76. (1) The structure of the sentence is as follows :         87. (2) Object (Verb) agrees with ‘to’ and – ing form will
    if + Simple Past, Main clause with would + Infini-             be used after object to.
    tive                                                           Hence, to my calling them is the right usage.
               ̄                             ̄                  88. (3) Comparative Degree (higher than) and any other
    if     I dyed                   would laugh                    one will be used.
    Hence, would is the right usage.                               Hence, higher than any other one is the right usage.
77. (3) truant (Verb) : (of a child) to stay away from school 89. (3) reclamation (Noun) : reformation ; restoration to
    without permission                                             use (Singular)
    Positive Statement ® Negative Tag                              acquisition (Noun) : the act of acquiring (Singular)
    The sentence structure is as follows :                         Here, reclamation and acquisition of farmland is the
                                                                   right usage.
    Subject + Auxiliary Verb + Main Verb; Auxiliary +
                                                              90. (2) Sentence structure in Compound Adjectives is
          ̄           ̄                  ̄               ̄
                                                                   as follows :
    The students X                   play           do
                                                                Number (in words) + Hyphen + time period (Singular)
    not + Personal Pronoun same as subject
                                                                        ̄                     ̄              ̄
        ̄                    ̄
                                                                     three                  _           year
    not                  they
                                                                   Hence, a three-year degree course is the right usage.
    do not ® don’t                                            91. (3) When the Main clause is in the Simple Present
    Hence, don’t they ? is the right usage.                        Tense, a Simple Present Tense will be used in the
78. (3) provide (someone) with (something) (Phr.V.)                Subordinate Clause.
  l They provided him with money to buy new clothes.               Hence, the number of tourists increases is the right
  l We are here to provide the public with a service.
                                                              92. (1) Preferable (Adj.) agrees with to (Prep.)
    provide (something) for (someone) (Phr.V.)
                                                                   Hence, preferable to money ? is the right usage.
  l The animals provide food for their young.
                                                              93. (2) mark (Verb) agrees with with (Prep.)
    Hence, with (Prep.) is the right usage.
                                                                   Hence, was marked with disagreement and scorn
79. (2) vetted (Verb) : checked the contents, quality, etc.        for his opponent’s position is the right usage.
    of something carefully
                                                              94. (3) as + Adj. + as will be used.
    doctored (Verb) : altered or modified
    whetted (Verb) : increased your desire for or interest
    in something
                                                                   Hence, as tall as, if not taller than is the right usage.
    Here, vetted is the right usage.
                                                              95. (1) wears thin (Idiom) : begins to become weaker or
80. (1) Can (Mod.V.) ® less polite                                 less acceptable
    Could (Mod.V) ® more polite than Can                           cools down (Phr.V.) : becomes calm, less excited or
    The sentence structure is as follows :                         less enthusiastic
    Could + Subject + Verb                                         wears off (Phr.V.) : gradually disappears or stops.
         ̄      ̄            ̄                                        Here, wears thin is the right usage.
    Could you          type ....                              96. (1) Simple Past Tense-slept is the right usage.
    Hence, Could is the right usage.                          97. (2) too (Adv.) is used at the end of the sentence.
81. (2) In Indirect Speech, the Reporting Verb changes to          Hence, has too is the right usage.
    asked, enquired, etc. and if is used.                     98. (2) needs (Verb) : requires something/somebody be-
    Hence, enquired of the peasant if he could is the              cause it/he is essential or very important
    right usage.                                                   is in want of (Idiom) : needing something
82. (3) feel like a fish out of water (Idiom) : someone            Here, needs is the right usage.
    who is uncomfortable in a particular situation            99. (4) No improvement
    Hence, fell like a fish out of water is the right usage.  100. (2) that will not be used.
83. (1) look forward to (Idiom) : to anticipate something          Here, I hope is the right usage.
    with pleasure                                             101. (2) The sentence is in Active Voice. Hence, Simple
    Hence, looking forward to is the right usage.                  Past Tense (he saw a snake) is the right usage.
84. (4) No improvement                                        102. (2) Past Perfect Tense (had studied) is the right usage.
85. (2) As there is no Aux.V. in the sentence, often will          The sentence shows an unfulfilled condition.
    come before the Verb-comes.                               103. (4) No improvement
    Hence, often comes is the right usage.                         bear up (Phr.V.) : to remain as cheerful as possible
86. (2) The Subject (participating members) is Plural.             during a difficult time.
    So, teacher will be used.                                      bear down (Phr.V.) : to move quickly towards some-
    Hence, Mathematics teachers is the right usage.                body/something in a determined or threatening way