Here, a week ago is the right usage.                     234. (3) Though (Couj.) : although, despite the fact that
223. (3) come across (with something) (Phr.V.) % to pro-           Since (Conj.) : from a time in the past until a later
     vide or supply something when you need it.                    past time, or until now ; because ; as
     come across (Phr.V.) : to meet or find somebody/              As (Conj.) : because
     something by chance; to face                                  When (Conj.) : considering that
  l I hoped she would come across with some more in-               Here, Though is the right usage.
     formation.                                               235. (1) to (Inf.) will be used after agree (Verb of ‘saying’):
     Here, come across is the right usage.                      l They agreed to try their luck at the fair (carnival)
224. (3) Who (Rel.Pro.) is used after he (Subject) and be-         Hence, to answer is the right usage.
     fore work (Verb)                                         236. (3) evaluated (Verb) : to form an opinion of the
     He ____ work hard (Adjective Clause)                          amount; value or quality of something after thinking
     Hence, who will be used. Verb (work) will be in Plu-          about it carefully
     ral (works) ® Simple Present Tense                            answered (Verb) : replied
     Hence, who works hard is the right usage.                     judged (Verb) : to decide the result of a competition
225. (4) No improvement                                            tested (Verb) : to find out how much somebody knows
     The sentence structure is as follows :                        Here, evaluated is the right usage.
     It’s high time + Subject (you) + Past Verb (started)     237. (2) shade (Noun) : an area that is dark and cool un-
     ® Refers to the present moment                                der or behind something. (tree, building, etc.)
226. (3) likelihood (Noun) : the chance of something hap-          shadow (Noun) : the dark shape that somebody/
     pening ; probability                                          something forms on a surface, when he/it is between
  l There is very little likelihood of that happening.             the light and the surface.
     probability (Noun) : how likely something is to hap-          Here, shade is the right usage.
     pen ; likelihood                                         238. (1) throw (Verb) (Simple Present) ® threw (Past) ®
     possibility (Noun) : the fact that something might exist      thrown (Past Participle)
     or happen, but is not certain to                              Here, threw is the right usage.
  l Bankruptcy is a real possibility if sales don’t improve.  239. (3) invent (Verb.) : to produce or design something
     profit (Noun) : the advantage that you get from doing         that has not existed before
     something                                                     assemble (Verb) : to bring things together as a group
     Here, profit is the right usage.                           l The shelves are easy to assemble.
227. (2) hampered (Verb) : to prevent somebody from eas-           discover (Verb) : to be the first person to become
     ily doing or achieving something ; hindered                   aware that a particular place or thing exists
     obstacle (Noun) : a situation, an event, etc. that makes   l Scientists are working to discover a cure for AIDS.
     it difficult for you to do or achieve something ; hin-        make (Verb.) : to create/prepare something by put-
     drance                                                        ting parts together
     facilitated (Verb) : to make an action or a process        l The steam engine was invented by James Watt.
     possible or easier                                            Here, invented is the right usage.
     burden (Verb) : to give somebody a duty, responsibil-    240. (1) kindness (Noun) is the right usage.
     ity, etc. that causes worry, difficulty or hard work.
                                                              241. (2) discharged (Verb) : to give somebody official per-
     Here, hampered is the right usage.                            mission to leave (hospital)
228. (2) Subject (It) will be attached before being.               released (Verb) : set somebody/something free (pris-
     It specifies the day.                                         oner/hostage)
     Hence, It being a rainy day is the right usage.               let out (Phr.V.) : to come to an end, so that it may be
229. (2) scissors (Noun) is used as Singular as well as            time for people to leave (movie)
     Plural and the term a pair is used with it to specify a       dismissed (Verb) : to officially remove somebody from
     single piece (a pair of scissors – one pair of scissors)      his job
     Hence, a pair of old scissors is the right usage.             Here, discharged is the right usage.
230. (4) No improvement                                       242. (3) mellowed (Verb) : to become or to make a colour
     angry (Adj.) agrees with Prep. (with)                         become less bright, especially over a period of time.
231. (1) A pair of shoes signifies one.                            softened (Verb) : to become or to make something
     Hence, the Verb will be in Singular-has been                  softer.
     Hence, has been is the right usage.                           brightened (Verb) : to become or to make something
232. (3) Simple Present Tense-go will be used to express           brighter in colour
     future time, after when (Conj.).                              deepened (Verb) : to become or to make something
     Hence, go is the right usage.                                 deeper/worse.
233. (1) apologise (Verb) agrees with to (Prep.)                   Here, mellowed is the right usage.
     Hence, to (Prep.) is the right usage.                    243. (2) considerate (Adj.) : careful ; not to hurt or upset
                                                                   others ; thoughtful