790. (3) For more than two persons, among should be used.     809. (1) No improvement
     between is used for two persons.                              ingest (V.) : to take food; drug into your body, usu-
     Hence, among is the right usage.                              ally by swallowing.
791. (2) As the sentence shows negative sense, any is the     810. (3) Here, a long way from the station is the right
     right usage.                                                  usage.
792. (2) Here, approaching (Gerund) us is the right usage.    811. (4) Mumbai is famous for its textiles.
     Use of Preposition-to is incorrect.                           Here, for (Prep.) is the right usage.
793. (3) Hardly is a negative word meaning – almost no/       812. (3) talk about (Phr. V.) : used to emphasize some-
     not. So, another negative word will not be used.              thing.
     Hence, hardly possible to keep is the right usage.            Here, talked is the right usage.
794. (2) It is evident that the job continues for a period of 813. (4) The sentence is in Present Simple (affirmative).
     time.                                                         So, question tag should be in negative (present simple).
     Hence, Present Perfect Continuous should be used.             Hence, doesn’t he ? is the right usage.
     -have been is the right usage.                           814. (3) It is high time is followed by Past Simple.
795. (1) An Adverb modifies a Verb. Hence, strangely is            Hence, went is the right usage.
     the right usage.                                         815. (2) tradition (N.) : a belief, custom/ way of doing
796. (3) unless (Conj.) : used to talk about a situation that      something that has existed for a long time among a
     could happen, or something that could be true, in the         particular group of people
     future.                                                       convention (N.) : the way in which something is done
     until/till (Conj., Prep.) : up to the point in time/the       that most people in a society expect and consider to
     event mentioned                                               be polite/the right way to do it
     The sentence means –                                          custom (N.) : an accepted way of behaving/ of doing
     If I am not invited, I shall not go.                          things in a society/ a community
     Here, unless is the right usage.                              habit (N.) : a thing that you do often and almost with-
797. (1) Committed : willing to work hard and give your            out thinking, especially something that is hard to stop
     time and energy to something.                                 doing
     Here, committed is the right usage.                           Here, tradition is the right usage.
798. (1) He felt angry at the injustice of the situation      816. (2) lack (V.) : to have none or not enough of something.
   l Please don’t be angry with me.                              l He lacks confidence.
     angry (Adj.) agrees with with (Prep.) when one is             Here, lacks is the right usage.
     angry with somebody, and with at (Prep.) when one        817. (1) Noun + Preposition + Noun Þ definite.
     is angry at something.
                                                                   It is not proper to use article a.
     Hence, with (Prep.) is the right usage.
                                                                   Hence, in this dual is the right usage.
799. (2) Lunatic : a person who is mentally ill.
                                                              818. (3) No improvement
     Here, lunatic is the right usage.
                                                                 l He is too weak to walk.
800. (2) No improvement
                                                                 l He is so weak that he cannot walk.
801. (1) fatten : to make or become fatter.
                                                              819. (2) surrender (V.) : allow yourself to be caught, taken
     Here, are fattened is the right usage.                        prisoner.
802. (4) return (V.) : bring/give back.                            Here, surrendered himself before the police is the
   l I had to return some books to the library.
                                                                   right usage.
     The use of back with return is incorrect.                820. (4) No improvement
     Here, to return the funds is the right usage.            821. (3) A European
803. (1) carefully (Adverb) : attentively                                       ̄
     Here, carefully is the right usage.
                                                                        Consonant sound.
804. (4) take care of (Id.) : to care for somebody.
                                                                   More over, antecedent of who is lady.
     Here, took care of the boy after his father died is
                                                                   a European lady who works for an NGO, at the con-
     the right usage.
                                                                   ference is the right usage.
805. (1) insist on/upon something (V.) : to demand some-
                                                              822. (1) The effect of past is evident on present. Present
     thing and refuse to be persuaded to accept anything
                                                                   Perfect should be used here.
                                                                   Here, have not seen is the right usage.
     Gerund (- ing form) will be used with insist
                                                              823. (2) display (N.) : on show; arrangement of things in a
     Hence, insisted upon going is the right usage.
                                                                   public place to advertise something for sale.
806. (2) meek (Adj.) : quiet, gentle
                                                                 l Designs for the new sports hall are on display in the
     Here, meek birds is the right usage.
807. (2) The repetition of pigeon is not proper.
                                                                   Hence, that was on display is the right usage.
     Hence, one had done is the right usage.
                                                              824. (2) Rather (Adv.) : fairly or to some degree.
808. (1) acquire (V.) : to gain something by your own
                                                                   Here, rather is the right usage.
     efforts, ability or behaviour.
                                                              825. (2) No improvement
     He gained valuable experience whilst working on the
     project.                                                      In indirect speech, here is changed into there.