826. (2) Hence, to be there is the right usage.                   The Plural of equipment is equipment. Hence, Singular
827. (1) Simple Present is used in Conditional Sentences          Verb – was is the right usage.
     to show future time.                                    851. (1) No improvement
     Hence, If I get an opportunity is the right usage.      852. (4) Gold is an Uncountable Noun (Material Noun).
828. (2) Here, played a fair (Adjective) game is the right        It is not proper to use the before it.
     usage.                                                       Hence, Gold will replace The gold.
829. (3) No Improvement                                      853. (1) difficult to do/understand/answer
830. (1) The sentence is in Past Simple (affirmative).            Here, hard will replace hardly
                                                                  Old things die hard means take a long time to change/
     Question tag should be negative and in Simple past
                                                                  end it — used in Present Tense
                                                             854. (3) It is Preposition related error.
     Hence, didn’t we ? is the right usage.
                                                                  to (prep.) is the right usage.
831. (3) It is position of words related error.
     I took some grapes for my mother is the right sentence.    l He is known to the police.
832. (4) Nod : to move your head.                               l He is known to be an outstanding physicist.
     If you nod your head, you move your head up and         855. (3) wrest (Verb) : to take something such as power
     down to show agreement.                                      or control from something/somebody with great effort.
     Here, nodded is the right usage.                             inherit (Verb) : to receive money, property, etc, from
833. (3) l She insisted on her being innocent.                    somebody when they die.
   l She insisted that she was innocent is the right sen-         swindle (Verb) : to cheat somebody in order to get
     tence                                                        something, especially money, from them
834. (4) Here, Present Progressive (Active) should be             Here, wrest will replace win.
     used, not Passive Voice.                                856. (3) No improvement
     Hence, facing will replace being faced with             857. (1) hang : to kill somebody as a punishment.
835. (4) No Improvement                                           Here, hanged is the right usage.
836. (3) As the structure suggests, nor does he smile is     858. (2) No improvement
     the right usage.                                        859. (4) No improvement
837. (3) No Improvement                                           (1) Shun (Verb) : to avoid somebody/something
838. (3) Blue whales were thriving in all of the world’s     860. (4) concatenated : linked together
     oceans until the turn of the century is the right us-        attached (Adjective) : joined to something.
                                                                  Here, concatenated is the right usage.
839. (3) The sentence shows past time as ago has been
                                                             861. (4) with a view to should be followed by a Gerund,
                                                                  not an Infinitive.
     Hence, had to retrace is the right usage.
                                                                  Hence, becoming is the right usage
840. (1) Keep/stay/steer clear : to avoid a person or thing
                                                             862. (3) found (Verb) is the Past Tense of find (V.)
     because it may cause problems.
                                                                  mostly (Adverb) : mainly, generally.
     Hence, steer clear is the right usage.
                                                                  founded is the incorrect usage.
841. (3) At the altar : because of something that you think
                                                                  Hence, a bird found mostly is the right usage
     is worth suffering for. Hence, before the altar is the
     right usage.                                            863. (1) inspite of (Id.) : Despite
842. (1) Here, Past Simple (Passive)-commanded is the             instead of (Id.) : in the place of somebody/some-
     right usage.                                                 thing.
843. (2) Here, Subject (River Damodar) is Singular.               in case of (Id.) : if something happens
     Hence, carries the effluents is the right usage.             in respect of (Id.) : concerning
844. (4) Here, Possessive i.e. like Kohima’s is the right         Here, inspite of is the right usage.
     usage. Climate can be compared with climate, not a      864. (2) surrender (Verb) : to allow yourself to be caught,
     city.                                                        taken prisoner etc.
845. (4) No Improvement                                           Here, surrendered is the right usage.
846. (1) Here, He was not able is the right usage.           865. (1) must is used to say that something is necessary
                                                                  or very important.
847. (2) It is position related error.
                                                                  Hence, must is the right usage.
   l He only married her : He did nothing but married.
                                                             866. (2) credulous (Adjective) : too ready to believe things.
   l He married her only for money : He married her
     to take money and nothing else.                              credible (Adj.) : that can be believed/trusted
     Hence, He married her only for her money is the              creditable (Adj.) : admirable; praiseworthy
     right usage.                                                 Here, credulous is the right usage.
                                                             867. (4) Here, Past Perfect should be used. The event re-
848. (3) It is Preposition related error.
                                                                  lates to the past.
     at (Prep.) is the right usage.                               Hence, who had killed is the right usage.
849. (4) No improvement                                      868. (3) dispose of something : to get rid of something
850. (3) Singular Subject agrees with a Singular Verb.            that you do not want.
     Equipment is an Uncountable Noun.                            Here, dispose of is the right usage.