212. We are credibly informed that the       217. An author in the reign of Queen        223. Foreigners often come across
        murderer has given himself up.              Anne who was famous lived in a             with serious difficulties in study-
        (1) We are informed that the                cottage.                                   ing English.
            murderer has credibly given             (1) An author in the reign, who            (1) have to come across with
            himself up.                                  was famous, of Queen Anne             (2) come cross with
        (2) We are informed that the mur-                lived in a cottage
                                                                                               (3) come across
            derer has given credibly him-           (2) In the reign of Queen Anne,
                                                                                               (4) No improvement
            self up.                                     an author lived in a cottage,
                                                         who was famous                  224. He work hard will succeed.
        (3) We are informed that credi-                                                        (1) who will work hard
                                                    (3) An author who was famous in
            bly the murderer has given up
                                                         the reign of Queen Anne, lived        (2) who will be working hard
                                                         in a cottage                          (3) who works hard
        (4) No improvement                          (4) No improvement                         (4) No improvement
213. We generally select one of the          218. In the absence of your support,        225. It is high time you started revis-
        most intelligent student of the             he would have lost the election.           ing your lessons.
        school for this award.                      (1) Lacking your support, he
                                                                                               (1) start      (2) had started
        (1) one of the most intelligent stu-             would have lost the election
            dents of the school                                                                (3) will start (4) No improvement
                                                    (2) But for your support, he
        (2) one of the intelligent most stu-             would have lost the election         Directions (226–230) : In the fol-
            dents of the school                     (3) He would have lost the           lowing questions, a part of the sentence
                                                         election if yo u had not        is printed in bold. Below are given al-
        (3) one of the intelligent most stu-
                                                         supported him.                  ternatives to the bold part at (1), (2)
            dent of the school
                                                    (4) No improvement                   and (3) which may improve the sen-
        (4) No improvement                                                               tence. Choose the correct alternative.
214. My friend lives in a nearby street      219. My uncle is enough rich to buy a
                                                    car.                                 In case no improvement is needed
        whose name I have forgotten.                                                     your answer is (4).
                                                    (1) My uncle is rich enough to buy
        (1) the name of which                                                                                (FCI Assistant Grade-II
                                                         a car
        (2) which name                              (2) My uncle is richer enough to                             Exam. 22.01.2012)
        (3) of which name                                by a car                        226. Officials were asked to examine
        (4) No improvement                          (3) My uncle is enough richer to           the likelihood of providing bank-
215. He both won a medal and a schol-                    buy a car                             ing facilities in the area.
        arship.                                     (4) No improvement                         (1) probability
        (1) He won a medal and a schol-      220. Walking along the road, an old               (2) possibility
            arship both.                            man ran over the lorry.                    (3) profit
        (2) Both he won a medal and a               (1) Walking along the road, an old         (4) No improvement
            scholarship.                                 man ran behind the lorry
                                                                                         227. The shortage of fuel has
        (3) He won both a medal and a               (2) Running along the road, the            obstacled interstate transporta-
                                                         lorry ran over an old man
            scholarship.                                                                       tion.
                                                    (3) The lorry ran over an old man
        (4) No improvement                                                                     (1) facilitated
                                                         walking along the road
      Directions (216 – 220) : In the               (4) No improvement                         (2) hampered
following questions, a sentence in                  Directions (221–225) : In the              (3) burdened
bold part thereof is given which may         following questions, a sentence is                (4) No improvement
need improvement. Alternatives are           given, the bold part of which may need      228. Being a rainy day, we had to
given at (1), (2) and (3) below, which       improvement. Alternatives are given at            abandon the match.
may be a better option. In case no im        (1), (2) and (3) below which may be a             (1) Having been a rainy day
provement is needed, your answer             better option. In case no improvement             (2) It being a rainy day
is (4).                                      is needed, your answer is (4).
                                                                                               (3) It been a rainy day
      (SSC Combined Graduate Level Tier-I               (SSC CPO (SI, ASI & Intelligence
                                                                Officer Exam. 28.08.2011       (4) No improvement
         Exam. 26.06.2011 (Second Sitting)
                                             221. With these extra people you can        229. Rahul gave me an old scissor.
216. A taller Sikh rushed forward than
        any of his comrades.                        work easily with this job.                 (1) an old scissors
        (1) A Sikh, taller than any of his          (1) deal        (2) improve                (2) a pair of old scissors
            comrades, rushed forward                (3) cope        (4) No improvement         (3) a pair of old scissor
                                             222. I visited my aunt just before a              (4) No improvement
        (2) A Sikh rushed forward taller
                                                    week.                                230. The teacher was angry with Paul
            than any of his comrades
                                                    (1) a week before                          as he had not done the home-
        (3) A Sikh rushed forward than
                                                    (2) a week earlier                         work.
            any of his comrades taller
                                                    (3) a week ago                             (1) at         (2) on
        (4) No improvement
                                                    (4) No improvement                         (3) from       (4) No improvement