399. (1) put in (Phr.V.) : to spend a lot of time or make a lot      tormentors (Noun) : person who causes somebody
      of effort doing something                                      to suffer
      put up (Phr.V.) : to show a particular level of skill,         Hence, the bull charged on its tormentors is the
      determination, etc. in a fight or contest                      right usage.
  l The team put up a great performance.                        414. (4) No improvement
      put down (Phr.V.) : to land (of an aircraft or its pilot)      tribulations (Noun) : great trouble or suffering
      put over (Phr.V.) : to communicate your ideas, feel-           placidity (Noun) : the state of being calm and peaceful
      ings, etc. successfully to somebody                       415. (2) beset (Verb) : to affect somebody/something in a
      Here, put in is the right usage.                               harmful way
400. (3) meagre (Adj.) : small in quantity and poor in qual-       l It’s one of the most difficult problems besetting our
      ity                                                            modern way of life.
      lowly (Adj.) : low in status/importance                        bestow (Verb) : to give something to somebody, espe-
      miserly (Adj.) : too small (of a quantity/amount)              cially to show how much he is respected
      Here, meagre is the right usage.                             l It was a title bestowed upon him by the King.
401. (3) hang by a thread (Idiom) ; to be in great danger            appeal (Verb) : to attract/interest somebody
     Hence, by (Prep.) is the right usage.                         l The design appealed to all ages.
402. (2) assured (Verb) : to tell somebody that something is         Here, beset is the right usage.
     definitely true or is definitely going to happen, espe-    416. (4) No improvement
     cially when he has doubts about it                              We kept all the old paintings (Principal Clause – Sim-
     consoled (Verb) : to give comfort/sympathy to some-             ple Past Tense)
     body who is unhappy or disappointed ; comfort                   Hence, would remain safe is the right usage.
     guaranteed (Verb) : to promise to do something             417. (3) reminiscent (Adj.) : reminding you of somebody/
     confided (Verb) : to tell somebody secrets and personal         something
     information that you do not want other people to know           reflection (Noun) : careful thought about something,
     Here, assured is the right usage.                               sometimes over a long period of time
403. (4) No improvement                                            l A week off would give him time for reflection.
     would (Mod.V.) : used in polite offers or invitations.          rendition (Noun) : the particular way in which some-
404. (1) in the back is the right usage.                             thing is performed
405. (3) few (Det ; Adj.) : not many                               l The band gave a live rendition of their latest songs.
      a few (Det ; Adj.) : a small number ; some                     re-incarnation (Noun) : the belief that after some-
     Hence, a few is the right usage.                                body’s death their soul lives again in a new body
406. (1) Here, nobody was there (Simple Past Tense) is             l Do you believe in reincarnation ?
      the right usage.                                               Here, reminiscent is the right usage.
407. (3) Here, explain (Verb) is the right usage.               418. (1) portrait (Noun) : a painting, drawing or photo-
408. (1) After let’s, the tag begins with shall.                     graph of a person
      Hence, shall we is the right usage.                            Here, paints is the right usage.
409. (3) not only .... but also ® Correlative Conjunctions.     419. (2) Here, bit him (Simple Past Tense) is the right
      Hence, not only ______ but also is the right usage.
                                                                420. (4) No improvement
410. (1) offer (Verb) : to make available ; to provide
                                                                     take a test/do a test is the right usage.
      Here, offers is the right usage.
                                                                421. (4) No improvement
411. (1) worth (Prep.) : good or important enough to justify
                                                                     obliterated (Verb) : to remove all signs of something,
      (what is specified – the trek)
                                                                     either by destroying or covering it completely
   l a place worth visiting
                                                                   l The snow had obliterated their footprints.
      Here, well worth the endeavour is the right usage.
                                                                422. (2) forced (Verb) : compelled
      It is followed by a Noun/Pronoun/-ing form of a Verb
                                                                     pressure (Noun) : the act of trying to persuade or to
412. (3) hitch hike (Verb) : to travel by asking for free            force somebody to do something
      rides in other people’s cars, by standing at the side of
                                                                     Here, forced is the right usage.
      the road and trying to get passing cars to stop
                                                                423. (3) at present (Idiom) : now ; at this point of time
   l They hitch hiked around Europe.
                                                                   l At present there is energy shortage the world over
      Here, hitch-hiking is the right usage.
                                                                     presently (Adv.) : now ; currently ; soon
413. (3) goaded (Verb) : to keep irritating or annoying some-      l She will be back presently (soon)
      body/something until he/it react
                                                                     Here, At present is the right usage.
      frenzy (Noun) : a state of violent mental agitation or    424. (4) No improvement
      wild excitement ; temporary madness
                                                                     promotes (Verb) : to help something to happen or
      charged (Verb) : to rush forward and attack some-              develop
                                                                     means (Verb) : to have something as a meaning