795. Sunil was acting strange when I           802. The university asked him to re-              (1) No improvement
      saw him.                                       turn back the funds allotted for            (2) digestion of contaminated
      (1) strangely                                  the project.                                (3) injection of contaminated
      (2) stranger                                   (1) No improvement                          (4) passage of contaminated
      (3) more strange                               (2) to bring back the funds           810. He lives far from the station.
      (4) No improvement                             (3) to settle the funds                     (1) No improvement
                                                     (4) to return the funds                     (2) away from the station
796. I shall not go until I am invited.        803. He learnt the lesson with great
                                                                                                 (3) a long way from the station
      (1) till        (2) whether                    care.
                                                                                                 (4) off the station
      (3) unless (4) No improvement                  (1) carefully
                                                                                           811. Mumbai is famous because of its
      Directions (797–801) : In the fol-             (2) carelessly
lowing questions, a part of the sentence             (3) with care
                                                     (4) No improvement                          (1) No improvement
is printed in bold. Below are given al-
                                               804. No one cared for the boy after               (2) at              (3) in
ternatives to the bold part at (1), (2),
                                                     his father died.                            (4) for
(3) which may improve the sentence.
Choose the correct alternative. In case              (1) cared for the boy since his       812. They spoke about the weather.
no improvement is needed, your an-                       father died                             (1) No improvement
swer is (4).                                         (2) No improvement                          (2) said
         (SSC CAPFs SI, CISF ASI & Delhi             (3) took the boy for care after his         (3) talked
                Police SI Exam, 21.06.2015           father’s death                              (4) expressed
               (Ist Sitting) TF No. 8037731)         (4) took care of the boy after his    813. Mr. Mukherjee knows ten lan-
797. The workers should have been                    father died                                 guages, isn’t it ?
      more meticulous.                         805. He insisted to go with me.                   (1) No improvement
      (1) committed                                  (1) insisted upon going                     (2) doesn’t Mr. Mukherjee ?
      (2) precise                                    (2) agreed to go                            (3) hasn’t he ?
      (3) No improvement                             (3) No improvement                          (4) doesn’t he ?
      (4) punctual                                   (4) insisted that he should go
                                                                                           814. It’s high time that you go home.
798. I was angry at myself for mak-            806. The hawk said that the pigeons
                                                                                                 (1) No improvement
      ing such a big mistake.                        and dove are meat birds.
                                                                                                 (2) are going
      (1) with                                       (1) No improvement
                                                     (2) meek birds                              (3) went
      (2) about
                                                     (3) meet birds                              (4) gone
      (3) No improvement
                                                     (4) weak birds                        815. Drinking tea is an English habit.
      (4) on
                                                    Directions (807-816) : In the fol-           (1) No improvement
799. Torture and trauma has made
      her a mental patient.                    lowing questions, a sentence/ part of             (2) tradition
      (1) No improvement                       the sentence is printed in bold. Below            (3) convention
      (2) lunatic                              are given alternatives to the bold sen-           (4) custom
                                               tence/part of the sentence at which         816.He is wanting in a little common
      (3) mania
                                               may improve the sentence. Choose the              sense.
      (4) mad
                                               correct alternative. In case no improve-          (1) No improvement
800. She is very eccentric woman.              ment is needed, your answer is No Im-
      (1) impatient                                                                              (2) lacks
      (2) No improvement                                                                         (3) is lacking in
                                                       (SSC CGL Tier-I Exam, 09.08.2015
      (3) unusual                                            (Ist Sitting) TF No. 1443088)       (4) needs some
      (4) generous                             807. The second pigeon flew just as               Directions (817–826) : In the fol-
801. The chickens in his farm are fat-               the first pigeon had flown.           lowing questions, a sentence/ part of
      ted up nicely.                                                                       the sentence is printed in bold. Below
                                                     (1) No improvement
      (1) are fattened                                                                     are given alternatives to the bold sen-
                                                     (2) one had done
                                                                                           tence/part of the sentence at (1), (2)
      (2) are fattening                              (3) one had flown away                and (3) which may improve the sen-
      (3) are fattying                               (4) had done                          tence. Choose the correct alternative.
      (4) No improvement                       808. The old man has acquired expe-         In case no improvement is needed,
     Directions (802–806) : In the fol-              rience through age.                   your answer is (4).
lowing five questions, a part of the sen-            (1) No improvement                            (SSC CGL Tier-I Exam, 09.08.2015
tence is printed in bold. Below are giv-             (2) developed experience                            (IInd Sitting) TF No. 4239378)
en alternatives to the bold part which               (3) experienced                       817. We do not believe in a dual poli-
may improve the sentence. Choose the                 (4) got experience                          cy of the company.
correct alternatives. In case no improve-
                                               809. Water and soil pollutants find               (1) in this dual
ment is needed your answer is (4).
                                                     their entry into the body through           (2) in these dual
         (SSC CAPFs SI, CISF ASI & Delhi
                                                     ingestion of contaminated wa-               (3) on these dual
                Police SI Exam, 21.06.2015
                                                     ter or food.                                (4) No improvement
                                 IInd Sitting)