1280. He was a hopeless doctor if             (1) No one were there on                     (3) existed in unhappiness
      ever I saw one.                         (2) No one was on there                      (4) No improvement
      (1) if I ever saw                       (3) None was there on                1299. The Internet has totally
      (2) if I saw     (3) if I see           (4) No improvement                           changed the world like no other
      (4) No improvement                1290. I was first to reach the college             technology before it.
1281. If I would have known the truth         today.                                       (1) revolutionised
      I would have admitted it.               (1) I was the first to reach                 (2) reformed
      (1) had known                           (2) I firstly reached                        (3) radicalised
      (2) have known                          (3) I did reach first                        (4) No improvement
      (3) know                                (4) No improvement                   1300. To emend a piece of writing
      (4) No improvement                1291. Life offers myriad choices, isn’t            means to remove mistakes from
1282. Members usually meet in one             it?                                          it.
      another’s homes.                        (1) shouldn’t it?                            (1) amend
      (1) anothers’s                          (2) does it?                                 (2) edit
      (2) each another’s                      (3) doesn’t it?                              (3) rephrase
      (3) every other’s                       (4) No improvement                           (4) No improvement
      (4) No improvement                1292. The proposal was full of ‘if’ and    1301. If I were you I’d kill him.
1283. Ramu, Shyamu and Abdul came             ‘but’ that I seriously doubted               (1) I will kill
      forward one after the others.           whether the stadium would ever               (2) I should kill
      (1) one after others                    be built.                                    (3) I must kill
      (2) one after the other                 (1) ‘ifs’ and ‘but’                          (4) No improvement
      (3) after one other                     (2) ‘ifs’ and ‘butts’                        Directions (1302-1306) : In the
      (4) No improvement                      (3) ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’                 following questions, a part of the
1284. Your father is among the other          (4) No improvement                   sentence is printed in bold. Below are
      things a private person.          1293. We insist on you leaving the         given alternatives to the bold part at
      (1) of the other things                 meeting immediately.                 (1), (2) and (3) which may improve the
      (2) among other things                  (1) you to leave                     sentence. Choose the correct alternative.
                                              (2) your leaving                     In case no improvement is needed,
      (3) among the others
                                              (3) you leave                        your answer is (4).
      (4) No improvement
                                              (4) No improvement                                      (SSC Multi-Tasking Staff
1285. The aggressive response after                                                              Exam. 30.04.2017 (Ist Sitting)
      the peace summit made no          1294. The reason why the magazine
                                              sells so well is because it is writ- 1302. The hill is too high for climbing.
      sense of the call for moderation.                                                    (1) to climb
                                              ten in a pleasant style.
      (1) made nonsense of                                                                 (2) for going up
                                              (1) for
      (2) made no sense to                                                                 (3) for climbing up
                                              (2) since
      (3) make no sense to                                                                 (4) No improvement
                                              (3) that
      (4) No improvement                                                           1303. I can always count on him in
                                              (4) No improvement
1286. She was completely non-                                                              times of difficulty.
                                        1295. The girl to whom he got mar-
      plussed by the erratic behaviour                                                     (1) count him on
                                              ried to is an actress.
      of her father.                                                                       (2) count on he
                                              (1) got married with
      (1) completely plussed                                                               (3) count at him
                                              (2) got married
      (2) completely no-nonplussed                                                         (4) No improvement
                                              (3) got betrothed in
      (3) entirely not nonplussed                                                  1304. The economic environment is of
                                              (4) No improvement
      (4) No improvement                                                                   late co nd uci ve fo r major
                                        1296. The fugitive was finally stopped
1287. Twelve workers were killed in                                                        political changes.
                                              at the airport.
      the conflict between two trade                                                       (1) conducive about
                                              (1) compromised
      unions.                                                                              (2) conducive to
                                              (2) comprehended
      (1) quarrel                                                                          (3) conducive with
                                              (3) apprehended
      (2) clash                                                                            (4) No improvement
                                              (4) No improvement
      (3) confrontation                                                            1305. My interest in Physics has de-
                                        1297. He performed below par in the
      (4) No improvement                                                                   creased.
1288. The match was so very ordi-                                                          (1) has been deceased
                                              (1) par below
      nary after all the hype gener-                                                       (2) has shortened
                                              (2) poorly
      ated by the fans.                                                                    (3) has diminished
                                              (3) below parr
      (1) very ordinary                                                                    (4) No improvement
                                              (4) No improvement
      (2) nothing to write home about                                              1306. There was a few drop of rain.
                                        1298. She was unhappy even after she
      (3) so ordinary                         married into an accommodative                (1) were a few drop
      (4) No improvement                      and caring family.                           (2) were a few drops
1289. No one was there on the plat-           (1) remained unhappy                         (3) was a few drops
      form after the train had left.          (2) continued her sadness                    (4) No improvement