Directions (443-447) % In the         449. Mutual shakes of hands was            Directions (458-467) : In the
following questions, a sentence / part           exchanged.                       following questions, a sentence/part of
of the sentence is printed in bold.              (1) Both shakes of hands was     the sentence is printed in bold. Below
Below are given alternatives to the bold             carried.                     are given alternatives to the bold
part at (1), (2) and (3) which may               (2) The hand shakes were         sentence/part of the sentence at (1),
improve the sentence. Choose the                                                  (2) and (3) which may improve the
correct alternative. In case no                                                   sentence. Choose the correct
                                                 (3) They shook hands with each
improvement is needed, your answer                                                alternative. In case no improvement is
                                                     other.                       needed, your answer is (4).
is (4).
                                                 (4) No improvement.                             (SSC Graduate Level Tier-I
                  (SSC Multi-Tasking Staff
                                            450. The incident made a deep                     Exam. 21.04.2013, Ist Sitting)
             Exam. 24.03.2013, Ist Sitting)
                                                 impression on me.                 458. They left the hotel by car where
443. The workers were bent at getting
      their dues.                                (1) rounded (2) profound               they had been staying.
      (1) bent for getting                       (3) slight   (4) No improvement        (1) They left the hotel where they
                                            451. He, I, She and They cooked the             had been staying, by car.
      (2) bent upon getting
                                                 food.                                  (2) They left where they were
      (3) bent in getting
                                                 (1) I, He, She and They cooked             staying in a hotel by car.
      (4) No improvement
                                                     the food.                          (3) In a car they left where they
444. Jatin’s case against Jagat was                                                         were staying in a hotel
      trivial.                                   (2) They, I, He and She cooked
                                                     the food.                          (4) No improvement
      (1) insignificant
                                                 (3) He, She, They and I cooked    459. Will you lend me few rupees in
      (2) harmful                                                                       this hour of need ?
      (3) tolerable                                  the food.
                                                                                        (1) lend me a little rupees
      (4) No improvement                         (4) No improvement.
                                                                                        (2) borrow me a few rupees
445. How can one adjust among a             452. The newspaper report of the
                                                                                        (3) lend me a few rupees
      passive lot?                               killing verified with the police
                                                                                        (4) No improvement
      (1) peopl e who are cold and               findings.
                                                                                   460. Five years ago today, I am sitting
          without feeling                        (1) authenticated
                                                                                        in a small Japanese car, driving
      (2) A lot of crowd                         (2) corroborated                       across Poland towards Berlin.
      (3) Indolent people                        (3) confirmed                          (1) was sitting
      (4) No improvement                         (4) No improvement                     (2) sat
446. Her activities are limited only to     453. The saint said that men are            (3) have been sitting
      cooking and washing clothes.               mortal.                                (4) No improvement
      (1) limited by                             (1) said that men is mortal.      461. He could not look anything in
      (2) limited to                             (2) advised men are mortal.            the dark room.
      (3) not limited to                         (3) said that men were mortal.         (1) look at
      (4) No improvement                         (4) No improvement.                    (2) see
447. My sister doesn’t have as much         454. There is no alternate offered to       (3) see through
      jewellery as my mother.                    us.                                    (4) No improvement
      (1) My mother has jewellery but            (1) way      (2) solution         462. No one could explain how a calm
          not more than my sister.               (3) choice (4) No improvement          and balanced person like him
      (2) My sister has too much            455. The voluntary organizatio n            could penetrate such a mindless
          jewellery.                                                                    act on his friends.
                                                 appealed to the people to come
      (3) My mother has more jewellery           forward to help the victims and        (1) perpetuate
          than my sister.                        said that each may contribute          (2) perpetrate
      (4) No improvement                         what they can.                         (3) precipitate
     Directions (448-457) : In the               (1) each may contribute what he        (4) No improvement
following questions, a sentence / a part             can                           463. Anyone who would speak with
of the sentence is in bold. Below are                                                   authority on the poets of the
                                                 (2) each may contribute what one
given alternatives to the bold sentence                                                 Renaissance must have a broad
                                                     can                                acquaintance with the writers of
/ part at (1), (2) and (3) which may
improve the sentence. Choose the                 (3) each may contribute what           classical antiquity.
correct alternative. In case no                      each one can                       (1) Anyone who will speak
improvement is needed, your answer               (4) No improvement                     (2) If one would speak
is (4).                                     456. There is no escape in the              (3) Anyone desirous for speaking
         (SSC FCI Assistant Grade-III Main       container for the water to flow.       (4) No improvement
                        Exam. 07.04.2013)        (1) outlet   (2) inlet            464. He found a wooden broken chair
448. She prefers tea than coffee.                (3) drainage (4) No improvement        in the room,
       (1) tea to                           457. The problem was so complicated         (1) wooden and broken chair
       (2) tea over                              to be solved in a day.                 (2) broken wooden chair
       (3) tea more than                         (1) too      (2) very                  (3) broken and wooden chair
       (4) No improvement                        (3) much     (4) No improvement        (4) No improvement