Directions (770–774) : In the fol-   778. They prevented me from danger.     785. The Chief Minister has promised
lowing questions, a part of the sentence        (1) was preventing                      to commit his department to a
is printed in bold. Below are given al-         (2) were preventing                     renewed effort to clean up the en-
ternatives to the bold part at (1), (2),                                                vironment.
                                                (3) protected
(3) which may improve the sentence.                                                     (1) administration
                                                (4) No improvement
Choose the correct alternative. In case                                                 (2) departmental
no improvement is needed. Your an-         779. The room is smoky.
                                                                                        (3) workers
swer is (4).                                    (1) by smokes
           (SSC CHSL (10+2) DEO & LDC           (2) filled with smoke                   (4) No improvement
           Exam. 16.11.2014, IInd Sitting       (3) with smokes                    786. Both himself and his relations will
                          TF No. 545 QP 6)                                              be invited.
770. Renuka availed herself of all the          (4) No improvement
      leave to her credit.                 780. I really enjoyed the way the fash-      (1) you      (2) she
      (1) availed of (2) availed                ion show was executed and 1 also        (3) he       (4) No improvement
      (3) availed to                            very much liked its theme.         787. As I am suffering from fever so
                                                (1) its theme conveyed                  grant me leave for two days.
      (4) No improvement
                                                (2) and the executing of the fash-      (1) and grant me
771. One of my friends are going to                 ion shows theme                     (2) please grant me
      Mumbai tomorrow.                          (3) I really liked its theme            (3) grant myself
      (1) will     (2) is                       (4) No improvement                      (4) No improvement
      (3) has been (4) No improvement      781. Ronald might fail the test, in     788. A man’s life is divided to four
772. I want you to clearly understand           which point he’d re-sit it next
      that excuses will not do.                                                         stages.
      (1) you clearly to understand                                                     (1) into     (2) as
                                                (1) Ronald might fail the test, in
      (2) to clearly understand you                 which time he’d re-sit it next      (3) of       (4) No improvement
      (3) you to understand clearly                 year.                          789. On saw the mother, the child
      (4) No improvement                                                                smiled sweetly.
                                                (2) Ronald might failed the test,
773. I sat down to do my assignment.                                                    (1) On seeing
                                                    in which point he’d re-sit it
      Instead of that, I watched a
                                                    next year.                          (2) On having seen
      (1) I watched a movie instead             (3) Ronald might fail the test, in      (3) On seen
      (2) and I watched a movie                     which case he’d re-sit it next      (4) No improvement
      (3) I began watching a movie                  year.                          790. The three daughters divided the
      (4) No improvement                        (4) No improvement                      property between themselves.
774. The train was late for fifty minutes. 782. He saw looking through the win-         (1) for      (2) to
      (1) behind (2) by                         dow, the beggar standing right
      (3) around (4) No improvement                                                     (3) among    (4) No improvement
     Directions (775–796) : In the fol-         (1) He saw the beggar looking      791. He did not give me some books.
lowing questions, a sentence/part of                through the window standing         (1) more     (2) any
the sentence is printed in bold. Below
                                                    right down there.                   (3) much     (4) No improvement
are given alternatives to the bold sen-
tence/part of the sentence at (1), (2)          (2) He, looking through the win-   792. We saw one tiger approached to
and (3) which may improve the sen-                  dow, saw the beggar stand-          us.
tence. Choose the correct alternative.              ing right down there.               (1) approaching to us
In case no improvement is needed, your          (3) Looking through the window,         (2) approaching us
answer is (4).                                      he saw the beggar standing
                                                                                        (3) approaching towards us
        (SSC CGL Tier-II Exam.12.04.2015            right there.
          Kolkata Region, TF No. 315 RI 3)
                                                                                        (4) No improvement
                                                (4) No improvement                 793. There were so many children at
775. The train is running late time.       783. Only a smaller number of stu-           the party that it was hardly im-
      (1) after    (2) behind                   dents participated in the 15th          possible to keep a count.
      (3) off      (4) No improvement           August celebration at school.           (1) hardly possible for keeping
776. When the party ended, the band             (1) constricted                         (2) hardly impossible keeping
      pack up its equipment and left.           (2) little
      (1) will pack up                                                                  (3) hardly possible to keep
                                                (3) a few                               (4) No improvement
      (2) will have packed up
                                                (4) No improvement                 794. 1 am the secretary of the sports
      (3) packed up
      (4) No improvement                   784. The chairs will be disposed in an       club since its formation five years
777. I made a lecture.                          auction.                                ago.
      (1) will make                             (1) disposed off                        (1) was
      (2) gave                                  (2) disposed of                         (2) have been
      (3) would make                            (3) dispose towards                     (3) had been
      (4) No improvement                        (4) No improvement                      (4) No improvement