1078. (2) own is a Stative Verb.                                    Look at the sentence :
      Hence, Present Simple should be used here.                 l  As a dancer, he is second to none.
      Own is not used in Progressive Tenses                         Here, second to none is the right usage.
      Hence, own is the right usage.                          1098. (2) It is not proper to use had had here. Subject +
1079. (1) Here, give you some advice (Uncountable) is               had + V3 is the right structure.
      the right usage.                                              Hence, had is the right usage.
      Look at the sentence :                                  1099. (1) Here, All the members of his family (Possessive
   l Let me give you a piece of advice.                             Case) is the right usage.
1080. (1) In such structures of comparison, the is used       1100. (2) Here, Definite Article i.e. not the triumph but
      even before a Comparative Degree.                             the breakdown is the right usage.
      Here, The more they earn, the more they spend is        1101. (4) No improvement
      the right usage.                                              woe betide somebody (Id.) : a phrase that is used
1081. (1) altar (N.) : a holy table in a temple                     to warn somebody that there will be trouble for them
      alter (V.) : to make something different; to become           if they do something or do not do something.
      different.                                                    Look at the sentence :
      Hence, on the altar is the right usage.                    l  Woe betide anyone who plays Ann’s CDs wihtout
1082. (1) strictly (Adv.) : in all details ; exactly.               asking her first.
      strictly speaking : If you are using words or rules     1102. (4) No Improvement
      in their exact or correct sense.                              within a stone"s throw (Id.) : within a very short
      Hence, strictly is the right usage.                           distance.
1083. (4) No improvement                                            Look at the sentence :
1084. (4) No improvement                                         l  The police department was located within a stone’s
1085. (2) Congratulate agrees with Preposition-on.                  throw of our house.
       Hence, on his is the right usage.                      1103. (2) Here, She herself saw the thief is the right
1086. (1) Here, Present Simple should be used.                      sentence
      Hence, do not believe is the right usage.                     Herself is used to emphasize a particular woman,
1087. (3) Here, stopped constructing (Gerund) is the right          girl or female animal.
      usage.                                                  1104. (2) Period is given in the sentence. Hence, Future
1088. (3) cut a sorry figure (Id.) : to have a particular           Perfect i.e. will have reached is the right usage.
      appearance.                                             1105. (3) Here, I think she will come to the party. is the
      Here, cut a sorry figure is the right usage.                  right sentence.
1089. (2) As the structure suggests, would have gladly        1106. (2) old habits die hard (Id.) : It is used for saying
      given is the right usage. The Conditional Clause is           that it is difficult to change a way of behaving that
      in Past Perfect.                                              someone has had for many years; things change very
1090. (1) ask (V.) : to tell somebody that you would like           slowly.
      them to do something.                                         hardly (Adv.) : almost no; almost not.
      Hence, asked the teacher is the right usage.                  hard (Adv.) : with great effort
1091. (2) hatch (V.) : to create a plan or an idea especially       Here, old habits die hard is the right usage.
      in secret.                                              1107. (3) break into something (Phr., V.): to enter a
      Here, hatched is the right usage.                             building by force.
1092. (4) No improvement                                            Hence, broke into is the right usage.
      tone-deaf (Adj.) : unable to hear/appreciate the        1108. (4) No improvement
      difference between musical notes.                       1109. (1) exemplify (V.) : to be typical example of
1093. (3) continuously (Adv.) : existing for a period of time       something.
      without interruption.                                         exemplary (Adj.) : severe; providing a good example.
      constantly (Adv.) : all the time repeatedly.                  Here, exemplify is the right usage.
      Here, constantly is the right usage.                    1110. (3) reign (N.): the period during which a king, queen
1094. (1) Here, Past Perfect should be used.                        etc. rules.
      Adverb (quickly) should come after Verb.                      rein (N.) : a long narrow leather band that is attached
      Hence, he had known them, began to swim quickly               to a metal bar in a horse’s mouth.
      is the right usage.                                           Hence, during the reign of is the right usage.
1095. (2) helter-skelter : in a hurry and in a way that lacks 1111. (2) Hence, by a common friend is the right usage.
      organisation; in a confused and careless way.           1112. (1) insist will agree with Gerund i.e. on going.
      Here, helter-skelter is the right usage.                      Here, on going is the right usage.
1096. (4) No improvement                                      1113. (1) lend (V.) : give
      forewarned is forearmed : If you know about
                                                                    Hence, borrowing (taking and using) is the right
      problems, dangers etc. before they happen, you can
      be better prepared for them.
                                                              1114. (3) The sentence is Affirmative. Hence, the question
1097. (2) second to none (Id.) : better than anyone/
                                                                    tag-won’t you? is the right usage.
      anything else