421. The innocence of the child was          428. Since she directing the play for       436. Some p eopl e garner new
       obliterated due to hard labour.              quite some time, she knows the              experiences after retirement.
       (1) maintained                               actors really well.                         (1) episodes
       (2) increased                                (1) Since she has directed                  (2) events
       (3) destroyed                                (2) Since she has been directing            (3) happenings
       (4) No improvement                           (3) Since she was directing                 (4) No improvement
 422. He was given a lot of pressure                (4) No improvement                    437. The deaf man asked me to speak
       to sign the deed.                      429. She is scrutinising hard for the             up.
                                                    final examination.                          (1) speak in
       (1) told     (2) forced
                                                    (1) recollecting                            (2) speak into
       (3) asked (4) No improvement
                                                    (2) recapitulating
       Directions (423-427) : In the fol-                                                       (3) speak down
                                                    (3) revising
lowing questions, a part of the sen-                                                            (4) No improvement
                                                    (4) No improvement
tence is in bold. Below are given alter-                                                       Directions (438-442) : In the
                                              430. This is the late edition of the
natives to the bold part at (1), (2) and                                                 following questions, a part of the
                                                    Shakespearean play which was
(3) which may improve the sentence.                                                      sentence is printed in bold. Below are
                                                    originally published in 1603.
Choose the correct alternative. In case                                                  given alternatives to the bold part at
                                                   (1) later     (2) latest
no improvement is needed, your an-                                                       (1), (2), (3) which may improve the
                                                   (3) latter    (4) No improvement
swer is (4).                                                                             sentence. Choose the correct
                                              431. You can borrow my laptop as
                  (SSC Multi-Tasking Staff                                               alternative. In case no improvement is
                                                    long as you promise not to
                        Exam. 10.03.2013)                                                needed, your answer is (4).
                                                    misuse it.
                                                                                                           (SSC Multi-Tasking Staff
423. Presently, she is busy compos-                 (1) only long as
                                                                                                Exam. 17.03.2013, Kolkata Region)
       ing the music for her next play.             (2) too long as
                                                                                          438. The diffi culty l evel o f thi s
       (1) At the present                           (3) so long as
                                                                                               problem is extremely great.
       (2) In the present                           (4) No improvement
                                                                                               (1) perplexity
       (3) At present                         432. On receiving his appointment
                                                    letter, Ravi treated us with a             (2) hindrance
       (4) No improvement
                                                    sumptuous meal.                            (3) intricacy
424. Modern medicine promotes good
                                                    (1) treated us to                          (4) No improvement
                                                    (2) treated us for                    439. The cooking soup on the stove
       (1) means                                                                               got burnt.
                                                    (3) treated us by
       (2) preaches about                                                                      (1) The soup cooking on the stove
                                                    (4) No improvement
       (3) praises                                                                                 got burnt.
                                                    Directions (433–437) : In the
       (4) No improvement                    following questions, a part of the                (2) The soup which has been
425. Despite having many other op-           sentence is printed in bold. Below are                cooking on the stove gets
       portunities, he went for Police       given alternatives to the bold part at                burnt.
       Service.                              (1) (2), (3) which may improve the                (3) The soup which have been
       (1) liked    (2) opted                sentence. Choose the correct                          cooking on the stove got burnt
       (3) selected (4) No improvement       alternative. In case no improvement is            (4) No improvement
426. I love him because he is a good         needed, your answer is (4).                  440. Diamonds are eternal.
                                                               (SSC Multi-Tasking Staff
       man by heart.                                                                           (1) enduring
                                                         Exam. 17.03.2013, IInd Sitting)
       (1) at heart (2) of heart                                                               (2) forever
                                              433. He proved himself unique for he
       (3) in heart (4) No improvement              refused to go with the tide.               (3) imperishable
427. The editor gave me a time line                 (1) go in the tide                         (4) No improvement
       to finish the article.                       (2) go against the tide               441. I have studied such characters
       (1) guideline                                (3) go by the tide                         at close hand.
       (2) deadline                                 (4) No improvement                         (1) close to hand
       (3) decline                            434. The building you are talking                (2) at close quarters
       (4) No improvement                           about is not existing.                     (3) close off hand
        Directions (428-432) : In the               (1) have not been existing                 (4) No improvement
following questions, a part of the                  (2) does not exist                    442. I must quit the job now if I
sentence is printed in bold. Below are              (3) has not been existing                  prefer a better one.
given alternatives to the bold part at              (4) No improvement                         (1) It’s time I quit the job if I
(1), (2) and (3) which may improve the        435. His lecture was banned because                  prefer a better one
sentence. Choose the correct                        of the bandh.                              (2) It’s time I quit the better job if
alternative. In case no improvement is              (1) called off                                 I prefer
needed, your answer is (4).                         (2) disturbed                              (3) It’s time the job quits me
                  (SSC Multi-Tasking Staff          (3) interrupted                                before I get the better job
              Exam. 17.03.2013, Ist Sitting)        (4) No improvement                         (4) No improvement