744. (3) Here, Passive Voice i.e., anybody who should be     768. (2) Here, Present Perfect should be used as effect of
     invited is the right usage.                                  past on the present is evident.
745. (4) No improvement                                           Hence, has become is the right usage.
746. (2) Here, through having is the right usage.            769. (1) If he had tried, he would have succeeded is the
747. (3) It is position of words related error.                   right usage.
     One day a wonderful plate of gold fell from Heaven         l If I work hard, I will pass.
     into the courtyard of a temple at Banaras is the           l If I worked hard, I would pass.
     right sentence.                                            l If I had worked hard, I would have passed.
748. (1) To make correct sense position of words should      770. (4) No improvement
     be correct. Hence, the dark complexioned man who             Avail yourself of something : to make use of some-
     approached me has disappeared is the right sentence.
                                                                  thing especially an opportunity.
749. (2) In vivid detail will come first that will make cor-
     rect sense. It should not come after done.              771. (2) One of my friends is a Singular Subject. Hence,
     In vivid detail, he narrated what his brother had            Singular Verb-is is the right usage.
     done is the right sentence.                             772. (3) Here, you to understand (V1) clearly (Adverb) is
750. (1) It is position of words related error.                   the right usage.
     The size of son is not 1200 sq. feet carpet area, but
                                                             773. (1) Here, I watched a movie instead is the right usage.
     of flat.
     He is looking for a flat of 1200 sq. feet carpet area        Instead : in the place of something.
     for his son is the right sentence.                         l He didn’t reply. Instead he turned to his heel and left
751. (1) He impressed with his words rather than with             the room.
     his acts. is the right sentence.                           l Now I can walk to work instead of going by car.
752. (4) No improvement                                      774. (2) by (Prep.) is the right usage.
753. (1) Here, Clause i.e., That he has a good command       775. (2) ahead of / behind time : earlier/later than was
     over both English and French is known to all is the          expected
     right usage.                                                 Hence, as the sense suggests, behind is the right
754. (2) Here, the person needs a nurse of age fifty.             usage.
     Hence, I want a nurse of about fifty years to look      776. (3) The sentence shows Past Time. Hence, Past Sim-
     after my child is the right sentence                         ple i.e., packed up is the right usage.
755. (1) It is not proper to use Possessive Case repeated-   777. (2) lecture : a talk that is given to somebody to teach
     ly.                                                          about a particular subject as part of a university or
     you despair of the success of your undertaking is            college course.
     the right usage.                                             Hence, delivered/gave is the right usage.
756. (1) going to town a savage dog attacked him and bit     778. (3) protected : made sure that somebody/something
     him in the High Street is the right sentence                 was not harmed, damaged. Here, protected is the
757. (3) Here is something pretty means there is some-            right usage.
     thing that is pretty.                                   779. (2) smoky : full of smoke e.g., a smoky atmosphere ;
758. (1) Dream of : to imagine and think about something          a smoky pub ; a smoky fire.
     He dreams of running (Gerund) his own business.              Hence, filled with smoke (Noun) is the right usage.
     Hence, of owning is the right usage.
                                                             780. (3) Here, I liked its theme very much/ I really (Ad-
759. (1) It is an error of unattached participle.                 verb) liked its theme is the right usage.
     Hence, he watched the sun go down is the right usage.   781. (3) Here, in which case should be used.
760. (1) Just = at this/that moment; going to happen only         Ronald might fail the test, in which case he’d ve-
     a few moments from now.                                      sit it next year is the right sentence
761. (3) Here, in a big way is the right usage.              782. (3) Looking through the window he saw the beggar
762. (4) No improvement                                           standing right there is the right sentence.
     Prevail on/upon somebody : to persuade somebody.        783. (3) a few : used with Plural Nouns and a Plural Verb
763. (1) It is not needful to make Gerund-subject here.           to mean not many.
     Hence, the student’s top priority was studying is            Here, a few is the right usage.
     the right usage.                                        784. (2) dispose of : to get rid of something.
764. (3) Unless : used to say that something will only hap-       Here, disposed of is the right usage.
     pen or be true in a particular situation.               785. (1) administration : the activities to plan, organise
     Hence, unless he is invited is the right usage.              and run a system.
765. (3) Here, Preposition-with is the right usage.               Here, administration is the right usage.
766. (2) Lest : in order to prevent something bad happening. 786. (3) Here, Subject-he (Pronoun) is the right usage.
   l Work hard lest you should fail.
                                                             787. (2) To show request, please grant me is the right usage.
     Here, lest you fall is the right usage.
767. (4) No improvement                                      788. (1) It is Preposition related error. into will replace to
                                                             789. (1) Here, Participle i.e. On seeing the mother is the
     In a nutshell : in a very clear way.
                                                                  right usage.