1115. (4) No improvement.                                      1143. (2) Here, Present Simple i.e. do not have is the
1116. (1) Bacterium (Singular)                                       right usage.
      Þ Bacteria (Plural).                                     1144. (2) The sentence shows past time. Hence, Past
      Hence, Plural Verb i.e. Bacteria are is the right usage.       Simple threw is the right usage.
1117. (2) Here, moved to is the right usage.                   1145. (3) Here, in such a mess that there is the right
1118. (2) as if agrees with a Plural Verb even for a Singular        usage.
      Subject.                                                 1146. (4) No improvement
      Hence, as if he were is the right usage.                 1147. (3) Here, to refrain is the right usage.
1119. (3) Here, Infinitive i.e. had forgotten to take the            refrain : desist from; to stop yourself from doing
      key from is the right usage.                                   something
1120. (2) besides (Prep.) : in addition to                     1148. (2) Here, Past Simple i.e. ordered his immediate
      beside (Prep.) : by the side of                                dismissal is the right usage.
      Hence, Besides cricket Rahul plays is the right          1149. (3) Here, Reporting Verb will be in Past Tense.
      usage.                                                         Hence, felt very proud is the right usage.
1121. (2) Here, both of which are is the right usage.          1150. (2) either (Def., Pro.) : one or the other of two
1122. (1) Here, Past Simple i.e. little of what he said is           either is used where there are two N./Sub.
      the right usage.                                               For more than two N./Sub., any is used.
1123. (4) No improvement.                                            Hence, any of her three sisters is the right usage.
1124. (3) either (Det. Pro.) : one or both of two.             1151. (4) No improvement
      Hence, either of is the right usage.                     1152. (1) No sooner ... than is correct form of Connective.
1125. (3) For a certain programme in future, Present Simple
                                                                     Hence, than the lights went out is the right usage.
      should be used.
                                                               1153. (2) The sentence shows a period of time. Hence,
      Here, are expected is the right usage.
                                                                     Present Perfect Continuous i.e. has been suffering
1126. (2) Here, to meeting (Gerund) you is the right usage.
                                                                     is the right usage.
1127. (4) No improvement.
                                                               1154. (2) Here, by is the right usage.
1128. (3) In Comparative Degree than should be used.
      Population will be compared with population.             1155. (2) Here, Past Simple-knew is the right usage.
      Hence, is greater than that of any other town in         1156. (2) Of the two past events, the event that happened
      India is the right usage.                                      earlier, .... should be expressed in Past Perfect.
1129. (4) No improvement.                                      1157. (1) Confess = to admit that you have done something
1130. (1) Here, Superlative Degree most honest should                wrong or illegal.
      be used as the best has been used before.                1158. (3) File (Verb) = to present something so that it can
      Here, she is the best and most honest student of               be officially recorded and dealt with.
      the class is the right usage.                                  Book = to write down in an official book the name
1131. (3) As the structure suggests, Not only did the                of a player who has broken the rules of the game.
      robbers rob is the right usage. Each part of Not         1159. (1) One of the students is a singular subject.
      only..... but also agree with same part of speech.             Hence, Singular Verb (comes) .... should be used.
1132. (2) Here, Passive Voice (Past Simple) i.e. The                 Originate = begin; start; rise.
      meeting was abruptly adjourned is the right usage.             Come from = to be or have been a resident or native
1133. (3) It is related to period of time.                           (of).
      Hence, Present Perfect Continuous i.e. How long          1160. (4) No improvement
      have you been learning English for? is the right         1161. (2) Here, sub-ordinate clause (Rreported speech) is
      usage.                                                         in Present Tense. Hence, Reporting Verb .... should
1134. (4) No improvement                                             be in Present Tense.
1135. (2) give away (Phr. V.) : to give something as a gift.   1162. (2) Concerned with/about something = interested
      Hence, gave away is the right usage.                           in something.
1136. (1) Here, as the Subject (The use) is Singular. Hence,   1163. (4) No improvement
      makes it possible is the right usge.                     1164. (2) Here, verb is plural. Hence, a black and a white
1137. (3) trifle with somebody (Phr. V.) : to treat without          goat .... should be used here.
      due respect.                                                   A black and white goat – singular.
      Here, trifle with is the right usage.
                                                               1165. (3) The sentence shows past time.
1138. (4) No improvement
                                                                     Hence, Past Simple i.e. took the papers .... should
1139. (4) No improvement
                                                                     be used.
1140. (4) No improvement
                                                               1166. (3) Here, the setting sun (= the sun that is setting)
      Neither of followed by a Plural N./Pro. agree with a
                                                                     glimmer .... should be used.
1141. (2) Here, get the most (Adjective) severe is the right   1167. (2) A few = a small number of things.
      usage. To qualify a Noun, an Adjective is used.                Hence, lend me a few rupees ,,,, should be used
1142. (2) When better is used to give an advice, then it is          here.
      followed by an Inf. without to.                          1168. (1) In such structures ‘the’ is used even before
      Hence, consult is the right usage.                             comparative degree.