1265. (4) No improvement                                      1287. (2) Clash = a violent confrontation; a fight or
1266. (1) To the minute = exactly                                   argument between people
      Look at the sentence :                                        Conflict (Noun) = an active disagreement between
      The train arrived at 9.05 to the minute.                      people with opposing opinions or principles
1267. (3) So is used to show the reason for something.              Hence, clash ..... should be used here.
1268. (1) Here, infinitive without to i.e. rather than allow  1288. (2) Nothing to write home about = not exciting or
      .... should be used.                                          special.
1269. (4) Come through = (of news or message) to arrive             Look at the sentence :
      by telephone, radio etc.                                      Their performance was nothing to write home about.
1270. (3) Little = very small                                 1289. (4) No improvement
      Left with little (no) power of discernment.             1290. (1) Definite article ‘the’ comes before an ordinal
1271. (3) To be honest = What I really think is.                    number. Hence, I was the first to reach ..... should
                                                                    be used here.
      Hence, to be honest ... should be used.
                                                              1291. (3) The sentence is in Present Simple (affirmative).
1272. (1) Familiarize yourself with somebody = acquaint;
                                                                    Hence, the question tag will be negative i.e. dosen"t it
      to learn about something or teach somebody about
                                                              1292. (3) No ifs or buts = something that you say to a
1273. (1) When either ..... or is used as connective, each
                                                                    child to stop them arguing with you when you want
      part agrees with same part of speech.
                                                                    them to do something.
      Hence, Either I shall go home .... should be used.            Ifs and buts is a term used to describe the reasons
1274. (1) Take something with a pinch of salt = to be               people give for not wanting to do something.
      careful about believing that something is completely          Hence, ifs and buts should be used here.
                                                              1293. (2) Before a gerund, possessive case i.e. your
1275. (1) Ongoing = continuing to exist or develop.                 leaving should be used.
1276. (1) Have Þ had (Past)                                   1294. (2) After the use of the word reason connective ‘that’
      Have = own; hold                                              should be used, not because.
      Hence, had/had got ..... should be used here.           1295. (2) Here, to whom has already been used. Hence,
1277. (2) The use of belong in progressive tenses is not            got married should be used. Preposition ‘to’ is
      proper. Hence, has belonged (Present Perfect) should          superfluous after married here.
      be used.                                                1296. (3) Apprehend (Verb) = to catch and arrest someone
      Belong is a static verb.                                      who has not obeyed the law.
1278. (4) No improvement                                            Hence, apprehended should be used here.
1279. (3) The period of time is evident. Hence, passive of    1297. (4) No improvement
      Present Perfect i.e. have been ... should be used       1298. (1) Remain = to stay in the same place or in the
      here.                                                         same condition.
1280. (4) If ever there was one (also if ever I saw one) is         Hence, remained unhappy ..... should be used here.
      used to emphasize that what you are saying is true.     1299. (1) Revolutionise (Verb) = to completely change
1281. (1) If I had known the truth I would have admitted            something so that it is much better, transform.
      it.                                                           Look at the sentence :
      This conditional form suggests that neither the               Newton"s discoveries revolutionised physics.
      condition was fulfilled nor the jib was completed in          Hence, revolutionised .... should be used here.
      the past.                                               1300. (4) Emend (Verb) = to correct or improve a text.
1282. (4) No improvement                                            Look at the sentence :
1283. (2) One after the other = following each other in             The text is currently being emended and will be
      quick succession; many in a series.                           published shortly.
      Look at the sentence :                                  1301. (4) No improvement
      I will eat chocolates one after the other until the box 1302. (1) Here, not a gerund but infinitive i.e. to climb
      is finished.                                                  should be used.
1284. (2) Among other things = in addition to things that           The hill is too high to climb = The hill is so high
      are not specifically mentioned.                               that one can’t climb.
      Look at the sentence :                                  1303. (4) Count on someone = to depend on someone or
      It is not proper to use definite article ‘the’ before         expect something.
      other.                                                  1304. (2) Conducive to something = providing the right
1285. (1) Make (a) nonsense of something = to make                  conditions for something good to happen.
      something appear stupid or wrong or to spoil            1305. (3) Diminish (Verb) = make or become less ; to
      something.                                                    reduce
      Hence, made nonsense of ..... should be used here.      1306. (2) were a few drops (plural).
1286. (4) No improvement                                                                                           ppp