491. (1) The firm (Subject) is Singular.                       506. (4) No improvement
     Hence, it (Pro.) will be used                             507. (2) and (Conj.) is used for linking Clauses.
     Hence, it sells them is the right uasge.                       Clause 1 ® Jackie has already gone to the airport
492. (3) expected (Verb) : required (to do something)               Clause 2 ® she will meet us .....
     intended (Verb) : to have a plan, result or purpose in         Hence, gone to the airport and she will meet us is
     your mind when you do something                                the right usage.
     meant (Verb) : intend                                     508. (1) where (Rel.Pro.) ® used with place
     suggested (Verb) : to put forward an idea or a plan            Here, where the two roads meet is the right usage.
     for other people to think about                           509. (2) are graphic depictions of what is beautiful in is
     Here, expected to is the right usage.                          the right usage.
493. (2) will enable Japan is the right usage                       The vivid photos (Plural Subject). Hence, Plural Verb
     enable (Verb) : to make it possible for somebody to            are will be used.
     do something; allow                                       510. (4) No improvement
494. (1) Alma Mater (Noun) : the school, college or uni-       511. (1) an apple and an orange, and washed his hands is
     versity that somebody went to                                  the right usage.
     Motherland (Noun) : the country that you were born        512. (3) we watched three television shows (Active Voice)
     in and that you feel a strong emotional connection with
                                                                    is the right usage.
     Here, Alma Mater is the right usage.
                                                               513. (2) Singular Verb-is will be used.
495. (4) No improvement
                                                                    weighing more than 150 tonnes is the is the right
     all the time (Idiom) : repeatedly ; the whole time             usage.
     day in, and day out (Idiom) : on every day ; for each day 514. (4) No improvement.
   l They eat nothing but vegetables, day in, and day out.
                                                               515. (3) paying (Gerund) will be used. It is the object of
496. (1) the team’s 20 players ® Plural Subject                     the sentence.
     Hence, Passports will be used.                                 evaded (Verb) : to find a way of not doing something,
     Simple Past Tense and Plural Verb-were will be used.           especially something that legally or morally you should
     Hence, Government-issued passports were not up                 do
     to international standards is the right usage.                 Hence, paying will replace to pay
497. (1) since (Adv.) : continuously from                      516. (3) Simple Past Tense-left is the right usage.
     Present Perfect Tense-have been able to use is the        517. (3) The general order of Adjectives is as follows :
     right usage.                                                   Opinion Appearance Age
498. (4) No improvement                                                  ̄              ̄
499. (3) neither – nor ® Correlatives                                 new       large, compact
     So, nor a philosopher is the right usage.                      Colour Origin Material
500. (2) hang (Simple Present) (Verb) : to attach something,
     at the top ® hung (Simple Past)
     hang (Simple present) (Verb) : to kill somebody , by
     tying a rope around his neck and allowing him to drop ®        Hence, it was a new, large, compact and tinted house
                                                                    is the right usage.
     hanged (Simple Past)
                                                               518. (1) sites (Noun): a place where a building will be lo-
     here, hanged is the right usage.
501. (3) hardly (Adv.) : used for saying that something has
     just begun, happened, etc.                                     places (Noun) : a particular position, point or area
     The sentence structure will be as follows :                    premises (Noun) : the building and land near to it
     Hardly (Adv.) + had he gone (Past Perfect Tense) +             that a business owns or uses
     when his friend came.                                          locations (Noun) : the position of something
     Hence, Hardly had he gone is the right usage.                  Here, sites is the right usage.
502. (3) Johan (Subject closest to the Verb.) is Singular.     519. (4) No improvement
     Hence, is going (Singular Verb) is the right usage.            legitimate (Adj.) : allowed and accepted according to
503. (1) instead of (Prep.) : in the place of somebody/             the law; valid
     something instead of is followed by an – ing form              literate (Adj.) : able to read and write
     working (Gerund)                                               local (Adj.) : relating to or occuring in a particular
     Here, working is the right usage.                              area, city, or town
504. (1) as well as is the right usage.                             illegal (Adj) : not allowed by law
     as well as (Idiom) : in addition to                       520. (1) The sentence structure will be as follows :
505. (2) Use of Double comparatives (more and better) is            If they + had + known (Past Participle) ® Past Per-
     incorrect.                                                     fect
     Hence, better will replace more better.                        Hence, had known is the right usage.