194. Most of the non-Western countries        201. The man whom I thought was           206. What do you for go to school ?
      have been subject either to total             thoroughly honest proved to be a           (1) For what do you go to school?
      colonial rule or varying degrees of           swindler.                                  (2) What do you go for to school?
      economic control and their native             (1) The man whom I thought was             (3) What do you go to school for?
      population has either been de-                    thoroughly honest proved a
                                                                                               (4) No improvement
      stroyed or Westernised.                           swindler.
                                                                                        207. He pleased the directors and this
      (1) has been subject to either                (2) The man who I thought was
                                                        thoroughly honest proved to            completed his report in good time.
      (2) either have been subject to
                                                        be a swindler.                         (1) He pleased the directors in
      (3) have been either subjected to                                                            good time and this completed
                                                    (3) The man to whom I thought
      (4) No improvement                                                                           his report.
                                                        was thoroughly honest proved
195. Strenuous as it was, they went                     to be a swindler,                      (2) He completed his report in
      on with their task.                                                                          good time and this pleased the
                                                    (4) No improvement
      (1) since it was                        202. No sooner had the dividend been                 directors.
      (2) because it was                            declared, the notices were sent            (3) He pleased the directors and
      (3) although it was                           out.                                           completed his report and this
      (4) No improvement                            (1) The company had hardly                     in good time.
       Directions (196–200) : In the fol-               declared the dividend till the         (4) No improvement
lowing questions, a part of the sentence                notices were sent for mailing.  208. The courtiers used to tell the King
is printed in bold. Below are given al-             (2) They had no sooner declared            how efficient an administrator he
ternatives to the bold part at (1), (2)                 the dividend then the notices          was all day long.
and (3) which may improve the sen-                      were sent out.
                                                                                               (1) The courtiers all day long used
tence. Choose the correct alternative.              (3) Hardly had the dividend been
                                                                                                   to tell the King how efficient
In case no improvement is needed                        declared when the notices
                                                        were sent out.                             an administrator he was.
your answer is (4).
                                                    (4) No improvement                         (2) The courtiers used all day long
                  (SSC CPO Sub-Inspector
                          Exam. 12.12.2010    203. Riding upon his horse, the tiger                to tell the King how efficient
196. The strong breeze blew his hat                 jumped at him.                                 an administrator he was.
       away.                                        (1) Riding upon the tiger, the             (3) The courtiers used to tell the
       (1) The strong air                               horse jumped at him.                       King all day long how efficient
       (2) The strong breath                        (2) The tiger jumped at him while              an administrator he was.
       (3) The strong wind                              he was riding upon his horse.          (4) No improvement
       (4) No improvement                           (3) The tiger rode at him while     209. Every Saturday I go out for shop-
                                                        he was jumping upon his                ping.
197. The Japanese are hardly work-
                                                        horse.                                 (1) for shops.
       ing people.
                                                    (4) No improvement                         (2) to shopping
       (1) a hard working people
                                              204. I, in black and white must have             (3) for shop
       (2) a hardly working people
                                                    your terms down.
       (3) hard working people                                                                 (4) No improvement
                                                    (1) I must have in black and white
       (4) No improvement                                                               210. We had a grand party and we
                                                        your terms down.
198. The monkey was seated at the                                                              enjoyed very much.
                                                    (2) I must have your terms in
       foot of a tree.                                  black and white down.                  (1) We had a grand party and
       (1) bottom (2) end                           (3) I must have your terms down,               enjoyed very much.
       (3) root      (4) No improvement                 in black and white.                    (2) We had a grand party to en-
199. My father lives on Delhi.                      (4) No improvement                             joy very much.
       (1) in Delhi                           205. When we came out of the res-                (3) We had a grand party and we
       (2) at Delhi                                 taurant it was half past eleven.               enjoyed ourselves very much.
       (3) inside Delhi                             (1) When we had come out of the            (4) No improvement
       (4) No improvement                               restaurant                            Directions (211-215) : In the fol-
200. He will come instantaneously.                  (2) After we came o ut of the       lowing questions, a sentence or bold
                                                        restaurant                      part thereof is given which may need
       (1) just now (2) presently
                                                    (3) When we have come out of        improvement. Alternatives ae given at
       (3) instantly (4) No improvement
                                                        the restaurant                  (1), (2) and (3) below, which may be a
      Directions (201-205) : In ques-
                                                    (4) No improvement                  better option. In case no improvement
tions, a sentence or bold part thereof
                                                    Directions (206–210) : In the fol-  is needed, your answer is (4).
is given which may need improvement.
                                              lowing questions, a sentence is given           (SSC Combined Graduate Level Tier-I
Alternatives ae given at (1), (2) and (3)
                                              which/a part of which may need im-                    Exam. 26.06.2011 (First Sitting)
below, which may be a better option.          provement. Alternatives are given at (1),
In case no improvement is needed,                                                       211. He has for good left India.
                                              (2) and (3) which may be a better op-
your answer is (4).                                                                            (1) He has left for good India.
                                              tion. In case no improvement is need-
            (SSC Combined Graduate Level      ed your answer is (4).                           (2) He has left India for good.
                   Tier-I Exam. 19.06.2011         (SSC Combined Graduate Level Tier-I         (3) Good he has left India.
                              (First Sitting)         Exam. 19.06.2011 (Second Sitting)        (4) No improvement