583. (4) No improvement                                              adores (V.) : to love somebody very much
584. (2) towards (Prep.) : in the direction of somebody/             Here, epitomizes is the right usage.
     something                                                  608. (1) respectfully (Adv.) : in a way that shows respect
     Here, towards is the right usage.                               Here, respectfully is the right usage.
585. (2) grant : agree to give.                                      respectably (Adv.) : in a way that is considered by
     Here, grant me is the right usage.                              society to be acceptable, good/correct
586. (2) be about to do something : to be going to do           609. (1) fond of (doing something) (Adj.) : finding some-
     something very soon.                                            thing pleasant/enjoyable, especially something you
     Here, about to is the right usage.                              have liked/enjoyed for a long time
587. (2) well-versed (Adj.) : having a lot of knowledge about        Here, is fond of singing is the right usage.
     something ; skilled at something                                addicted (to something) (Adj.) : spending all your free
     Hence, well-versed is the right usage.                          time doing something because you are so interested in it.
588. (2) Adjectives usually come in this order :                610. (1) Structure of be used to is as follows :
    General Opinion — Specific Opinion                               Sub. + Main V. + not + used to + Ob.
                                ̄                                               (be)
                            broken                                      ̄          ̄         ̄         ̄              ̄
    — Size—Shape—Age—Colour—Nationality—Material                      We      were      not      used to getting up early.
                                                            ̄         If the Ob. involves a V., we use - ing form (Gerund)
                                                      wooden         Hence, used to getting up is the right usage.
     Hence, broken wooden chair is the right usage.             611. (2) Here, aspect of is the right usage.
589. (1) Here, arrived is the right usage.                      612. (3) School (N.) : a large group of fish; shoal
590. (4) No improvement                                              swarm (N.) : a large group of insects/people-bees/
591. (3) Here, a blow at is the right usage.                         locusts/ flies
592. (4) No improvement                                              Here, school is the right usage.
593. (1) Here, from place to place is the right usage.          613. (1) same (Adj.) : not different ; exactly like the one or
594. (2) Here, multiplied is the right usage.                        ones referred to or mentioned
595. (3) Here, does not exist is the right usage.                    like (Prep.) : similar to somebody/something
596. (4) No improvement                                            l She’s wearing a dress like mine.
597. (3) Here, must know that is the right usage.                  l She’s wearing the same dress as mine.
598. (3) Here, familiarity with is is the right usage.               After the same, as is used and not like
599. (1) Here, do not take is the right usage.                       Here, the same as is the right usage.
600. (1) Here, Unless the system is modified is the right       614. (4) No improvement
                                                                     contradict somebody/yourself : say the opposite of
601. (2) Here, have not seen is the right usage.                     what somebody/you have said before
602. (2) repulsive (Adj.) : causing a feeling of string dis-    615. (2) Here, only increasing will be used.
     like; disgusting
                                                                     Hence, ever increasing will be replaced by increasing
     hateful (Adj.) : very unkind/ unpleasant
                                                                616. (4) No improvement
     repulsion (N.) : a feeling of very strong dislike of some-
                                                                     nostalgic (Adj.) : having/bringing a feeling of sad-
     thing that you find extremely unpleasant
                                                                     ness mixed with pleasure and affection when you think
     repulse (V.) : to make somebody feel disgust/ strong
                                                                     of happy times in the past
                                                                     Here, nostalgic is the right usage.
     Here, repulsive is the right usage.
                                                                617. (1) in the way (Id.) : in a position to obstruct, hinder,
603. (3) Here, touch upon/on is the right usage.
                                                                     or interfere
604. (2) Here, on coming back is the right usage.
                                                                     on the way (Id.) : on the route of a journey
605. (2) give an exam is something a teacher does to her
     students                                                        Here, on the way is the right usage.
     take an exam is something a student does to prove          618. (2) It is a Conditional Sentence, hence, the Main
     their knowledge                                                 Clause should have an Ob. So, I shall appreciate it if
     sit for an exam is the same as take an exam                     is the right usage it is the ob. here.
     write an exam is the same as give an exam.                 619. (2) Here, unwell is the right usage as it generally re-
     Here, did not sit for is the right usage.                       fers to somebody who is not well.
606. (3) talkative (Adj.) : liking to talk a lot                620. (3) When we refer to somebody who does not know
                                                                     anything about a certain thing, we use not known.
     loquacious (Adj.) : very talkative, especially of per-
     sons given to excess conversation                               Here, is known to her is the right usage.
     loquacious is a synonym of talkative                       621. (3) Here, lend me some money is the right usage as
     Here, talkative is the right usage.                             the sentence implies that the person needs money.
607. (4) No improvement                                              In such cases, lend (V.) is used.
     epitomizes (V.) : to be a perfect example of something     622. (1) session (N.) is the right usage. It is used for meet-
                                                                     ings held in Assembly, Parliament, Court, etc.
     worships (V.) : to love and respect somebody/something;
     adore                                                      623. (2) Here, he had read is the right usage.