1134. He confidently asked the crowd           (3) been consulting                     (3) all of her three sisters
      if they thought he was right and         (4) No improvement                      (4) No improvement
      the crowd shouted that they        1143. One of my drawbacks is that I    1151. Call in this evening, if you can,
      did.                                     did not have tolerance of               I have something important to
      (1) that he did                          ambiguity.                              discuss.
      (2) that they had                        (1) did not had                         (1) called in
      (3) that he is                           (2) do not have                         (2) call off
      (4) No improvement                       (3) am not                              (3) call for
1135. The District Collector gave up           (4) No improvement                      (4) No improvement
      the prizes to the winners at the   1144. Before I could stop him, the boy 1152. No sooner had he entered the
      end of the function.                     was throwing the box down the           room when the lights went out
      (1) give up                              stairs.                                 and everybody began to scream.
      (2) gave away                            (1) were throwing                       (1) than the lights went out
      (3) gave back                            (2) threw                               (2) and the lights went out
      (4) No improvement                       (3) did throw                           (3) then the lights went out
1136. The use of radar as well as two-         (4) No improvement                      (4) No improvement
      way radio paging make it           1145. The tea estate is in such a mess 1153. My father is suffering from
      possible for State Police to             there is no one to set things           diabetes for the past three
      intercept most speeders.                 right.                                  years.
      (1) makes it possible                    (1) in a mess there                     (1) is suffer
      (2) allows the possibility               (2) in a such mess that there           (2) has been suffering
      (3) making possible                      (3) in such a mess that there           (3) has suffered
      (4) No improvement                       (4) No improvement                      (4) No improvement
1137. However, great you may be, you     1146. I am sure that he has recovered  1154. The train was late for fifty
      cannot trifle on a man’s feelings.       from his illness and he will            minutes.
      (1) trifle along                         accompany us to the picnic              (1) from
      (2) trifle upon                          spot.                                   (2) by
      (3) trifle with                          (1) and he will company                 (3) around
      (4) No improvement                       (2) and that he will accompany          (4) No improvement
1138. The alarming report of the               (3) but he will accompany        1155. I was shocked to learn that no
      building collapse had everyone           (4) No improvement                      one was knowing where the files
      spellbound.                        1147. Because of his ill health, the          were kept.
      (1) alarmed report                       doctor has advised him “not to          (1) was known
      (2) reporting alarm                      refrain” from smoking.                  (2) knew
      (3) reported alarm                       (1) not to refrained                    (3) had been known
      (4) No improvement                       (2) to resort to                        (4) No improvement
1139. One day you will repent on what          (3) to refrain                          Directions (1156–1160) : In
      you have done.                           (4) No improvement               each of the following questions, a sen-
      (1) into         (2) for           1148. The moment the manager came      tence/ a part of the sentence is print-
      (3) about                                to know of the fraudulent action ed in bold. Four alternatives are given
      (4) No improvement                       of his assistant, he order im-   to the bold part which will improve
1140. If neither of them are to be             mediately dismissed him.         the sentence. Choose the correct alter-
      trusted it is not at all advisable       (1) order immediate dismissed    native as your answer. In case no im-
      to invest further.                           him                          provement is needed, choose the op-
      (1) were to be trusted                   (2) ordered his immediate        tion corresponding to “No improve-
      (2) has to be trusted                        dismissal                    ment”.
      (3) is to be trusted                     (3) immediately order dismissal                      (SSC CGL Tier-I (CBE)
                                                   of his                                    Exam. 28.08.2016 (Ist sitting)
      (4) No improvement
                                               (4) No improvement               1156. She took the cycle which he
1141. The man who has committed                                                        bought yesterday.
      such a serious crime must get      1149. They feel very proudly that
                                               their team had won the match.           (1) that he bought yesterday
      the mostly severe punishment.
                                               (1) feels very proud                    (2) that he had bought yesterday
      (1) got the mostly severely
                                               (2) felt very pride                     (3) that he has bought yesterday
      (2) get the most severe
                                               (3) felt very proud                     (4) No Improvement
      (3) have got the most severely
                                               (4) No improvement               1157. I must say to a feeling of
      (4) No improvement
1142. I have been telling her that she   1150. She was more beautiful than
                                               either of her three sisters.            (1) confess
      better consulted a good doctor.
                                               (1) either of her three sister          (2) connive
      (1) consulting
                                               (2) any of her three sisters            (3) utter
      (2) consult
                                                                                       (4) No Improvement