1169. (4) No improvement                                      1196. (4) Through = into and out of; to the other side of.
1170. (1) Bent on doing something = determined to do          1197. (3) Unless should be followed by affirmative sentence
      something.                                                    i.e., work hard.
1171. (2) The buck = used in some expressions to refer to           Unless = (except if)
      the responsibility or blame for something.              1198. (1) The clause is in negative. Hence, anything should
      Pass the buck = shift the responsibility.                     be used.
1172. (1) Tear up = to destroy something violently.           1199. (2) To express direction, ‘to’ ..... should be used
      Hence, tore up .....should be used here.                      here.
1173. (3) Structure of past perfect :                         1200. (2) When we use either ..... or, the verb agrees ac-
      Subject + had + V3                                            cording to the number and person of the nearest
      Hence, had built .....should be used here.                    subject.
1174. (3) Possessive case of ‘one’ is one’s.                        Hence, Either Lata or Mala has done it will be a
1175. (3) Moan (Noun) = a long deep sound, usually                  correct sentence.
      expressing unhappiness, suffering etc.                  1201. (3) Here, not an infinitive, but a Gerund i.e., going
1176. (2) Live (Adverb) = broadcast at the time of an actual        on tours .... should be used.
      event.                                                  1202. (3) Here, Past Simple i.e., rang .... should be used.
      Here, came live ... should be used.                           It is a short time process.
1177. (1) Salvage (Verb) = to stop a bad situation from being 1203. (3) Here, inversion i.e. Had the room been brighter
      a complete failure.                                           .... should be used.
1179. (1) Further = more; additional                          1204. (1) The sentence starts with never. Hence, inversion
      Farther = at or to a greater distance                         i.e., have such incidents .... should be used.
1180. (2) Here, preposition ‘into’ should be used.            1205. (1) Here, Past Present/Simple .... should be used.
1181. (4) No improvement                                            Generality is evident.
1182. (1) Pronounce (Verb) = to give a judgement in court     1206. (3) Here, who accompanied you should be used. Will
      for or against somebody.                                      you ...... interrogative.
1183. (2) Put out = to stop something from burning.           1207. (4) No improvement
      Put off = postpone; delay.                              1208. (1) Comparative degree is not needful here.
1184. (1) Blow your own trumpet = to praise your own                Respite = a short period of relief from something
      abilities and achievements; boast.                            difficult or unpleasant.
1185. (2) Forthwith = immediately; at once.                   1209. (2) Look at the structure :
      Impromptu = done without preparation or planning.             He is too weak to walk.
1186. (2) The wages of sin is death/The payment for sin             Hence, too fast to be understood ...... should be
      is death ® Bible.                                             used.
      Here, singular verb ‘is’ ..... should be used.                He speaks so fast that it cannot be understood.
1187. (3) Off = away from the place in question; to or at a   1210. (2) Arrangement of persons = Second person, Third
      distance.                                                     person and then First person (231)
      Hence, off .....should be used here.                          Hence, My parents and I ...... should be used here.
1188. (1) It is preposition related error.                    1211. (1) Here, understanding is a Singular subject.
      With is used in the sense of including.                 1212. (3) Survive is a verb. Possibility is evident.
1189. (3) The sentence is in Indirect Speech. Hence,          1213. (2) No sooner .... than is correct form of connective.
      Interrogative sentence changes to assertive i.e.,       1214. (4) Await = to wait for
      where he lived.                                         1215. (1) Cause = to make something happen especially
1190. (1) Adjourn = break off a meeting etc. with the               something bad or unpleasant.
      intention of resuming later.                                  Hold = to carry something; support; contain.
      Advance = to move something forward; to improve         1216. (1) Adopt = embrace; take on; acquire
      something.                                                    Adapt (Verb) = modify; adjust; make suitable for a
      Look at the sentence :                                        new use or purpose.
      The meeting was adjourned until December 5.                   Hence, adapted to ...... should be used here.
1191. (2) To take part = to be involved in an activity with   1217. (4) No improvement
      other people.                                           1218. (1) Here, preposition ‘in’ ...... should be used.
      Hence, to take part .... should be used.                1219. (4) No improvement
1192. (1) You are junior to me in age.                        1220. (3) The past relates to present.
      He is better than I.                                          Hence, Present Perfect ........ should be used here.
1193. (2) No doubt = a feeling of uncertainty; hesitation.    1221. (3) They (Pronoun) Þ their (possessive)
      Hence, is no doubt necessary .... should be used.             Hence, here send in their (his) application(s) ....
      Generality is evident. Hence, Present tense ....              should be used.
      should be used.                                         1222. (2) Here, possessive case (my) .... should come
1195. (1) The sentence is in present simple (affirmative).          before gerund (leaving).
      Hence, question tag .... should be don’t they           1223. (3) Here, it is position of words and preposition
      (negative)?.                                                  related error.