624. (3) tea is usually kept in a container made of tin/      648. (2) Here, Either of these is the right usage.
     aluminium, with a lid and that is caddy.                 649. (3) Here, highlights a number of instances of injustice
     Hence, caddy is the right usage.                              is the right usage.
625. (4) No improvement                                       650. (2) Here, once is the right usage.
626. (4) No improvement                                       651. (1) all-out (Adj.) : using all available resources; full-
627. (3) When a Plural Noun (A thousand rupees) denotes            scale
     some specific quantity/amount considered as a whole,          Here, an all-out is the right usage.
     the Verb is generally Singular.                          652. (1) Any of the four options is right but the most appro-
     Hence, is is the right usage.                                 priate one is a well-to-do family
628. (1) Here, Present Perfect i.e., have never heard is      653. (2) questioningly (Adv.) : in a curious and question-
     the right usage.                                              ing manner
629. (1) Here, easy to use is the right usage.                     questionably (Adv.) : in a questionable and dubious
630. (4) No improvement                                            manner
631. (2) Here, they have achieved (attained) is the right          Here, questionably is the right usage.
     usage.                                                   654. (3) Here, filled his pen with ink is the right usage.
632. (1) Here, Past Simple i.e., began is the right usage.    655. (4) No improvement
633. (1) Hence, alighted from is the right usage.                  too (Adv.) : used before Adj. and Adv. to say that some-
634. (3) life (N.) : the period between somebody’s birth           thing is more than is good, necessary, possible, etc.
     and his death.                                              l The news is too good to be true
     liable (V.) agrees with to (Prep.)                          l The news is so good that it cannot be true
     Hence, to transportation for life is the right usage.       l The toys he bought for Suzy are so good that they
635. (3) Here, for one is the right usage.                         cannot be cheap.
636. (2) few (Det., Adj.) : used with a Plu. N. and a Plu. V. 656. (1) mistake is made and not done.
     to mean not many                                              Hence, I made a mistake in is the right usage.
     a few (Det., Adj.) : used with a Plu. N. and a Plu. V.
                                                              657. (4) No improvement
     to mean a small number/some
                                                                   Here, at a meeting is the right usage.
   l Few people understand the difference.
                                                              658. (4) Here, a faithful dog is the right usage.
   l We’ve had a few replies.
                                                              659. (2) Here, furnished the reporters with all the de-
     Here, few and far between is the right usage.
                                                                   tails is the right usage.
637. (3) Here, last long is the right usage.
                                                              660. (1) Here, I could not go out for my usual walk is the
638. (2) Here, prevent them being spoiled by damp is the
                                                                   right usage.
     right usage.
                                                              661. (2) Here, a grammatical error is the right usage.
     prevent from is used for stopping to do an act/some-
     thing else                                               662. (2) deny (Verb) : to refuse to admit or accept some-
639. (2) Here, failed only because you did not persevere
     for it is the right usage.                                   It gives a negative sense.
640. (2) Here, have much sympathy is the right usage.             Hence, had forged (Past Perfect Tense) is the right
641. (3) hitch hike (Verb) : to travel by asking for free         usage.
     rides in other people’s cars, by standing at the side of 663. (2) Receive/obtain/collect/gather information will
     the road and trying to get passing cars to stop               be used. Here, received the information is the right
   l They hitch hiked around Europe.                               usage.
     Here, hitch-hiking is the right usage.                   664. (1) dictator (N.) : someone who rules unconstrained
642. (1) clangs (V.) : to make a lud ringing sound like that       by law; potentate; behaves like a tyrant; authoritarian
     of metal being hit                                            potentate (N.) : a ruler who has lot of power, especially
     grates (V.) : when two hard surfaces grate as they            when this is not restricted by a parliament, etc.
     rub together, they make a sharp unpleasant sound              militant (N.) : a person who uses, or is willing to use,
     bangs (V.) : to hit something in away that makes a            force or strong pressure to achieve his aims, especially
     loud noise                                                    to achieve social/political change
     Here, clangs is the right usage.                              Here, dictator is the right usage.
643. (3) Here, while in other parts of is the right usage.    665. (1) Here, Having completed/On completion of
644. (3) opportunistic (Adj.) : taking immediate advantage         should be used. Hence, on completion of is the right
     opportune (Adj.) : at a convenient/suitable time;             usage.
     favourable                                               666. (1) You need warm water, not the glass. Hence, a glass
     Here, an opportune is the right usage.                        of warm water should be used.
645. (3) Here, can scarcely see any valid reason is the            will you please give me a glass of warm water ? is
     right usage.                                                  the right sentence.
646. (4) No improvement                                       667. (3) Here, mash it is the right usage.
647. (2) In this case, worked miracles is the right usage.    668. (4) No improvement
     Hence, The medicines worked miracles is the right        669. (2) A regular/action/habit is evident. Hence, Present
     usage.                                                        Simple should be used.