702. (1) Causative Verb (made) should be followed by V1     722. (3) hell-bent (Adj.) : recklessly determined
     (weep).                                                     Here, hell bent is the right usage.
     Hence, made us weep is the right usage.                723. (4) No Improvement
703. (3) be alarmed agrees with at (Prep.)                  724. (1) Event shows past time. Hence, Simple Past i.e.,
     Hence, at (Prep.) is the right usage.                       exploded (burst loudly and violently) is the right
704. (3) Here, that scares the world is the right usage.         usage.
705. (1) Here, by studying is the right usage.              725. (4) No Improvement
706. (2) Here, detrimental is the right usage here.         726. (1) corpse (N.) : the dead body of a human being
707. (2) use of fortunately (Adv.) is incorrect. Here, for-      carcass (N.) : the dead body of an animal
     tunate (Adj.) will be used.                                 copse (N.) : a small area of trees/bushes growing
     Hence, we are fortunate to see is the right usage           together
708. (3) Here, also Hindi is the right usage.                    Here, corpse is the right usage.
709. (2) Here, His desire for power is the right usage.     727. (2) No improvement
710. (2) opinion (about) used with a specific topic              word for word (Id.) : in exactly the same words.
     opinion (of) used with a person                        728. (4) No improvement
     opinion (on) used with a general topic                      grant : to admit that something is true.
     Hence, opinion about is the right usage.               729. (4) It is proper to use every facility ( all facilities) here.
711. (4) anything and everything are synonymous, Here,      730. (3) everyone of is followed by a Plural Noun.
     we have to use an antonym and nothing is the ant-           Hence, these will replace this.
     onym of anything
                                                            731. (3) Here, public tank is the right usage.
     Hence, nothing is the right usage.
                                                            732. (2) have to is used for expressing certainty, necessi-
712. (3) Here, aspect is the right usage.                        ty and obligation.
713. (4) Here, contrast is evident. Hence, could not help        Hence, have to is the right usage.
     but is the right usage.                                733. (2) Here, this kind of book is the right usage.
     But is used to introduce a word or phrase that con-       l What kind of house do you live in ?
     trasts with what was said before.                         l Exercises of this kind are popular.
   l His mother won’t be there, but his father might.       734. (2) Paralyse (Verb) : to prevent something from func-
714. (2) The sentence shows past time. Hence, Past Sim-          tioning normally.
     ple i.e., bore down all is the right usage.                 Perturb (Verb) : to make somebody worried or anx-
     bear down : to move quickly towards somebody/some-          ious; alarm.
     thing in a determined or threatening way.                   Here, were paralysed is the right usage.
715. (1) provoked (V.) : stimulate ; evoke ; call forth     735. (4) No improvement
     evoke (V.) : to bring a feeling, a memory or an image       To show period of time for is used.
     into your mind                                         736. (4) No improvement
     stimulated (V.) : cause to do ; induce                      No sooner did he agree/ No sooner had he agreed
     Here, provoked is the right usage.                          is the right usage.
716. (2) Here, kept in confinement is the right usage.      737. (4) No improvement
717. (3) In Relative Clauses, which/who is used after a          Do away with something : to stop doing or having
     Collective Noun such as family, committee, group,           something ; to make something end ; abolish.
     etc. Hence, which (authority) allowed them to sit for  738. (3) Here, a Relative Pronoun will make sense.
     is the right usage.
                                                                 Hence, The woman who is waiting to see you looks
718. (3) No improvement
                                                                 rather angry is the right sentence.
     threshold (N.) : the floor/ground at the bottom of a
                                                            739. (3) The sentence shows present time. Hence, Present
     doorway, considered as the entrance to a building or
                                                                 Simple i.e., you witness is the right usage.
                                                            740. (1) The use of for after was is superfluous. More over,
     doorway : an opening into a building or a room where
                                                                 objective case-me should be used
     the door is.
                                                                 Hence, Gauri was waiting for Hema and me is the
   l She stood in the doorway for a moment before going
                                                                 right usage.
                                                               l He was waiting for them/me.
719. (3) cope (V.) is always followed by with (Prep.)
                                                            741. (2) Farther shows distance.
     Use of up is unnecessary.
     Hence, cope with is the right usage.                        Hence, The doctor made no further (in addition to)
                                                                 comments to justify his action is the right sentence.
720. (3) mock (V.) : make fun of
                                                            742. (1) It is Preposition related error. Hence, a clean pair
721. (3) adjourned (V.) : break from a meeting/ gathering;
                                                                 of heels is the right usage.
     close at the end of session
                                                                 (1) A clean pair of heels : to flee quickly and swiftly.
   l The court adjourned
                                                            743. (1) The structure of sentence should be :
   l we adjourned for lunch.
     postponed (V.) : to arrange for an event, etc. to take      Not until + Subject + V2 + Object + did + Subject + V1
     place at a later time/date                                  Not until he received her letter did he fully realise
                                                                 is the right usage.
     Here, adjourned is the right usage.