Directions (609-613) : In the           616. Looking at the pictures of his old      625. Shakespeare is greater than any
following questions, a part of the                   home made him nostalgic.                    other poet.
sentence is printed in bold. Below are               (1) romantic                                (1) greater than many poets
given alternatives to the bold part at               (2) historical                              (2) greater as any other poet
(1), (2), (3) which may improve the                  (3) philosophic                             (3) greater than all poets
sentence. Choose the correct alternative.            (4) No improvement                          (4) No improvement
In case no improvement is needed              617. I met him in the way.                   626. I saw the woman whom you said
your answer is (4).                                  (1) on the way                              lived next door.
          (SSC CAPFs SI, CISF ASI & Delhi                                                        (1) that you said live next door
                                                     (2) at the way
               Police SI Exam. 22.06.2014)                                                       (2) who you said lived next door
                                                     (3) during the way
609. The old man is addicted to sing-                                                            (3) which you said lived next door
                                                     (4) No improvement
      ing.                                                                                       (4) No improvement
                                              618. I shall appreciate if you kindly
      (1) is fond of singing                                                               627. A thousand rupees are all that he
                                                     accept my proposal.
      (2) is used to singing                                                                     wants.
                                                     (1) I would appreciate if
      (3) likes singing                                                                          (1) are        (2) was
                                                     (2) I shall appreciate it if
      (4) No improvement                                                                         (3) is         (4) No improvement
                                                     (3) I would have appreciate if
610. We were not used to get up early.                                                     628. I have never been hearing from
                                                     (4) No improvement
      (1) used to getting up                                                                     him since he left for America.
                                              619. Rajesh is not very-well these                 (1) have never heard
      (2) getting up
      (3) used to be up                                                                          (2) have never been hearing
                                                     (1) in poverty
      (4) No improvement                                                                         (3) was never heard
                                                     (2) unwell                                  (4) No improvement
611. The most important aspect for life
                                                     (3) indifferent                       629. The camera I bought recently is
      is to be humble.
                                                     (4) No improvement                          not convenient.
      (1) asset of
                                              620. Nothing about the accident has                (1) easy to use
      (2) aspect of
                                                     come to her knowledge.                      (2) hard to use
      (3) extract of
                                                     (1) was learnt by her                       (3) difficult to use
      (4) No improvement
                                                     (2) has been known by her                   (4) No improvement
612. A group of fish is swimming in
                                                     (3) is known to her                   630. You are a mechanic, aren’t you?
      the pond.
                                                     (4) No improvement                          (1) wasn’t (2) isn’t
      (1) swarm (2) collection
                                              621. Will you let me borrow some                   (3) are        (4) No improvement
      (3) school (4) No improvement
                                                     money in this hour of need ?          631. Sincere workers do not rest till
613. Your dress is the same like mine.
                                                     (1) lend me some rupees                     they have reached perfection in
      (1) the same as
                                                     (2) let me borrow a few rupees              their work.
      (2) as same as                                                                             (1) they had achieved
                                                     (3) lend me some money
      (3) similar like                                                                           (2) they have achieved
                                                     (4) No improvement
      (4) No improvement                                                                         (3) they having reached
                                              622. The autumn season of Parliament
     Directions (614-623) : In the fol-              will begin on Monday.                       (4) No improvement
lowing questions, a sentence/a part of               (1) session (2) cession               632. The interesting tale had its be-
the sentence is printed in bold letters.             (3) mission (4) No improvement              ginning more than fifty years ago.
Below are given alternatives to that bold                                                        (1) began
                                              623. The boy said that he has read the
part at (1), (2), (3) which may improve                                                          (2) was started
the sentence. Choose the correct al-                                                             (3) initiated
                                                     (1) he has already read
ternative. In case no improvement is                                                             (4) No improvement
                                                     (2) he had read
needed your answer is (4).                                                                 633. One of her friends had just got
          (SSC CGL Tier-I Re-Exam. (2013)
                                                     (3) he has finished to read
                                                     (4) No improvement                          down from the bus.
                     20.07.2014, Ist Sitting)                                                    (1) alighted from
614. The speaker got confused, and                   Directions (624-633) : In the fol-
                                              lowing questions, a sentence/part of               (2) arrived in
      started to contradict himself.                                                             (3) landed from
      (1) oppose himself                      the sentence is printed in bold. Below
                                              are given alternatives to the bold part            (4) No improvement
      (2) argue against                                                                         Directions (634-643) : In the fol-
                                              at (1), (2), (3) which may improve the
      (3) reject                                                                           lowing questions, a sentence/part of
                                              sentence. Choose the correct alterna-
      (4) No improvement                      tive. In case no improvement is need-        the sentence is printed in bold. Below
615. The number of people going               ed, your answer is (4).                      are given alternatives to the bold sen-
      abroad for vacations is ever in-                                                     tence/part of the sentence at (1), (2)
                                                        (SSC CGL Tier-I Re-Exam. (2013)
      creasing every year.                                                                 and (3) which may improve the sen-
                                                                 20.07.2014, IInd Sitting)
      (1) ever increasing                                                                  tence. Choose the correct alternative.
                                              624. Loose tea leaves are kept in a tea
      (2) increasing                                                                       In case no improvement is needed, your
      (3) shooting                                                                         answer is (4).
                                                     (1) tin       (2) cosy                       (SSC CGL Tier-I Exam. 19.10.2014,
      (4) No improvement                             (3) caddy (4) No improvement                                         Ist Sitting)