(4) The staff members were be-         19. I am doing sums.                      25. Someone pulled the bull violent-
         ing kept waiting by the prin-          (1) Sums are done by me                   ly.
         cipal.                                 (2) Sums are being done by me             (1) The bull had been pulled vio-
 13. Who taught you grammar ?                   (3) I must be doing the sums                   lently by someone.
     (1) By whom you were taught                (4) Sums must be done by me               (2) The bull was to be pulled vio-
         grammar ?                                                                             lently by someone.
                                            20. The noise of the traffic kept me
     (2) By whom were you taught                                                          (3) The bull had been pulled vio-
         grammar ?                                                                             lently.
                                                (1) I was kept awake by the noise
     (3) By whom was grammar you                                                          (4) The bull was pulled violently.
                                                     of the traffic
         taught ?                                                                         Directions (26-30) : In the fol-
                                                (2) The traffic kept me awake by
     (4) By whom were grammar                                                        lowing questions the sentences have
                                                     the noise
         taught to you ?                                                             been given in Active/Passive voice.
                                                (3) I kept myself awake due to       From the given alternatives, choose the
 14. The king gave him a reward.                     the noise of the traffic        one which best expresses the given
     (1) He was given by the king a             (4) I remained awake by the noise    sentence in Passive/Active voice.
         reward.                                     of the traffic                                 (SSC Section Officer (Audit)
     (2) He was given the reward by a
                                                Directions (21-25) : In the fol-                            Exam. 05.06.2005)
                                           lowing questions, the following sen-       26. This shirt cannot be worn by me
     (3) He was given a reward by the      tences have been given in Active/Pas-          any longer.
         king.                             sive voice. From the given alternatives,       (1) I cannot wear this shirt any
     (4) A reward was given by him to      choose the one which best expresses                 longer.
         the king.                         the given sentence in Passive/Active           (2) Wearing of this shirt any long-
 15. He teaches us grammar.                voice.                                              er is not possible.
     (1) Grammar was taught to us by               (SSC Tax Assistant (IncomeTax &        (3) This shirt is too worn out to
         him.                                      Central Excise) Exam. 05.12.2004)           be worn any longer.
     (2) We are taught grammar by           21. We all know that there is only one        (4) This worn out shirt cannot be
         him.                                   God.                                           worn any longer.
     (3) We were teached grammar by             (1) We are all known that there       27. A lion does not eat grass, howev-
         him.                                        is only one God.                     er hungry he may be.
     (4) Grammar will be teached to             (2) It is known to us all that there      (1) Grass is not eaten by a lion,
         us by him.                                  is only one God.                          however hungry he may be.
     Directions (16-20) : In these              (3) We have all known that there          (2) Grass is not being eaten by a
questions, a sentence has been given                 is only one God.                          lion, however hungry he may
in Active Voice/Passive Voice. Out of           (4) Only one God is known by us                be.
the four alternatives suggested, select              all.                                 (3) Grass is eaten not by a lion,
the one which best expresses the same       22. The people elected him Mayor.                  however hungry he may be.
sentence in Passive/Active Voice.                                                         (4) Grass is being not eaten by a
                                                (1) Him was elected Mayor the
              (SSC Section Officer (Audit)           people.                                   lion, however hungry he may
                      Exam. 14.12.2003)                                                        be.
                                                (2) He was elected Mayor by the
 16. Do you understand what I mean ?                 people.                          28. Someone saw him picking up a
     (1) What I that under-          (3) Mayor is elected by the peo-          gun.
         stood by you                                ple.                                 (1) He was seen pick up a gun
     (2) Was what I mean understood             (4) He is elected by the people                by someone.
         by you ?                                    Mayor.                               (2) He was seen picking up a gun
     (3) Is what I mean understood by                                                          by someone.
                                            23. Don’t laugh at me.
         you ?                                                                            (3) He was seen when he was
                                                (1) Let me be laughed at.
     (4) What I mean is understood by                                                          picking up a gun.
                                                (2) Let me be not laughed at.             (4) He was seen by someone pick
         you ?
                                                (3) I am laughed at.                           a gun.
 17. Whom does he look for ?
                                                (4) Let me be not laughed.            29. He was obliged to resign.
     (1) He is looked after for whom ?
                                            24. I saw him leaving the house.              (1) He was made to resign.
     (2) Who is looked after for him?
                                                (1) Leaving the house he was              (2) To resign was his obligation.
     (3) Who is looked for by him ?
                                                     seen by me.                          (3) Circumstances obliged him to
     (4) He is looked after by whom?            (2) He was seen leaving the house              resign.
 18. They say that you did that.                     by me.                               (4) Resignation obliged him.
     (1) You are told to do that                (3) He had been seen leaving the      30. Why did you not agree to my pro-
     (2) You are advised to do that                  house.                               posal ?
     (3) You did that said by them              (4) He was seen to be leaving the         (1) Why was my proposal not
     (4) You are said to have done that              house.                                    agreed to ?