730. Everyone of this girls is beauti-        738. The woman is waiting to see        745. I hadn’t heard from him for near-
       ful.                                         you looks rather angry.                 ly ten years in which time I had
       (1) that        (2) the                      (1) The women whose waiting to          got married and had two chil-
       (3) these       (4) No Improvement               see you looks rather angry          dren.
 731. Water drawn from a municipal                  (2) The women who is waiting see        (1) I hadn’t heard of him for near-
       reservoir or a private well, is like-            you looks rather angry                  ly ten years, during which
       ly to contain traces of minerals             (3) The woman who is waiting to             point I had got married and
       or bacteria.                                     see you looks rather angry              had two children
       (1) village tank                             (4) No improvement                      (2) I hadn’t heard of him for near-
       (2) No Improvement                      739. If you are a cricket fan, make              ly ten years, in which point I
       (3) public tank                              sure you are witness the grand              had got married
       (4) private tank                             opening ceremony today.                 (3) I hadn’t heard for him for
 732. Tax–payers are to be conscious                (1) you witnessed                           nearly ten years, in which
       of their privileges.                                                                     case I had got married
                                                    (2) you witnessing
       (1) might
                                                    (3) you witness                         (4) No improvement
       (2) have to
                                                    (4) No improvement                 746. Our progress was slow because
       (3) No Improvement
                                               740. Gauri was for waiting for Hema          of having to search for them at
       (4) could
                                                    and I.                                  frequent intervals.
      Directions (733-754) : In each of
                                                    (1) Gauri was waiting for Hema          (1) at having
the following questions, a part of the
sentence is printed in bold. Below are                  and me                              (2) through having
given alternatives to the bold part at              (2) Gauri were waiting for Hema         (3) in having
(1), (2), (3) which may improve the sen-                and me                              (4) No improvement
tence. Choose the correct alternative.              (3) Gauri were waiting for Hema    747. One day a wonderful plate of
In case no improvement is needed                        and I                               gold fell into the courtyard of a
your answer is (4).                                 (4) No improvement                      temple from Heaven at Banaras.
           (SSC CAPFs SI, CISF ASI & Delhi     741. The doctor made no farther com-         (1) One day at Banaras a won-
                  Police SI Exam. 28.09.2014
                                                    ment to justify his action.                 derful plate of gold fell into the
                             (TF No. 482 RN 5)
                                                    (1) The doctor made no farther              courtyard from Heaven of a
733. You need to read these kinds of
                                                        commandments to justify his             temple
       books for the test.
       (1) these kind of book                           action                              (2) One day fell into the court-
       (2) this kind of book                        (2) The doctor made no further              yard of a temple at Banaras a
       (3) this kind of a book                          comments to justify his action          wonderful plate of gold from
       (4) No improvement                           (3) The doctor made no further              Heaven
734. Due to power grid collapse es-                     commitments to justify his          (3) One day a wonderful plate of
       sential services like hospitals, the             action                                  gold fell from Heaven into the
       railways and water plants were               (4) No improvement.                         courtyard of a temple at Ba-
       perturbed.                              742. When the thief saw the police               naras
       (1) was perplexed                            approaching he showed a clean           (4) No improvement
       (2) were paralysed                           pair at heels.                     748. The man who approached me of
       (3) were abandoned                           (1) a clean pair of heels               dark complexion has disap-
       (4) No improvement                           (2) a clean pair on heels               peared.
735. Satish told his mother that he had             (3) a clean pair down heels             (1) The dark complexioned man
       been reading for six hours.                  (4) No improvement                          who approached me has dis-
       (1) since six hours                     743. Not until did he receive her let-           appeared
       (2) from six hours                           ter he fully realised her prob-         (2) Has disappeared who ap-
       (3) till six hours                           lem.                                        proached me of dark complex-
       (4) No improvement                           (1) Not until he received her let-          ion
736. No sooner had he agreed to join                    ter did he fully realise            (3) Who of dark complexion ap-
       the job than he started to have              (2) Not until had he received her           proached me has disappeared
       doubts.                                          letter that he                      (4) No improvement
       (1) No sooner did he                                                            749. He narrated what his brother
                                                    (3) Not until he had received her
       (2) No sooner than he                                                                had done in vivid detail.
                                                        letter that he
       (3) No sooner was he
                                                    (4) No improvement                      (1) He narrated in vivid detail
       (4) No improvement
                                               744. I can’t think of anybody whom               what his brother had done
737. Laws were enacted to do away
                                                    to invite.                              (2) In vivid detail, he narrated
       with social evils.
                                                    (1) anybody whom I should invite            what his brother had done
       (1) to eradicate
       (2) to stop                                  (2) anybody to invite                   (3) He narrated what his brother
                                                    (3) anybody who should be invited           in vivid detail had done
       (3) to prevent
       (4) No improvement                           (4) No improvement                      (4) No improvement