277. They were astonished through        285. I will be giving blood in the hos-    293. This is so important a matter.
       his failure in the examination.         pital at 9.00 a.m. tomorrow.                (1) such an important
      (1) from      (2) at                     (1) exchanging                              (2) very important
                                               (2) contributing
      (3) with      (4) No improvement                                                     (3) quite important
                                               (3) donating
 278. The increasing sale of luxuries                                                      (4) No improvement
                                               (4) No improvement
       is an index of the country’s                                                  294. When Rahul handed his
                                                Directions (286–295) : In the
       prosperity.                        following questions, a part of the               homework, he forgot to give the
      (1) appendix                        sentence is printed in bold which may            teacher the last page.
      (2) pointer                         need improvement. Alternatives are               (1) handed in his homework
      (3) mark                            given at (1), (2) and (3) below, one of          (2) handed down his homework
      (4) No improvement                  which may be a better option. In case
                                                                                           (3) hand over his homework
                                          no impro vement is needed, yo ur
 279. When are you starting to write                                                       (4) No improvement
                                          answer is (4).
       to your friend?                           (SSC Stenographer Grade "C" & "D"   295. Although he was tired, he went
      (1) wanting                                                 Exam. 16.10.2011)        out for playing.
      (2) going                           286. The fishermen are fishing in the            (1) goes out for playing.
      (3) thinking                              sea from sunrise and will                  (2) goes out to play.
      (4) No improvement                        continue to do so until sunset.            (3) went out to play.
280. I prefer to ride than to walk.             (1) have fished                            (4) No improvement
       (1) ride to walk                         (2) have been fishing
                                                                                          Directions (296-300) : In the fol-
       (2) riding than walking                  (3) were fishing
                                                                                    lowing questions, a part of the sentence
       (3) riding to walking                    (4) No improvement                  is printed in bold. Below are given al-
       (4) No improvement                 287. Which newspaper do you
       Directions (281-285) : In the fol-                                           ternatives to the bold part at (1), (2)
                                                subscribe for ?
lowing questions, a part of the sentence                                            and (3) which may improve the sen-
                                                (1) subscribe in
is printed in bold. Below are given al-                                             tence. Choose the correct alternative.
                                                (2) subscribe at
ternatives to the bold part at (1), (2)                                             In case no improvement is needed,
                                                (3) subscribe to
and (3) which may improve the sen-                                                  your answer is (4).
                                                (4) No improvement
tence. Choose the correct alternative.                                                            (SSC (10+2) Level Data Entry
In case no improvement is needed          288. Mary wondered if the other girls             Operator & LDC Exam. 04.12.2011
                                                were as excited as she was.
your answer is (4).                                                                                   (North Zone) IInd Sitting
                                                (1) that      (2) whether
 (SSC Multi-Tasking (Non-Technical) Staff
                                                (3) that if (4) No improvement       296. Rakesh didn’t knew my address.
                        Exam. 27.02.2011)                                                 (1) didn’t known
                                          289. His friends could not tell me why
281. I have not finished to paint the           he did not come to college                (2) didn’t have
      door.                                     yesterday.                                (3) didn’t know
      (1) painting                              (1) why had he not come                   (4) No improvement
      (2) the paint of                          (2) why did he not come
      (3) the painting                                                               297. It was quite clear that the runner
                                                (3) why not had he come                   could be able to improve upon
      (4) No improvement                        (4) No improvement
282. She usually does not leave for                                                       his own record.
                                          290. The festival is likely to fall in
      work until she finished all her                                                     (1) will be able
      chores.                                                                             (2) should be able
                                                (1) will likely to fall
      (1) finishes                                                                        (3) would be able
                                                (2) will be likely to fall
      (2) has finished
                                                (3) will likely for fall                  (4) No improvement
      (3) had finished
                                                (4) No improvement                   298. This work of art is worthy to
      (4) No improvement
                                          291. I asked the traveller where is he          praise.
283. The article should not exceed
                                                going.                                     (1) for       (2) of
      more than hundred words.
                                                (1) where he is going                      (3) about (4) No improvcment
      (1) exceed beyond
                                                (2) where was he going
      (2) exceed than                                                                299. To alleviate the pain of losing his
      (3) exceed                                (3) where he was going
                                                                                          only son, he took up meditation.
      (4) No improvement                        (4) No improvement
                                                                                           (1) lessen (2) minimise
284. Geeta said that she had never        292. The bird sanctuary is about
                                                10 kms inside from Central                 (3) lesson (4) No improvement
      viewed across a book she liked
      so much .                                 Delhi.                               300. The Prime Minister established
      (1) come across                           (1) was about 10 kms over                 a commission to look after the
      (2) come through                          (2) is about 10 kms on top                plight of the widows.
      (3) come round                            (3) is about 10 kms away                   (1) formed (2) created
      (4) No improvement                        (4) No improvement                         (3) set up (4) No improvement