465. The starving and crawling people      473. The more they earn, more they         479. While crossing the highway, a five
       in the television programme                spend on luxury items.                    year old child was knocked out
       looked more like beasts than               (1) more they should spend                by a passing car.
       tiring creatures.                                                                    (1) away      (2) up
                                                  (2) the more they spend
      (1) posed (2) resembled
                                                  (3) the more they ought to spend          (3) down      (4) No improvement
      (3) seemed (4) No improvement
 466. I took the cycle which he bought            (4) No improvement                   480. We are looking forward to see
       yesterday.                           474. You have come here with a view             you tomorrow.
       (1) that he bought yesterday.              to insult me.                             (1) looki ng fo rward towards
       (2) which he h ad bought                   (1) to insulting me                           seeing
           yesterday.                             (2) of insulting me                       (2) looking forward for seeing
       (3) that he has bought yesterday.          (3) for insulting me                      (3) looking forward to seeing
       (4) No improvement                         (4) No improvement                        (4) No improvement
 467. Having only a few hours left, she     475. A little rail-road engine was         481. The clients are waiting outside
       wondered as she would finish               employed by a station yard for            since morning and will continue
       the assignment.
                                                  doing small pieces of work.               to wait until you meet them.
      (1) that if (2) whether
                                                  (1) was made by a station yard            (1) have waited
      (3) that      (4) No improvement
                                                  (2) was used at the station yard          (2) have been waiting
     Directions (468-477) : In the
following questions, a sentence/ part             (3) was employed at the station yard      (3) were waiting
of the sentence is printed in bold.               (4) No improvement                        (4) No improvement
Below are given alternatives to the bold    476. From an aesthetic point of
                                                                                       482. The workers are hell bent at
sentence/part of the sentence at (1),             view, the painting did not                getting what is due to them.
(2) and (3) which may improve the                 appeal to me.
sentence. Choose the correct                                                                (1) hell bent on getting
                                                  (1) From the viewpoint of
alternative. In case no improvement is                                                      (2) hell bent for getting
                                                      aesthetics, the painting did
needed, your answer is (4).                                                                 (3) hell bent upon getting
                                                      not appeal to me
                (SSC Graduate Level Tier-I
                                                  (2) The painting had no aesthetic         (4) No improvement
            Exam. 21.04.2013, IInd Sitting)
                                                      appeal to me                     483. During his long discourse, he did
468. It became clear that the strangers
      were heading into a serious                 (3) From an aesthetic point of            not touch that point.
      disaster.                                       view, the painting had a little       (1) touch upon
      (1) along     (2) towards                       appeal to me                          (2) touch in
      (3) on        (4) No improvement            (4) No improvement                        (3) touch of
469. Twenty kms are not a great             477. The child tossed in bed burning            (4) No improvement
      distance in these days of fast              with fever.                          484. They could not tell me why did
      moving vehicles.
                                                  (1) The child in bed, burning             he not eat his lunch.
      (1) is not a great distance
                                                      with fever tossed                     (1) why not had he eaten
      (2) are not too great a distance
                                                  (2) The child burning with fever,         (2) why he did not eat
      (3) aren’t proving a great distance
                                                      tossed in bed
      (4) No improvement                                                                    (3) why had he not eaten
470. I adapted a new method to solve              (3) The child burning in bed
                                                                                            (4) No improvement
      the problem.                                    tossed with fever
                                                                                       485. He who will bid the highest will
      (1) I have been adopted                     (4) No improvement
                                                                                            get the product.
      (2) I adopted                              Directions (478-487) : In the
                                                                                            (1) who bids the highest
      (3) I was adapted                     following questions, a sentence/ part
                                            of the sentence is printed in bold.             (2) who the highest bids
      (4) No improvement
471. Hoping not to be disturbed, I sat      Below are given alternatives to the bold        (3) who would bid the highest
      down in my easy chair to read         sentence/part of the sentence at (1),           (4) No improvement
      the book, I won as a prize.           (2) and (3) which may improve the          486. If he had time he will call you.
      (1) I had won as a prize              sentence. Choose the correct                    (1) would have
      (2) I have won as prize               alternative. In case no improvement is          (2) would have had
      (3) I had to win as a prize           needed your answer is (4).                      (3) has
      (4) No improvement                         (SSC Combined Graduate Level Tier-I
472. If you are living near a market                                                        (4) No improvement
                                                                    Exam. 21.04.2013)
      place you should be ready to bear                                                487. John had told me that he hasn’t
                                            478. He may have grown taller when I
      the disturbances caused by                                                            done it yet.
                                                  last saw him.
      traffic.                                                                              (1) told
                                                  (1) from when I last saw him
      (1) to bear upon                                                                      (2) tells
      (2) to bear with                            (2) since I last saw him
                                                  (3) before I last saw him                 (3) was telling
      (3) to bear away
                                                  (4) No improvement                        (4) No improvement
      (4) No improvement