l What does this sentence mean ?                          432. (1) treat somebody (to something) : to pay for some-
     preaches (about) (Verb) : to tell people about a par-        thing that somebody/ you will enjoy and that you do
     ticular religion, way of life, system, etc. in order to      not usually have or do.
     persuade them to accept it                                   Here, treated us to is the right usage.
   l She preached about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. 433. (4) No improvement
     praises (Verb) : to express your approval or admira-         go with the tide (Idiom) : to agree to the attitudes or
     tion for somebody/something                                  opinions that most other people have
   l She praised his cooking.                                     go against the tide (Idiom) : to oppose the attitudes
425. (2) opted (Verb) : to choose to take or not to take a        or opinions that most other people have
     particular course of action                             434. (2) Here, does not exist (Simple Present) is the right
     went (Verb) : Past Tense of ‘go’
                                                             435. (1) called off (Phr.V.) : to cancel something
     selected (Verb) : to choose somebody/something from
     a group of people or things, usually according to a          banned (Verb) : to decide or say officially that some-
     system                                                       thing is not allowed ; prohibited
                                                                  disturbed (Verb) : to interrupt somebody when he is
   l He hasn’t been selected for the team
                                                                  trying to work.
     Here, opted is the right usage.
                                                                  interrupted (Verb) : to say or do something that makes
426. (1) at heart is an idiomatic expression which is the         somebody stop what he is saying or doing.
     correct expresssion.
                                                                  Here, called off is the right usage.
     Hence, at heart is the right usage.
                                                             436. (4) No improvement
427. (2) deadline (Noun) : a point of time by which some-
                                                                  garner (Verb) : acquire ; gather
     thing must be done.
                                                                  experiences (Noun) : the knowledge or skill got/
     time line (Noun) : a time table                              gained/gathered
     guideline (Noun) : a rule about how something should         episodes (Noun) : incidents
     be done
                                                             437. (4) No improvement
     Here, deadline is the right usage.
                                                                  speak up (Phr.V) : usually used in order to tell some-
428. (2) The structure of the sentence (Present Perfect           body to speak more loudly
     Continuous) is as follows :                             438. (4) No improvement
     Since she has been directing ....                            difficulty (Noun) : how hard (difficult) something is
                  ̄  ̄             ̄                                 perplexity (Noun) : confusion
               has been Present Participle                        hindrance (Noun) : a person or thing that makes it
     Hence, Since she has been directing is the right             more difficult for somebody to do something or for
     usage.                                                       something to happen.
429. (3) revising (Verb) : to prepare for an exam by looking      intricacy (Noun) : the complicated part or detail of
     again at work that you have done                             something
     scrutinising (Verb) : to look or examine somebody/      439. (4) No improvement
     something carefully                                          The cooking soup on the stove got burnt is the right
     recollecting (Verb) : to remember something ; recall         usage.
     recapitulating (Verb) : to repeat or give a summary of  440. (3) eternal (Adj.) : without an end ; existing or con-
                                                                  tinuing forever
     what has already been said, decided, etc.
                                                                  enduring (Adj) : lasting for a long time
     Here, revising is the right usage.
                                                                  imperishable (Adj.) : that will last for a long time or
430. (2) latest (Adj.) : the most recent ; the newest
   l Have you heard the latest news ?
                                                                  forever (Adj.) : used for saying that a particular situ-
     late (Adj.) : happening after the usual time                 ation or state will always exist
   l Here is a late news flash.                                   Here, imperishable is the right usage.
     later (Adj.) : coming after something else or at a time 441. (2) at/from close quarters (Idiom) : crowded ; in a
     in the future.                                               confined space ; very near
   l This is discussed in more detail in a later chapter.         close at hand (Idiom) : near
     Here, latest is the right usage.                             close off (Phr.V.) : to separate something from other
431. (3) so long as (Idiom) : only if                             parts so that people may not use it
   l Promoting a product before it is available is a good
                                                                  close to (Phr.V.) : nearly; almost
     idea, so long as you are certain it will be available        Here at/from close quarters is the right usage.
     soon.                                                   442. (1) It’s time/It’s high time/It’s about time (Idiom) :
     as long as (Idiom) : only if                                 used for saying that you think somebody should do
                                                                  something soon
   l We’ll go as long as the weather is good.
                                                                  It’s time I quit the job if I prefer a better one is the
     Here, so long as is the right usage.                         right sentence.