(1) at constructing                       (2) he have known them, begin             (3) Herself she see the thief.
       (2) to constructing                           to quickly swim                       (4) No improvement
       (3) stopped constructing                  (3) he knew them, began to swim    1104. My parents will reach Delhi by
       (4) No improvement                            quickly                               Monday next.
1088. Not having practised his lines he          (4) No improvement                        (1) are reaching
       cut an angry figure on the stage    1095. Having run here and there in              (2) will have reached
       (1) cut a confused figure                 rage, he stood defeated, his cries        (3) were reaching
       (2) cut a sorry face                      suppressed into sobs.                     (4) No improvement
       (3) cut a sorry figure                    (1) to and fro
                                                                                    1105. I think so she will come to the
                                                 (2) helter-skelter                        party.
       (4) No improvement
                                                 (3) far and wide
1089. My brother would gladly given                                                        (1) So I think she will come to
                                                 (4) No improvement                        the party.
       you his car if you had asked him.
                                           1096. Forewarned is forearmed.
       (1) would gladly give                                                               (2) I am thinking she will come
                                                 (1) For warned is forearmed.              to the party.
       (2) would have gladly given
                                                 (2) Before warned is forearmed.
       (3) would gladly gave                                                               (3) I think she will come to the
                                                 (3) Forewarned is for armed.              party.
       (4) No improvement                        (4) No improvement
       Directions (1090-1111) : In                                                         (4) No improvement
                                           1097. Usain Bolt is second to one as
each of the following questions, a                                                  1106. Old habit die hardly.
                                                 an athlete.
sentence / a part of sentence is printed         (1) second to no one                      (1) Old habits die hardly.
in bold. Below are given alternatives                                                      (2) Old habits die hard.
                                                 (2) second to none
to the bold part which may improve                                                         (3) Older habits die too hard.
                                                 (3) none of second
the sentence. Choose the correct
                                                 (4) No improvement                        (4) No improvement
alternative. In case no improvement is
                                           1098. He spoke as though his throat      1107. The burglar broke in the shop
required, choose No improvement.
                                                 had had suffered an injury.               last night.
                   (SSC CGL Tier-II (CBE)
                        Exam. 30.11.2016)        (1) has had                               (1) broke
1090. The student told her teacher to            (2) had                                   (2) broke through
       explain the passage.                      (3) would have                            (3) broke into
       (1) asked her teacher                     (4) No improvement                        (4) No improvement
       (2) said to her teacher             1099. All the family members of his      1108. Nida was to o clever to see
                                                 are in Ernakulam.                         through his tricks.
       (3) conveyed to her teacher
                                                 (1) All the members of his family         (1) see his tricks.
       (4) No improvement
                                                 (2) All his family members                (2) see into his tricks.
1091. Ram cooked a conspiracy to
                                                 (3) All of his family members
       cheat Abdul.                                                                        (3) see over his tricks.
                                                 (4) No improvement
       (1) cultivated                                                                      (4) No improvement
                                           1100. We are witnessing not triumph
       (2) hatched                               but the breakdown of               1109. Teachers are exemplary to the
       (3) fabricated                            democracy.                                virtues of middle class.
       (4) No improvement                        (1) not the triumph but break-            (1) exemplify
1092. Raja is a bad singer, he is tone-              down                                  (2) are examples to
       deaf.                                     (2) not the triumph but the break-        (3) exemplificate
       (1) stonedeaf                                 down                                  (4) No improvement
       (2) deaf                                  (3) not triumph but breakdown      1110. The revolt of 1857 happened
       (3) tune-deaf                             (4) No improvement                        during the rein of Bahadur Shah
       (4) No improvement                  1101. Woe betide the youngster who              Zafar.
1093. Whether we realise or not we               is less than respectful.                  (1) in the rein off
       are conti nuo usly maki ng                (1) Woes beside                           (2) in the reign of
       choices every moment of our               (2) Woe beside                            (3) during the reign of
       lives.                                    (3) Woes betide                           (4) No improvement
       (1) comprehensively                       (4) No improvement                 1111. We were introduced to each
       (2) comparatively                   1102. My office is within a stone’s             other by a mutual friend.
       (3) constantly                            throw from the university.                (1) through a mutual friend.
       (4) No improvement                        (1) in a stone’s throw                    (2) by a common friend.
                                                 (2) within a stone throw                  (3) by mutual friends.
1094. One night they sank through the
       shiny water, and for the first time       (3) at a stone’s throw                    (4) No improvement
       since he has known them, began            (4) No improvement                        Directions (1112–1133) : In
       to quickly swim.                    1103. Herself saw the thief.             the following questions, a sentence/a
       (1) he had known them, began              (1) Herself she saw the thief.     part of the sentence is given in bold.
           to swim quickly.                      (2) She herself saw the thief.     Out of the four options given to the