634. This crime makes a man liable      642. Our big iron gate jingles on its     649. The report highlights a number
     for transportation till his life.        hinges as it is opened.                   of instance of injustice.
     (1) to transportation to life           (1) clangs (2) grates                      (1) highlight a number of instanc-
     (2) for transportation for life         (3) bangs (4) No improvement                   es of injustice
     (3) to transportation for life     643. Although other parts the world             (2) highlights a numbers of in-
     (4) No improvement                       20 per cent of the farm area is               stances of injustice
635. I don’t think many people will be        owned by women, in India wom-             (3) highlights a number of in-
     able to attend the meeting tomor-        en own less than 7 per cent.                  stances of injustice
     row. I, but for one, have to be          (1) If in other parts of                  (4) No improvement
     in Chennai.                              (2) However some parts of           650. He was for a time our captain.
     (1) so for one                                                                     (1) for sometime
                                              (3) While in other parts of
     (2) rather for one                                                                 (2) once
                                              (4) No improvement
     (3) for one                                                                        (3) at any time
                                             Directions (644-653) : In the fol-
     (4) No improvement                                                                 (4) No improvement
                                       lowing questions, a sentence/ part of
636. My visits to my family are a few                                             651. He made the utmost effort to
                                       the sentence is printed in bold. Below
     and far between.                                                                   save us.
                                       are given alternatives to the bold sen-
     (1) few and a far between         tence/part of the sentence at (1), (2)           (1) an all-out
     (2) few and far between           and (3) which may improve the sen-               (2) an altered
     (3) few or far between            tence. Choose the correct alternative.           (3) an intentional
     (4) No improvement                In case no improvement is needed,                (4) No improvement
637. Their friendship will not last    your answer is (4).                        652. He belongs to a rich family.
     through long time.                         (SSC GL Tier-I Exam. 19.10.2014)        (1) a well-to-do family
     (1) last through a long time       644. The visitors arrived at a lucky            (2) an upper class family
     (2) last through                         moment.                                   (3) a well-known family
     (3) last long                            (1) an opportunistic                      (4) No improvement
     (4) No improvement                       (2) an opportunity                  653. Suraj looked at Sunil with a
638. All these articles are kept in a
                                              (3) an opportune                          question.
     tin box to prevent from spoil-
     ing of damp in rainy season.             (4) No improvement                        (1) questioningly
     (1) prevent them from spoiling     645. ’The government can see scarce-            (2) questionably
         by damp                              ly any valid reason to launch             (3) wistfully
     (2) prevent them being spoiled           an inquiry.                               (4) No improvement
         by damp                              (1) cannot scarcely see any val-        Directions (654-663) : In the
     (3) prevent them from spoiling of            id reason                      following questions, a part of the
         damp                                 (2) can see any valid reason       sentence is printed in bold. Below are
     (4) No improvement                           scarcely                       given alternatives to the bold part at
639. Your previous project was only           (3) can scarcely see any valid     (1), (2), (3) which may improve the
     failed because you did not per-              reason                         sentenc e. Cho ose the correct
     severe yourself in it.                   (4) No improvement                 alternative. In case no improvement
     (1) failed only because you did    646. Henry is taking John for tea.       is needed your answer is (4).
         not persevere.                                                                 (SSC CGL Tier-I Exam. 26.10.2014)
                                              (1) taking John on tea
     (2) failed only because you did                                             654. Ram filled ink into his pen be-
                                              (2) taking John to tea
         not persevere for it.                                                         fore leaving for school.
                                              (3) taking John at tea
     (3) only failed because you did                                                   (1) filled ink in his pen
                                              (4) No improvement                       (2) filled ink on his pen
         not persevere.
                                        647. The medicines made miracles               (3) filled his pen with ink
     (4) No improvement
                                              and healed me in two days.
640. I had more sympathy with you,                                                     (4) No improvement
     my friend.                               (1) The medicines brought mira-    655. The toys he bought for Suzy are
                                                  cles                                 too good to be cheap.
     (1) have a more sympathy
     (2) have much sympathy                   (2) The medicines worked mira-           (1) are so much good to be cheap
     (3) had much sympathy                                                             (2) were so good to be cheap
     (4) No improvement                       (3) The medicine performed mir-          (3) are so good that to be cheap
641. The bank manager was given a                                                      (4) No improvement
     holiday and so he resolved to go         (4) No improvement
                                                                                 656. I did one mistake in the dicta-
     for hitch-hiking.                  648. Any of these two books is good.           tion test today.
     (1) with hitch-hiking                    (1) Any of this                          (1) I made a mistake in
     (2) for the hitch-hiking                 (2) Either of these                      (2) I did a mistake at
     (3) hitch-hiking                         (3) Any other of this     .              (3) I did a mistake in
     (4) No improvement                       (4) No improvement                       (4) No improvement