505. It is more better to take this route 511. The man ate an apple, an orange,      517. When we bought the house, we
     than the other one.                        and washed his hands.                     could tell that it was a large, new,
     (1) good                                   (1) an apple and an orange, and           compact, tinted house.
     (2) better                                     washed his hands                      (1) it was a new, large and
                                                (2) an apple, an orange, washed               compact house
     (3) more good
                                                    his hands                             (2) It was as new, large and as
     (4) No improvement
                                                (3) an apple, an orange and his               tinted
506. She is absent; she must be sick                washed hands                          (3) it was a new, large, compact
     again.                                     (4) No improvement                            and tinted house
     (1) She is absent; she has been      512. After we ate a spectacular nine-           (4) No improvement
          sick again                            course dinner, three television      518. Migrant workers can be seen
     (2) She is absent: she is sick             shows were watched by us.                 working on many of the building
          again                                 (1) we were watchi ng three               places in New Delhi.
     (3) She is absent; she must have               television shows                      (1) sites
          been sick again                       (2) we engaged in the watching            (2) premises
     (4) No improvement                             of three shows
                                                                                          (3) locations
507. Jackie has already gone to the             (3) we watched three television
                                                                                          (4) No improvement
     airport she will meet us at the                shows
                                                (4) No improvement                   519. “Indian English” has come of age
     check-in-counter.                                                                    and has been accepted as a
                                          513. The Blue Whale, weighing more
     (1) gone to the airport and Jackie                                                   legitimate category the world
                                                than 150 tons, the largest known
          will meet us                                                                    over.
                                                animal on Earth.
     (2) gone to the airport and she                                                      (1) literate (2) local
                                                (1) weighing more than 150 tons,
          will meet us                                                                    (3) illegal   (4) No improvement
                                                    it is
     (3) gone to the airport she ought          (2) weighing more than 150 tons,     520. If they were knowing about the
          to meet us                                is the                                crabs, they would not have
     (4) No improvement                         (3) which weighs more than 150            decided to picnic there.
508. The place at which the two                     tons, being the                       (1) had known
     roads meet, you will find a small          (4) No improvement                        (2) knew
     log cabin.                                 Directions (514-523) : In the             (3) did know
     (1) where the two roads meet         following questions, a sentence / part          (4) No improvement
     (2) at the place where the two       of the sentence printed in bold. Below     521. A shrewd man could only see
          roads meet                      are given alternatives to the bold              through the trick.
                                          sentence / part of the sentence at (1),         (1) Only a shrewd man could see
     (3) the place where the two roads
                                          (2) and (3) which may improve the                   the trick through.
                                          sentence. Choose the correct
     (4) No improvement                                                                   (2) Only a shrewd man could see
                                          alternative. In case no improvement is
509. The vivid photos of majestic                                                             through the trick.
                                          needed, your answer is (4).
     animals and colourful birds from                                                     (3) Through the trick a shrewd
                                                          (SSC Graduate Level Tier-I
     the wild-life park is a graphic                                                          man could only see.
                                                                 Exam. 19.05.2013)
     depiction of what is beautiful       514. He reached the village just                (4) No improvement.
     in the continent of Africa.                when the sun was setting.            522. As soon as I reached my house,
     (1) is a graphic depiction of what         (1) When just the sun was setting,        I opened my cupboard.
          was beautiful in                          he reached the village.               (1) I reached my house as soon
     (2) are graphic depictions of what         (2) When the sun was setting he               as I opened my cupboard.
          is beautiful in                           just reached the village.             (2) As soon as I opened my
                                                (3) He just reached the village               cupboard I reached my house.
     (3) is a beautiful and graphic
          depiction of                              when the sun was setting.             (3) No sooner had I reached my
                                                (4) No improvement.                           house that I opened my
     (4) No improvement
                                          515. He evaded to pay income tax.                   cupboard.
510. Altho ugh I was initially
                                                (1) from paying                           (4) No improvement.
     apprehensive, I found the eating
                                                (2) against paying                   523. Your success for hard work
     of snails to be a rather pleasant
                                                (3) paying                                depends on your ability.
                                                (4) No improvement                        (1) Your success depends on your
     (1) I ate the pleasant snail’s
                                          516. The gypsies had left the village a             ability for hard working.
                                                few days ago.                             (2) Your success depends on your
     (2) I found the snails experienced                                                       ability of hard work.
                                                (1) have left
     (3) I found it to be a more pleasant       (2) would have left                       (3) Your success depends on your
          experience                            (3) left                                      ability for hard work.
     (4) No improvement                         (4) No improvement                        (4) No improvement.