3                                 (ACTIVE/PASSIVE)
      Directions (1-5) : In these ques-        (4) Let the poll results be looked           (1) A scholarship has granted to
tions, the sentences have been given                 at–is hope inspired by them ?              him by the Principal.
in Active/ Passive Voice. From the giv-     5. It is your duty to make tea at elev-         (2) He has been granted a schol-
en alternatives, choose the one which          en O"clock.                                      arship by the Principal.
best expresses the given sentence in                                                        (3) He has granted a scholarship
                                               (1) You are asked to make tea at
Passive/Active Voice.                                                                           by the Principal.
                                                     eleven O"clock.
  (SSC Section Officer (Audit) Exam.1997)      (2) Your are required to make tea            (4) A scholarship was granted to
   1. They first sun-dried the garbage               at eleven O"clock.                         him by the Principal.
      for one to three days to bring           (3) You are supposed to make tea         10. Before festivals the shops are
      down the moisture level.                       at eleven O"clock.                     thronged with men, women and
      (1) The mo isture level was              (4) Tea is to be made by you at              children making various purchas-
          brought down by sun-drying                                                        es.
                                                     eleven O"clock.
          the garbage for one to three                                                      (1) During festivals people throng
                                               Directions (6-10) : A sentence
          days.                                                                                 the shops.
                                          has been given in Active/Passive Voice.
      (2) One to three days of sun-dry-                                                     (2) Men, women and children
                                          Out of the four alternatives suggested
          ing brought down the mois-                                                            throng the shops before fes-
                                          below, select the one which best ex-
          ture level of the garbage.                                                            tivals making various pur-
                                          presses the same sentence in Passive/
      (3) The moisture level of the gar-  Active Voice.                                         chases.
          bage came down when it was                      (SSC Section Officer (Audit)      (3) Men, women and children
          sun-dried for one to three                                                            make purchases during festi-
                                                                   Exam. 09.09.2001)
          days.                                                                                 vals.
                                            6. He was congratulated by his
      (4) The garbage was first sun-                                                        (4) The shops are througed by
                                               teacher on his brilliant success in
          dried for one to three days to                                                        people making purchases.
                                               the recent examination.
          bring down the moisture lev-                                                      Directions (11-15) : In the foll-
                                               (1) His teacher congratulated him
          el.                                                                          woing questions, a sentence has been
                                                     on his brilliant success in the
   2. Women like men to flatter them.                                                  given in Active Voice. Out of the four
                                                     recent examination.
      (1) Men are liked by women to                                                    alternatives suggested, select the one
                                               (2) His teacher congratulated him       which best expresses the same sen-
          flatter them.                              for his success in the exami-
      (2) Women like to be flattered by                                                tence in Passive Voice.
          men.                                                                                       (SSC Section Officer (Audit)
                                               (3) His teacher congratulated him
      (3) Women like that men should                                                                         Exam. 16.11.2003)
                                                     on his success.
          flatter them.                                                                 11. The smugglers did not realise that
                                               (4) His teacher congratulated
      (4) Women are liked to be flat-                                                       their conversation was being re-
          tered by men.                                                                     corded.
                                            7. People speak English all over the
   3. What one must do, one must                                                            (1) The smugglers did not realise
                                                                                                that someone was recording
      do properly.                             (1) English is spoken all over the               their conversation.
      (1) What must be done, must be                 world.
          done properly.                                                                    (2) Someone did not realise that
                                               (2) English was spoken all over                  the smugglers were recording
      (2) It must be done properly what              the world.                                 their conversation.
          one must do.                         (3) English was spoken by peo-               (3) Conversation was recorded
      (3) It must be done what one                   ple.                                       when the smugglers did not
          must do properly.                    (4) English is spoken by people.                 realise.
      (4) One must do properly what         8. Who gave you permission to en-               (4) The smugglers recorded their
          has to be done.                      ter?                                             conversation without realis-
   4. Look at the poll results–do they         (1) By whom were you given per-                  ing.
      inspire hope ?                                 mission to enter?
                                                                                        12. The principal kept the staff mem-
      (1) Let the poll results be looked–      (2) By whom was you given per-               bers waiting
          is hope inspired by them ?                 mission to enter?
                                                                                            (1) The staff members are kept
      (2) Let the poll results be looked       (3) By whom you were given per-                  waiting for the principal.
          at–has hope been inspired by               mission to enter?
                                                                                            (2) The staff members were kept
          them ?                               (4) By whom given you permission                 waiting by the principal.
      (3) Let the poll results be looked             to enter?
                                                                                            (3) The staff members were wait-
          at–is hope being inspired by      9. The Principal has granted him a                  ing for the principal.
          them ?                               scholarship.