bold part, choose the correct option             (1) Beside, Rahul plays cricket          (1) are greater than that of any
which may improve the sentence. In                   and tennis as well.                      other towns in India.
case no improvement is required,                 (2) Besides, cricket Rahul plays         (2) is greater than all other town
choose No improvement.                               tennis as well.                          in India.
                    (SSC CGL Tier-II (CBE)       (3) Besides, Rahul plays cricket         (3) is greater than that of any
                       Exam. 01.12.2016)             and tennis as well.                      other town in India.
1112. She insisted to go there, though           (4) No improvement                       (4) No improvement
      her husband cautioned her on         1121. Two of the biggest corporate      1129. My teacher forbade me to use
      it.                                        firms in the world are Apple and         mobile phone in the class.
      (1) on going                               IBM which both are in the                (1) forbade me not to use
      (2) upon going                             computer business.                       (2) forbid me not to use
      (3) going                                  (1) which are both                       (3) forbade me using
      (4) No improvement                         (2) both of which are                    (4) No improvement
1113. I started lending books from the           (3) which are
      library.                                                                     1130. From all accounts she is the
                                                 (4) No improvement                       best and honest student of the
      (1) borrowing                        1122. I’ ve been to a few of his talks         class.
      (2) lending of                             but understood little of what            (1) she is the best and most
      (3) loan of                                he has said.                                 honest student of the class.
      (4) No improvement                         (1) little of what he said               (2) the best and honest student
1114. You will come to my party                  (2) a little of what he has said             of the class is she.
      tomorrow, will you?                        (3) little of what he has talked         (3) she is honest and best
      (1) isn"t it?                              (4) No improvement                           student of the class.
      (2) will not you?                    1123. I welcome all the delegates on           (4) No improvement
      (3) won"t you?                             behalf of ABC corporation.
                                                                                   1131. Not only the robbers robbed
      (4) No improvement                         (1) on the account of                    the tourist of his purse but they
1115. There was a roll of drums?                 (2) on the parts of                      also wounded him grievously.
      (1) role                                   (3) for                                  (1) Not only did robbers robbed
      (2) droll                                  (4) No improvement                       (2) Not only the robbers rob
      (3) troll                            1124. Any of these two options could           (3) Not only did the robbers rob
      (4) No improvement                         be the correct answer.
                                                                                          (4) No improvement
1116. Bacteria is the most common                (1) Either one of
                                                                                   1132. The meeting adjourned
      form of life.                              (2) Any two of
                                                                                          abruptly by the chairperson
      (1) Bacteria are                           (3) Either of                            after about an hour of intense
      (2) Bacterium are                          (4) No improvement                       deliberation.
      (3) Bacteria was                     1125. Several ministers have been              (1) The meeting was adjourned
      (4) No improvement                         expected to meet the people                  abruptly
1117. Everyone was moved with tears              tomorrow.
                                                                                          (2) The meeting was abruptly
      at his sad story.                          (1) have been expectant                      adjourned
      (1) moved by                               (2) have been expecting                  (3) The meeting was adjourned
      (2) moved to                               (3) are expected                             abrupt
      (3) moved in                               (4) No improvement                       (4) No Improvement
      (4) No improvement                   1126. Looking forward to meet you       1133. How long were you learning
1118. He behaves as if he is the                 in Kochi.                                English for ?
      supreme leader.                            (1) to be meeting you                    (1) How long have been you
      (1) as he is                               (2) to meeting you                           learning English?
      (2) as if he were                          (3) meeting with you                     (2) How long have you been
      (3) as if he was                           (4) No improvement                           learning English?
      (4) No improvement                   1127. Rafeek introduced me to his              (3) How long have you been
1119. She stopped and said that she              friend who is both a scientist               learning English for?
      had forgotten taking the key               and a musician.                          (4) No improvement
      from the keyhole.                          (1) scientist-musician friend.           Directions (1134–1155) : In
      (1) forgot taking the key from             (2) friend, who is a scientist as the following questions, a part of the
      (2) forgot to take the key off                 well as musician.             sentence is given in bold. Out of the
          from                                   (3) friend who is scientist and   four options which follow, choose the
      (3) had forgotten to take the key              musician together.            correct option which may improve the
          from                                   (4) No improvement                sentence. In case no improvement is
      (4) No improvement                   1128. The last census tells us that the required, choose No improvement.
1120. Beside cricket Rahul plays                 population of Calcutta is greater                 (SSC CAPFs SI, ASI Online
      tennis as well.                            that any other town in India.                             Exam. 18.12.2016)