981. (4) No improvement.                                       1003. (4) No improvement
982. (2) a few (Det.) : a small number of things; some.        1004. (1) Here, Neither of them has
     few (Det., Adj.) : not many                                     neither : not one nor the other of the two things or
     Here, lend me a few rupees is the right usage.                  people.
983. (2) jolt (V.) : to move suddenly and roughly              1005. (3) In such structures i.e. in such comparisons,
     Here, jolted to a halt is the right usage.                      Definite Article-the is used before a Comparative
984. (2) in perspective : the ability to think about problems        Degree.
     and decisions reasonably                                        The format of Double Comparatives is as follows :
     Here, perspective is the right usage.                           The (more/less) + (Noun/Noun Phr.) Sub. + Verb +
985. (4) No improvement                                              , + the (more/less) + (Noun) Sub. + V.
      jostle (V.) : to push roughly against somebody in a            Look at the sentence :
     crowd.                                                       l The higher we go, the cooler we feel.
986. (3) Here, the Conditional Clause is in Present Tense.           Hence, the higher is the right option.
     Hence, Main Clause should be in Future Simple.
                                                               1006. (3) feather in the cap (Id.) : an action that you can
     Here, the conclusion will be is the right usage.
                                                                     be proud.
987. (4) No improvement
                                                                     Look at the sentence :
988. (3) site (N.) : a place where a building, town etc. was,
                                                                  l If this clinical trial is successful, it will be a real
     is or will be located.
                                                                     feather in her cap.
     Here, site is the right usage.
                                                                     Hence, feather in his cap is the right usage.
989. (3) Here, appropriate Preposition i.e. from every point
     of view is the right usage.                               1007. (2) trickle (N.) : a small amount of liquid flowing
990. (2) Here, period of time is evident. Hence, Present             slowly; a small amount of something, coming or going
     Perfect Continuous should be used.                              Here, a trickle is the right usage.
     Here, have been waiting is the right usage.               1008. (3) It is Preposition related error.
991. (2) accustom yourself to something : to make your-              Here, in the fields is the right usage.
     self familiar with something or become used to it.        1009. (1) to get on with something : used to talk or ask
     accustom (V.) agrees with to (Prep.)                            about how well somebody is doing a task.
     Hence, accustom yourself to is the right usage.                 Here, to get on is the right usage.
992. (1) incomparable (Adj.) : so good or impressive that      1010. (4) No improvement
     nothing can be compared to it; matchless.                 1011. (2) Here, neither did I is the right usage.
     Here, incomparable is the right usage.                    1012. (2) far from here : distant
993. (1) beside (Prep.) : next to or at the side of somebody.        Here, far from here is the right usage.
     Here, beside is the right usage.                          1013. (1) Here, Active Voice i.e., I could hear the music
994. (1) Here, No other reason is the right usage.                   is the right usage.
995. (1) Structure of a sentence in Present Perfect :          1014. (1) Here, Present Simple i.e., you want to is the
     Subject + has/have + V3                                         right usage.
     Hence, taken (V3) root is the right usage.                1015. (1) Here, real fast is the right usage.
996. (4) No improvement                                              real (Adv.) : very
997. (2) cut a sad figure (Id.) : to be ashamed                1017. (3) aim (N.) : the purpose of doing something.
     Look at the sentence :                                          ambition (N.) : Something that you want to do or
   l She cut a sad figure in her maiden speech.                      achieve very much; the desire to be successful.
     Here, cut a sorry figure (feel sorry) is the right usage.       Hence, aim is the right usage.
998. (2) By (Prep.) : not later than the time mentioned        1018. (1) Here, as tall as, if not is the right usage.
     Hence, by Sunday is thr right usage.                            as ..... as Þ used when you are comparing two
999. (1) hole (N.) : hollow space                                    people or things.
     whole (Adj.) : full, complete                             1019. (4) No improvement
     Here, whole is the right usage.                           1020. (4) No improvement
1000. (1) Here, corresponding Preposition should follow.       1021. (3) Period of time is evident. Hence, Present Perfect
       Here, write with is the right usage.                          Continuous i.e. has been suffering is the right usage.
1001. (1) Tag structure :                                      1022. (3) Here, Active Voice i.e. it happened (Past
       Positive Main Sentence ® Negative Tag                         Simple) is the right usage.
       Negative Main Sentence ® Positive Tag                   1023. (3) enough (Pro.) : as many or as much as somebody
                                                                     needs; sufficient.
       with Aux. V. ® same Aux. V.
                                                                     It is not proper to use much enough here.
       without Aux.V. ® appropriate form of do (do, does,
       did)                                                          Hence, not enough is the right usage.
       Hence, doesn’t he is the right usage.                   1024. (1) Here, change agrees with Preposition-from.
1002. (3) Here, Antecedent of Relative Pronoun-who is                Hence, from my usual work is the right usage.
       those (Plural). Hence, Plural Verb i.e. those who       1025. (2) Here, Preposition-with should be used.
       like to help others is the right usage.                       Hence, with his sword is the right usage.