842. They were being commanded to          849. The two thieves distributed the   860. All these events are associated
      wait till the signal was given.           loot between themselves.               like links in a chain.
      (1) commanded                             (1) with themselves                    (1) attached
      (2) command                               (2) amongst themselves                 (2) bracketed
      (3) given command                         (3) among themselves                   (3) No improvement
      (4) No Improvement                        (4) No improvement
843. River Damodar in West Bengal                                                      (4) concatenated
                                           850. The equipment were faulty.
      carry the effluents from the Dur-                                           861. She is improving her pronuncia-
                                                (1) equipment were                     tion of English with a view to
      gapur Industrial complex for
                                                (2) equipments are
      miles.                                                                           become a newsreader.
      (1) No Improvement                        (3) equipment was
                                                                                       (1) No improvement
      (2) carries the effluents                 (4) No improvement                     (2) be becoming
      (3) carries the effluence            851. Plants cannot grow without             (3) have become
      (4) carried the effluents                 sunshine.
                                                                                       (4) becoming
844. The climate of Shillong is some-           (1) No improvement
                                                                                  862. The kingfisher is a bird found-
      what like Kohima.                         (2) Plants can thrive in the sun.
                                                                                       ed most in the Eastern Hemi-
      (1) as Kohima                             (3) Plants canno t grow on a           sphere, especially in the south-
      (2) as Kohima’s                               cloudy day.
                                                                                       east Asian countries.
      (3) No Improvement                        (4) Plants do not live in dark-
                                                                                       (1) a bird find mostly
      (4) like Kohima’s                             ness.
                                                                                       (2) a bird mostly founded
845. John decided to go to the Advo-       852. The gold is a precious metal.
      cate General to clear his name                                                   (3) a bird found mostly
                                                (1) No improvement
      of the accusation.                        (2) A gold                             (4) No improvement
      (1) to clean his name                     (3) An old                        863. Instead of his hard work, he did
      (2) to cleared his name                   (4) Gold                               not succeed.
      (3) to wash his name                 853. Old habits die hardly.                 (1) Inspite of
      (4) No Improvement                                                               (2) In case of
                                                (1) No improvement
 846. He could not be able to think
                                                (2) die much hardly                    (3) In respect of
      logically because of his illness.
                                                (3) die hard                           (4) No improvement
      (1) was not able
      (2) No Improvement                        (4) die too hard                  864. Seeing no way to escape, the
      (3) cannot be able                   854. He is known by others.                 thief suited to the Inspector.
      (4) can be unable                         (1) for      (2) among                 (1) shooted
    Directions (847–865) : In the fol-          (3) to       (4) No improvement        (2) surrendered
lowing questions, a sentence/a part of     855. They tried to win control of the       (3) supplied
the sentence is written in bold. Be-            company from their step broth-
low are given alternatives to the bold          ers.                                   (4) No improvement
part which may improve the sen-                 (1) inherit (2) swindle           865. If you want to catch the first
tence. Choose the correct alternative.                                                 flight you may leave now.
                                                (3) wrest    (4) No improvement
In case no improvement is needed,                                                      (1) must
choose No Improvement.                     856. Mr. Bharath was a professor
                                                whom all students respected.           (2) ought to
         (SSC CAPFs SI, CISF ASI & Delhi
                                                (1) looked up to                       (3) No improvement
                Police SI Exam, 30.08.2015
                           TF No. 4039770)      (2) looked up                          (4) could
847. He only married her for her                (3) No improvement                866. Manoj is so credible that he im-
      money.                                    (4) looked over                        mediately believed my story.
      (1) He married her for her mon-      857. The criminal must be killed.           (1) No improvement
          ey only.                              (1) hanged (2) murdered                (2) credulous
      (2) He married her only for her           (3) hung     (4) No improvement        (3) innocent
          money.                           858. My daughter is going to take her
      (3) No improvement                                                               (4) creditable
                                                final examination next month.
      (4) Only for her money he mar-            (1) under take                    867. Thomas Caffall the gunman kill-
          ried her.                                                                    ing two persons near the Texas
                                                (2) No improvement
848. Please send the letter on the ad-                                                 A & M University, asked forgive-
                                                (3) appear
      dress given below.                        (4) give                               ness for shooting the officers.
      (1) to                                                                           (1) who killed
                                           859. My father advised me to shun
      (2) No improvement                                                               (2) who has killed
                                                bad peers.
      (3) at                                    (1) escape (2) leave                   (3) No improvement
      (4) upon                                  (3) avoid    (4) No improvement        (4) who had killed