4) Have you been warned.
       companies.                                   tribal welfare programme.
                                                                                  160. Has anybody answered your
       (1) Under the scheme, the in-       154. The boys were playing cricket.         question ?
           vestors may be permitted to          (1) Cricket had been played by         (1) Your question has been an-
           buy shares from foreign com-             the boys.                              swered ?
           panies.                              (2) Cricket has been played by         (2) Anybody has answered your
       (2) Under the scheme, the in-                the boys.                              question?
           vestors have been permit-            (3) Cricket was played by the          (3) Has your question been an-
           ted to buy shares from for-              boys.                                  swered ?
           eign companies.                      (4) Cricket was being played by        (4) Have you answered your
       (3) Under the scheme, the in-                the boys.                              question ?
           vestors are permitted to buy    155. They drew a circle in the morn-
           shares from foreign compa-                                             161. The shopkeeper lowered the
                                                ing.                                   prices.
                                                (1) A circle was being drawn by        (1) The prices lowered the shop-
       (4) Under the scheme, the in-                them in the morning..
           vestors were permitted to                                                       keeper.
                                                (2) A circle was drawn by them         (2) The prices were lowered by
           buy shares from foreign com-
                                                    in the morning.                        the shopkeeper.
     Directions (151–170) : In a sen-           (3) In the morning a circle have       (3) Down went the prices.
tence has been given in Active/Pas-                 been drawn by them.
                                                                                       (4) The shopkeeper got down the
sive Voice. Out of the four alternatives        (4) A circle has been drawing              prices.
suggested, select the one which best                since morning
                                                                                  162. One must keep one’s promises.
expresses the same sentence in Pas-        156. They will demolish the entire
                                                                                       (1) One’s promises are kept.
sive/Active Voice.                              block.
                                                                                       (2) One’s promises must kept.
               (SSC Graduate Level Tier-II      (1) The entire block is being de-
              Exam. 04.08.2011 Paper-II )
                                                                                       (3) One’s promises were kept.
151. Our task had been completed                                                       (4) Promises must be kept.
                                                (2) The block may be demolished
      before sunset.                                entirely.                     163. The government has not ap-
      (1) We completed our task be-             (3) The entire block will have to      proved the new drug for sale.
          fore sunset.                              be demolished by them.             (1) The government approval for
      (2) We have completed our task            (4) The entire block will be de-           the sale of the new drug has
          before sunset.                            molished by them.                      not been given.