Sujata ® junior ® me (shows the relationship be-          383. (3) In Indirect Speech-will changes to would when
     tween Sujata and me)                                           the Reporting Verb is in Past Tense.
370. (4) No improvement                                             Hence, would will replace will be.
371. (2) one of (Pro.) : a person or thing belonging to a      384. (3) motive (Noun) : intention ; a reason for doing some-
     particular group                                               thing
  l It’s a present for one of my children.                          Here, motive is the right usage.
     one of is followed by a Plural Noun/Pronoun.              385. (3) upbringing (Noun) : the way a child is brought up
     Hence, my teachers is the right usage.                         bring up (Phr.V.) : to care for a child, teaching him/
372. (1) Past Perfect Tense (would have surely brought)             her how to behave, etc. ; raise ; upbringing
     will be used with this Conditional Sentence (that starts       Here, upbringing is the right usage.
     with an if)                                               386. (4) No improvement
     The sentence structure will be as follows :                    declared (Verb) : Stated in an open way so that people
     If + Past Perfect (had gone) .... would + have + Past          may know about it ; to say something officially/publicly
     Participle-brought                                             proposed (V.) : declare a plan for the future
373. (3) ringing and ringing : ringing again and again ; ring-      decreed (V.) : decide with authority by order/command
     ing repeatedly                                                 order (V.) : impose regulations on
     repeatedly (Adv.) : many times ; happening again and      387. (3) Stative Verbs ® describe a state rather than an
     again                                                          action-like, understand, seem, love, hate, have, own, etc.
     Hence, was ringing repeatedly is the right usage.              They are not used in Progressive Tenses.
374. (4) No improvement                                             Hence, loves is the right usage.
     Positive Statement ® Negative Tag (with Auxiliary)
                                                               388. (1) Present Perfect Continuous Tense-has been teach-
     Tag structure ® First Auxiliary (has) + not (hasn’t)           ing is the right usage.
     he ?
                                                               389. (4) No improvement
375. (3) Here, One of the factors is the right usage.
                                                                     define (Verb) : to describe or show something accu-
376. (2) handsome (Adj.) : large in amount or quantity               rately
  l a handsome profit/cheque                                         resolve (Verb) : to find an acceptable solution to a
      Hence, a handsome is the right usage.                          problem or difficulty ; settle
377. (1) The sentence structure will be as follows :           390. (4) Simple Past Tense-kicked the ball is the right
      watched      +        him +        fall                        usage.
           ̄                   ̄               ̄                  391. (1) favourite(Adj.) : liked more than others of the same
      Special Verb     Direct Object Inf. (– to)                     kind
      Inf. is the base form of the Verb.                             Here, favourite is the right usage.
378. (2) determined (Adj.) : to make a firm decision to do     392. (1) bought her a card (Simple Past Tense) is the right
      something and not to let anyone prevent you                    usage.
      stubborn (Adj.) : determined not to change your opin-    393. (1) a lot of (Det.) : a large number or amount of some-
      ion or attitude                                                body/something
      Here, determined is the right usage.                           much is used with Uncountable Nouns.
379. (3) Here, to be a person is the right usage.                    a lot of is used with Pl. Count. N.
380. (4) envisaged (Verb) : to imagine what will happen in     394. (1) one of is followed by a Plural Noun/Pronoun
      the future.                                                    Hence, One of my friends is the right usage.
      imagined (Verb) : to form a picture in your mind of      395. (2) It is a Universal Truth. Hence, Simple Present
      what something might be like                                   Tense-guarantees will be used.
      think (Verb) : to have a particular idea or opinion            Hence, India guarantees is the right usage.
      about something/somebody                                 396. (3) wind (Verb) : to make a clock or other piece of
      forecast (Verb) : to say what you think will happen in         machinery work by turning a knob, handle, etc. sev-
      the future based on information that you have now ;            eral times
      predict                                                        Here, wind (V.) is the right usage.
      Here, envisaged is the right usage.                      397. (2) were doing (Past Progressive or Continuous
381. (1) I do not think (Principal Clause, Simple Present            Tense) is the right usage.
      Tense)                                                   398. (2) pleaded (Verb) : to ask somebody for something in
      Hence, will rain is the right usage.                           a very strong and serious way
382. (3) Inf. (to) will be used with prefer (Verb) and not           wept (Verb) : Past Tense of weep ® to cry, usually
      rather than.                                                   because you are sad
     rather than (Idiom) : instead of somebody/something             mumbled (Verb) : to speak or say something in a
  l I’ll have a cold drink rather than coffee.                       quiet voice in a way that is not clear
     Hence, to (Prep.) is the right usage.                           Here, pleaded is the right usage.