704. The greatest fear which is scar-    711. Too much of anything is good for   720. One day the hare began to make
      ing of the world today is global        everything.                             fun of the tortoise as it moved
      warming.                                (1) No Improvement                      slowly.
      (1) which had scared of the world       (2) a thing                             (1) mock
      (2) that scared off the world           (3) all things                          (2) shout at
      (3) that scares the world               (4) nothing                             (3) No Improvement
      (4) No improvement                 712. The most important part in life is      (4) torture
705. Anyone interested in computer            to be humble.                      721. The tribunal has postponed the
      programming can find a job in           (1) appearance                          hearing to December 15.
      contemporary industry if you            (2) No Improvement                      (1) delayed
      learn the basic programming lan-        (3) aspect                              (2) pushed
      guages, such as COBOL and
                                              (4) entity                              (3) adjourned
                                         713. We could not help admire his            (4) No Improvement
      (1) by studying
                                              inventive genius.                  722. The workers are very determined
      (2) by the study of
                                              (1) could not help to                   on fighting for their dues.
      (3) if he would learn
                                              (2) No Improvement                      (1) No Improvement
      (4) No improvement
                                              (3) could not but                       (2) have seriously planned
706. Anxiety and other such emotions
                                              (4) could not help but                  (3) hell bent
      are known to be unhealthy to
      the body.                          714. He borne down all opposition            (4) have decided
      (1) dangerous                           with an iron hand.                 723. I will buy the house provided it
      (2) detrimental                         (1) bore in all                         is quite sound.
      (3) damaging                            (2) bore down all                       (1) unless (2) whether
      (4) No improvement                      (3) No Improvement                      (3) until     (4) No Improvement
707. The Portsmouth Summer Art Fes-           (4) bore up all                    724. It was fortunate that the time
      tival is the only place in New     715. The teacher was stimulated by           bomb had burst only after the
      Hampshire where we are fortu-           the mischievous behaviour of the        crowd had dispersed.
      nately see such diverse tales all       students.                               (1) exploded
      in one place.                           (1) provoked                            (2) No Improvement
      (1) we are able to fortunately see      (2) evoked                              (3) blown up
      (2) we are fortunate to see             (3) No Improvement                      (4) erupted
      (3) we are fortunate to seeing          (4) inspired                       725. The amount multiplies over a
      (4) No improvement                 716. The prisoner was kept in Jail.          period of time.
708. He speaks not only English but           (1) kept in confined                    (1) within (2) in
      Hindi as well.                          (2) kept in confinement.                (3) by        (4) No Improvement
      (1) as well as Hindi                    (3) No Improvement                 726. The police found a human body
      (2) Hindi too                           (4) kept in confirmation.               in the forest.
      (3) also Hindi                     717. The students met the college au-        (1) corpse
      (4) No improvement                      thority whom allowed them to            (2) No Improvement
709. His powerful desire brought              sit for the exams.                      (3) carcass
      about his downfall.                     (1) who allowed them to sit at the      (4) copse
      (1) his intense desire                      exams                          727. The teacher asked him to copy
      (2) his desire for power                (2) which allowed them to sit in        the material word for word.
      (3) his fatal desire                        exams                               (1) by
      (4) No improvement                      (3) which allowed them to sit for       (2) No Improvement
710. My opinion of the play is that it            the exams                           (3) before
      will win the National award.            (4) No Improvement                      (4) after
      (1) opinion to                     718. Placing a talisman or lucky charm  728. Granting that he has a very great
      (2) opinion about                       on the door or near the thresh-         influence, he cannot injure us.
      (3) opinion on                          old is not mere superstition.           (1) Having great influence
      (4) No improvement                      (1) entrance                            (2) He may have great influence
      Directions (711–732) : In the fol-      (2) opening                                 so
lowing questions, a sentence/part of          (3) No Improvement                      (3) Because of his great influence
the sentence is printed in bold. Below        (4) doorway                             (4) No Improvement
are given alternatives to the bold sen-  719. He could not cope up with the      729. Equipment and practice space
tence/part of the sentence at (1), (2)
                                              heavy rush.                             will be provided for the players.
and (3) which may improve the sen-
                                              (1) No Improvement                      (1) Much facility
tence. Choose the correct alternative.
In case no improvement is needed, your        (2) cope by                             (2) Each facility
answer is No Improvement.                     (3) cope with                           (3) No Improvement
      (SSC CGL Tier-II Exam. 12.04.2015)      (4) cope upto                           (4) Every facility