946. (2) lately (Adv.) : recently; in the recent past.         961. (1) wary (Adj.) : careful; cautious.
     late (Adv.) : after the expected or usual time.                wary (Adj.) agrees with of (Prep.)
     Hence, late to School is the right usage.                      Look at the sentences :
947. (3) manly (Adj.) : having the qualities or physical fea-     l Be wary of strangers who offer you a ride.
     tures that are expected in a man.                              Hence, of is the right usage.
     Here, manly is the right usage.                           962. (1) Here, Reporting Verb (told) is in Past Tense.
948. (2) Here, Adjective i.e., very co–operative is the right       Hence, the Verb of Reported Speech will be in Past
     usage.                                                         Tense.
949. (1) this friend of mine : one of the friends.                  Hence, had is the right usage.
     Here, this friend of mine is the right usage.             963. (3) When a job is completed fully and other job is started,
950. (4) No improvement                                             Past Participle is used. Hence, having completed my
     The right sentence is :                                        homework is the right usage.
     The ship sank to the bottom of the sea.                   964. (2) To show period of time, for is used.
951. (3) There is no need to use Preposition here.                  Here, for is the right usage.
     contradict (V.) : to often say the opposite ; show to
     be false                                                  965. (4) No improvement
     Look at the sentence :                                    966. (2) The sentence starts with let.
   l All evening her husband contradicted everything she            Hence, question tag should be shall we.
     said.                                                          Here, shall we is the right usage.
     Hence, contradicted is the right usage.                   967. (3) No improvement
952. (2) Here, accustom yourself to is the right usage.             A pair of slippers Þ Singular Verb
     accustom (V.) : agrees with to (Prep.)                         Slippers Þ Plural Verb.
953. (3) Here, cut down is the right usage.
                                                               968. (2) (1) A lot of/lots of : a large number or amount of
     cut down (Phr., V.) : to reduce the size, amount etc.
                                                                    somebody/ something.
954. (3) Here, had it stopped raining than is the right
                                                                    Here, A lot of water is the right usage.
                                                               969. (2) Here, made is the right usage.
     when we begin a sentence with a negative word, we
                                                               970. (1) Here, as tall as I am is the right usage.
     put the Aux. V. before the Sub.
                                                               971. (4) No improvement
     Look at the sentence :
                                                               972. (2) Many a pilgrim (Singular Subject) will agree with
   l No sooner had she said it than she burst into tears.
                                                                    Singular Verb i.e. was is the right usage.
955. (3) Here, reduce is the right usage.
                                                               973. (1) Here, Compound Subject (My uncle and mentor)
956. (3) rampage (N.) : a sudden period of wild and violent         shows Singular Subject. Hence, Singular Verb should
     behaviour.                                                     be used.
     Look at the sentence :                                         Here, mentor is is the right usage.
   l Gangs of youths went on the rampage in the city           974. (3) (1) notice (V.) : to see or hear something ; pay
     yesterday.                                                     attention.
     Here, on a rampage is the right usage.                         notify (V.) : inform.
957. (4) whom is used as the Object of a Verb or Preposition.       Here, avoid noticing is the right usage.
     Look at the sentence :                                    975. (4) No Improvement.
   l Whom did they invite ?                                    976. (3) Twenty kilometres shows a measure of distance
   l To whom should I write.                                        and hence a Singular Verb should be used.
   l He asked me with whom I had discussed it.                      Here, is the right usage.
     Here, whom I thought, are is the right usage.             977. (3) resentment (N.) : a feeling of anger or unhappiness
958. (1) manage (V.) : to be able to solve your problems;           about something that you think is unfair.
     deal with a difficult situation; cope.                         hatred (N.) : a very strong feeling of dislike for
     Look at the sentence :                                         somebody/ something.
   l She is 82 and can’t manage on her own any more.                Hence, resentment is the right usage.
     Here, managed is the right usage.                         978. (2) postpone (V.) : put off.
959. (2) Look at the sentences :                                    abandon (V.) : leave a thing or place; to stop doing
   l If he reads, he will pass.                                     something.
   l If he read, he would pass.                                     Here, postponed is the right usage.
   l If he had read, he would have passed.
                                                               979. (4) Here, Infinitive without to i.e. helps improve is
     Here, would have gladly accompanied is the right
     usage.                                                         the right usage.
960. (1) Here, Possessive i.e. his leaving is the right usage. 980. (3) ensure (V.) : to make sure that something is definite.
     Look at the sentence :                                         Repetition of her is not proper.
   l She knew her mother would forbid her going.                    Hence, ensure that is the right usage.