ment is required, choose “No improve-     991. You must accustom yourself                   (3) cut a sorry figure
ment”.                                           with new ideas.                            (4) No improvement
         (SSC (10+2) Stenographer Grade          (1) accustom to                           Directions (998–1002) : In each of
              "C" & "D" Exam. 31.07.2016)        (2) accustom yourself to             the following questions, a sentence/ a
982. Will you lend me few rupees in              (3) accustomed with                  part of the sentence is printed in bold.
     this hour of need ?                         (4) No improvement                   Four alternatives are given to the bold
     (1) lend me any rupees                      Directions (992–996) : In each of    part which will improve the sentence.
     (2) lend me a few rupees             the following questions, a sentence/part    Choose the correct alternative corre-
     (3) borrow me a few rupees           of the sentence is printed in bold. Four    sponding to it. In case no improvement
     (4) No improvement                   alternatives are given to the bold part     is needed, choose the option corre-
983. The car with a burst tyre halted     which will improve the sentence. Choose     sponding to “No improvement”.
     swiftly.                             the correct alternative. In case no                               (SSC CGL Tier-I (CBE)
     (1) stopped fastly                   improvement is needed, select option                    Exam. 28.08.2016 (IInd sitting)
     (2) jolted to a halt                 corresponding to “No improvement”.          998.    You must complete this work up
     (3) stopped quick                                        (SSC CGL Tier-I (CBE)           to Sunday.
     (4) No improvement                                Exam. 27.08.2016 (Ist sitting)         (1) within Sunday
984. Many incidents of the last month     992. Each self is unique, and therefore             (2) by Sunday
     seem unimportant when viewed                cannot be compared.                          (3) on to Sunday
     in perception.                              (1) incomparable                             (4) No improvement
     (1) perceptive                              (2) non-comparable                   999. Hole wheat bread is good for
     (2) perspective                             (3) incomparably                             health.
     (3) prospective                             (4) No improvement                           (1) Whole
     (4) No improvement                   993. Shall I sit between you at the                 (2) Healthy
985. The youths jostled their way in             concert?                                     (3) Holed
     the crowd.                                  (1) beside       (2) besides                 (4) No improvement
     (1) through                                 (3) next                             1000. She has no pen to write.
     (2) among                                   (4) No improvement                           (1) write with
     (3) over                             994. No one other reason than                       (2) write at
     (4) No improvement                          poverty is hampering India’s                 (3) write in
986. What is wrong with the argument             progress.                                    (4) No improvement
     is that even if the two premises            (1) No other
     are true, then the conclusion                                                    1001. He dislikes the word, isn’t he ?
                                                 (2) None other                               (1) doesn’t he ?
     isn’t necessarily true.
                                                 (3) No another                               (2) didn’t he ?
     (1) the conclusion is false
                                                 (4) No improvement                           (3) does he ?
     (2) the conclusions aren’t
                                          995. The custom has took root in the                (4) No improvement
          necessarily true
     (3) the conclusion will be true                                                  1002. He is one of those who likes to
                                                 (1) taken root                               help others.
     (4) No improvement
                                                 (2) take root                                (1) those persons who like to
987. He is entitled to a reward for
                                                 (3) takes root                                   help others
     (1) entitle to     (2) entitled             (4) No improvement                           (2) those who like to help the
     (3) titled                           996. We will take care of your children                 other
                                                 when you are away at Mumbai.                 (3) those who like to help others
     (4) No improvement
                                                 (1) be looking for                           (4) No improvement
988. The sight chosen for the school
     building is good.                           (2) look after                               Directions (1003 – 1007) : In
     (1) eye-sight      (2) side                 (3) take care after                  each of the following questions, a sen-
     (3) site                                    (4) No improvement                   tence/a part of the sentence is print-
     (4) No improvement                          Directio ns (997) : In this          ed in bold. Four alternatives are given
989. The matter must be considered        question, a sentence or a part of           to the bold part which will improve the
     in every point of view.              sentence is printed in bold. Below are      sentence. Choose the correct alternative
     (1) at every                         given alternatives to the bold part         corresponding to it. In case no improve-
     (2) on every                         which may improve the sentence.             ment is needed, choose the option cor-
     (3) from every                       Choose the correct alternative. In case     responding to “No improvement”.
     (4) No improvement                   no impro vement is needed, yo ur                                  (SSC CGL Tier-I (CBE)
                                          answer is No improvement.                               Exam. 29.08.2016 (IInd sitting)
990. The poor villagers have waited
                                                              (SSC CGL Tier-I (CBE)   1003. She has that rare character - the
     in the bitter cold for more than
                                                      Exam. 27.08.2016 (IInd sitting)         ability to listen to people.
     two hours now.
                                          997. She cut a sad figure in her first              (1) rare ear
     (1) had waited
                                                 performance on the stage.                    (2) rare characteristic
     (2) have been waiting
                                                 (1) made a sorry figure                      (3) rare sense
     (3) has been waiting
                                                 (2) cut a sorry face                         (4) No improvement
     (4) No improvement