(3) A new plan was being           122. The judge delivered the sentence         (2) A little puppy was being giv-
           evolved to control her popu-        at the courtroom yesterday.                  en to him by mother.
           lation by India.                    (1) The sentence been delivered          (3) He had been given a little
       (4) A new plan is being evolved             yesterday by the judge.                  puppy by mother.
           by India to control her pop-        (2) The sentence was delivered           (4) A little puppy is given to him
           ulation.                                by the judge at the court-               by his mother.
 117. We found the lock broken last                room yesterday.                128. The company paid her a mea-
       night.                                  (3) The sentence was being de-           gre salary.
       (1) The lock was found by us                livered at the courtroom yes-        (1) She was paid a meagre sala-
           breaking last night.                    terday by the judge.                     ry by the company.
       (2) The lock was found by us            (4) Yesterday, the sentence had          (2) A meagre salary has been paid
           broken last night.                      been delivered at the court-             to her by the company.
       (3) The lock was broken by us               room by the judge.                   (3) She was being paid a mea-
           last night.                    123. Shut all the doors and windows               gre salary by the company.
       (4) The broken lock we found            in the night.                            (4) A meagre salary was to be
           last night.                         (1) Let all the doors and win-               paid to her by the company.
 118. They should shoot the traitors               dows be shut in the night.     129. Do not insult him.
                                               (2) All the doors and windows            (1) Let he not be insulted.
                                                   may be shut in the night.            (2) Let him not be insulted.
       (1) The traitor should be shot at
                                               (3) Let all the doors and win-           (3) Let not he be insulted.
           by them.
                                                   dows remain shut in the              (4) Let not him be insulted.
       (2) The traitor should be shot
           them.                                   night.                         130. Sameer shut the door with a
                                               (4) All the doors and windows            bang.
       (3) The traitors should be shot
                                                   be shutted in the night.             (1) The door was shut with a
           dead by them.
                                                                                            bang by Sameer.
       (4) The traitor is shot by them.   124. People use computers for vari-
                                                                                        (2) The door with a bang shut
 119. Who inaugurated the fair?                ous purposes.
                                                                                            by Sameer.
       (1) The fair was inaugurated by         (1) Computers are being used by
                                                                                        (3) The door shut Sameer with a
           whom?                                   people for various purposes.             bang.
       (2) The fair is inaugurated by          (2) Computers have been used             (4) The door had been shut with
           who?                                    by people for various pur-
                                                                                            a bang by Sameer.
       (3) By whom was the fair inau-              poses.
                                                                                        Directions (131 – 150) : In the
           gurated?                            (3) Computers are used by peo-    following questions a sentence has
       (4) By who was the fair inaugu-             ple for various purposes.     been given in Active /Passive Voice.
           rated?                              (4) Computers will be used by     Out of the four alternatives suggest-
 120. Close the doors.                             people for various purposes.  ed, select the one which best expresses
       (1) Let the doors are closed.      125. The problem has been treated      the same sentence in Passive/Active
                                               by numerous experts.              Voice.
       (2) The doors are to be closed.
                                               (1) Numerous experts have been                    (SSC Graduate Level Tier-II
       (3) Let the doors be closed.
                                                   treating the problem.                                Exam. 16.09.2012)
       (4) Allow the doors to close.                                              131. They are going to build a new
                                               (2) Numerous experts have treat-
       Directions (121–130) : In the                                                    airport near the old one.
                                                   ed the problem.
following questions, a sentence has                                                     (1) A new airport going to be
                                               (3) Numerous experts had been
been given in Active/Passive Voice. Out                                                      built near the old one.
                                                   treating the problem.
of the four alternatives suggested, se-                                                 (2) A new airport is being built
lect the one which best expresses the          (4) Numerous experts treated the
                                                                                             near the old one.
same sentence in Passive/Active Voice.             problem.
                                                                                        (3) A new airport will be built
        (SSC Stenographer Grade "C" & "D" 126. She always cooks delicious food.              near the old one.
                       Exam. 16.10.2011)       (1) Delicious food is cooked by          (4) A new airport is going to be
 121. Nobody has answered my ques-                 her always.                               built near the old one.
       tion.                                   (2) Delicious food is always be-   132. My watch can’t be repaired by
       (1) My question has been an-                ing cooked by her.                   anyone,
           swered by somebody.                 (3) Delicious fo od has been             (1) No one will repair my watch.
       (2) My question has not been                cooked by her.                       (2) No one can repair my
           answered by anybody.                (4) Delicious food was being                  watch.
       (3) My question was not an-                 cooked by her.                       (3) No one can’t repair my
           swered.                        127. Mother gave him a little puppy.               watch.
       (4) My question remains unan-           (1) He was given a little puppy          (4) No one will be able to repair
           swered.                                 by mother.                                my watch.