584. Then with all his loot he sailed      Directions (594-603) : In the fol-   601. We did not see this movie yet.
     inwards Scotland’s shore.        lowing questions, a sentence/part of             (1) never seen
     (1) onwards                      the sentence is printed in bold. Below           (2) have not seen
     (2) towards                      are given alternatives to the bold sen-          (3) never have seen
     (3) forward                      tence/part of the sentence at (1), (2)           (4) No improvement
     (4) No improvement               and (3) which may improve the sen-        602. The sight of the lizard is hateful
585. Can you please give me some      tence. Choose the correct alternative.           to me.
     leave?                           In case no improvement is needed, your           (1) repulsion
     (1) grant for me                 answer is (4).
                                                                                       (2) repulsive
     (2) grant me                                               (SSC CGL Tier-I        (3) repulse
     (3) grant from me                               Re-Exam–2013, 27.04.2014)
                                                                                       (4) No improvement
     (4) No improvement               594. The student’s interest raised by     603. During his long discourse, he did
586. The office is soon to be closed.       an article he had read.                    not touch the central idea of the
     (1) just to (2) about to               (1) quickened                              topic.
     (3) where to(4) No improvement         (2) multiplied                             (1) touch
587. The teacher was very proficient        (3) increased                              (2) touch up
     in his subject.                        (4) No improvement                         (3) touch upon/on
     (1) expert                                                                        (4) No improvement
                                      595. This telephone number is not
     (2) well-versed                                                                  Directions (604–608) : In the
     (3) proficient                                                             following questions, a part of the
                                            (1) has not existed
     (4) No improvement                                                         sentence is printed in bold. Below are
588. He found a wooden chair that           (2) has not been existing
                                                                                given alternatives to the bold part at
     has broken in the room.                (3) does not exist
                                                                                (1), (2) and (3) which may improve the
     (1) wooden and broken chair            (4) No improvement                  sentenc e. Cho ose the correct
     (2) broken wooden chair          596. Would it be impertinent to ask       alternative. In case no improvement
     (3) broken and wooden chair            why you are leaving ?               is needed, your answer is (4).
     (4) No improvement                     (1) if asking why you are leave     (SSC CAPFs SI, CISF ASI & Delhi Police SI
589. The robbers fled before the po-        (2) for asking why you are leave                             Exam. 22.06.2014)
     lice came.                             (3) to asking why you are leave     604. He will revise it when he is
     (1) arrived                                                                       comes back.
                                            (4) No improvement
     (2) were coming                                                                   (1) when he come back
                                      597. We have to know that we can
     (3) had come                                                                      (2) on coming back
                                            achieve things slowly and gradu-
     (4) No improvement                                                                (3) when he came back
                                            ally, not overnight.
590. The hosts were taken aback when                                                   (4) No improvement
                                            (1) would know that
     many guests who had been in-                                               605. The members of the student’s
     vited did not turn up for the          (2) had to know that
                                                                                       union did not give the
     party.                                 (3) must know that                         examination in protest.
     (1) had been invited                   (4) No improvement                         (1) did not write
     (2) had invited                  598. Rajesh’s ability to use the local           (2) did not sit for
     (3) was invited                        language surprised me.                     (3) did not show up for
     (4) No improvement                     (1) knowing of                             (4) No improvement
591. The master aimed a blow to             (2) confidence with                 606. She was kept from her
     Oliver’s head with the ladle.                                                     assignment because of her
                                            (3) familiarity with
     (1) a throw at                                                                    loquacious room-mate.
                                            (4) No improvement
     (2) a punch in                                                                    (1) noisy
     (3) a blow at                    599. I usually did not take sugar in
                                            my tea.                                    (2) irritating
     (4) No improvement                                                                (3) talkative
592. The athletes who have won              (1) do not take
                                                                                       (4) No improvement
     prizes are being honoured.             (2) do not takes
                                                                                607. James epitomizes everything
     (1) The prize winning athletes         (3) have not taken
                                                                                       that a leader should be.
     (2) The athletes who are given         (4) No improvement                         (1) worships
         prizes                       600. Unless they modify the system,              (2) loves
     (3) The athletes who are winning       our future generations will suf-
         prizes                                                                        (3) adores
     (4) No improvement                                                                (4) No improvement
                                            (1) Unless the system is modified   608. The businessman is respectively
593. Motor cars carry people from one
                                            (2) Unless the system will be              connected.
     place to another.
                                                modified                               (1) respectfully
     (1) from place to place
                                            (3) If the system will not be mod-         (2) respectably
     (2) about the place
                                                ified                                  (3) receptively
     (3) for travel
     (4) No improvement                     (4) No improvement                         (4) No improvement