pass away (Phr.V.) : die                                   566. (3) Here, sat under is the right usage.
     pass out (Phr.V.) : faint ; to become unconscious          567. (3) Here, formalities of registration for is the right
     pass on (Phr.V.) : to give something to somebody else            usage.
     Here, passed is the right usage.                           568. (1) he was in the beginning’ (Simple Past Tense) is
555. (3) ever since (Conj.) : continuously since the time             the right usage.
     mentioned                                                  569. (2) Here lest (Conj.) is always followed by should
   l She had been worrying ever since the letter arrived.            (Aux. V.) which is used in Conditional Clauses.
     since (Conj.) : from an event in the past until now             Hence, should be caught is the right usage.
   l It’s twenty years since I’ve seen her.                     570. (2) tampered (V.)
     Here, ever since is the right usage.                            tamper with something (Phr. V.) : to make changes to
                                                                     something without permission, especially in order to
556. (1) Here, last night is the right usage.
                                                                     damage it
557. (3) spectacles (Plural)
                                                                     tempered (V.) : to make something less severe by
     a pair of spectacles (Singular)
                                                                     adding something that has the opposite effect
     Hence, a pair of spectacles is the right usage.
                                                                     trampled (V.) : to step heavily on somebody/some-
558. (3) in spite of (Id.) : despite                                 thing so that you may crush/harm him/it with your
     despite (Prep.) : in spite of                                   feet
     nevertheless (Adv.) : despite something that you have           (5) tethered (V.) : to tie an animal to a post so that it
     just mentioned                                                  may not move very far
     Here, in spite of is the right usage.                           Here, tampered is the right usage.
559. (2) referred (Verb) : to mention/speak about some-         571. (3) A Plural Subject agrees with a Plural Verb. Here,
     body/something                                                   Present Tense i.e. they do not try will be used.
     recommend (Verb) : to tell somebody that something               Some people have all the luck even when they do
     is good/useful, or that somebody would be suitable               not try very hard is the right sentence
     for a particular job, etc.                                 572. (4) No improvement
     introduced (Verb) : to tell somebody about yourself        573. (3) Attempts were made to contact the doctor is
     (name, where you live, etc.)                                     the right sentence (Passive).
     alluded (Verb) : to mention something in an indirect       574. (2) out of sorts (Id.) : ill/sick/upset
     way                                                              Hence, I feel out of sorts today is the right usage.
     Here, referred is the right usage.                         575. (2) deal out (Phr.V.) : to share something out among a
560. (2) Simple Past Tense-was will be used as the sen-               group of people
     tence is indicating a Past action.                               deal with (Phr. V.) : to do business with a person, a
     Hence, seeing that she was very tired is the right               company or an organisation ; to solve a problem, per-
     usage.                                                           form a task, etc.
561. (1) Here, except for a slight cold is the right usage.           deal in (Phr.V.) : trade in
     except (Prep.) : used before you mention the only                Here, deal out is the right usage.
     thing or person about which a statement is not true ;      576. (2) Hence, shouldn’t it is the right usage.
     apart from                                                       The Indian team (Sub.) is Singular, so it (Pro.) (Sing.)
   l They all came except Matt.                                       will be used.
   l All came apart from Matt.                                  577. (4) No improvement
562. (2) in (Prep.) is the right usage.                               enamoured is often used in Negative Sentences
     join in (Phr. V.) : to take part in an activity with other       entranced (V.) : to make somebody feel great plea-
     people                                                           sure and admiration so that they given somebody/
563. (3) fronds (Noun) : a long leaf of some plants/trees,            something all their attention
     especially palms/ferns. They are divided into parts              enamoured (V.) : liking something a lot
     along the edge.                                            578. (2) An increase in crimes is (Sing. Sub.)
     Here, musical sound is the right usage.                          Hence, Singular V. – has been reported is the right
564. (3) Here, shook hands with everyone is the right                 usage.
     usage.                                                     579. (2) deadline : a point in time by which something must
565. (4) No improvement                                               be done.
     endlessly (Adv.) : in a way that continues for a long            Here, deadline is the right usage.
     time and seems to have no end.                             580. (2) bent on/ upon something : determined to do
   l She talks endlessly about her problems.                          something.
      on and on (Idiom) : without stopping ; continuously             Here, bent on is the right usage.
   l She went on and on about her trip.                         581. (4) No improvement
      all the time (Idiom) : the whole time                     582. (4) No improvement
   l The letter was in my pocket all the time.                        funny : making you laugh.