(3) After the letter has reached            (3) retrenched                      164. There is no more room for you
      (4) No improvement                          (4) No improvement                         in this compartment.
145. I have returned the library books      155. No sooner had the teacher en-               (1) no seat
      yesterday.                                  tered the room and the boys                (2) no more space
      (1) had returned                            rushed to their seats.                     (3) no more accommodation
      (2) have had returned                       (1) when       (2) than                    (4) No improvement
      (3) returned                                (3) but        (4) No improvement   165. It is easy to see why cities grew
      (4) No improvement                    156. We have already disposed our old            on the river banks.
146. How long are you working here ?              house.                                     (1) along the river banks
      (1) have you been working here ?            (1) disposed off                           (2) in the river banks
      (2) you are working here ?                  (2) disposed out                           (3) upon the river banks
      (3) were you working ?                      (3) disposed of                            (4) No improvement
      (4) No improvement                          (4) No improvement                      Directions (166-170) : In each of
                                            157. We can buy anything in this          the following questions, a part of the
147. The officer asked his secretary
                                                  shop, can we ?                      sentence is printed in bold. Below are
      to remember him about the meet-
                                                  (1) isn’t it?                       given alternatives to the bold part at
                                                  (2) can’t we?                       (1), (2) and (3) which may improve the
     (1) recall      (2) remind                                                       sentence. Choose the correct alterna-
     (3) recollect (4) No improvement             (3) don’ t we?
                                                                                      tive. In case no improvement is need-
148. I acquainted him about the facts             (4) No improvement                  ed, your answer is (4).
     of the case.                           158. If I had followed your advice, I              (SSC Tax Assistant (Income Tax &
     (1) with        (2) on                       would not regret today.
                                                                                               Central Excise) Exam. 29.03.2009)
     (3) to          (4) No improvement           (1) will not regret
                                                                                      166. The only way to solve the racial
149. He denied to be party to the deal.           (2) had not regretted                      problem is by education
      (1) refused                                 (3) would not have regretted               (1) because of
      (2) disagreed                               (4) No improvement                         (2) thanks to
      (3) rejected                          159. Somebody must be made to an-                (3) on account of
      (4) No improvement                          swer for the securities scam.              (4) No improvement
150. It is necessary to consider sepa-            (1) to        (2) after             167. He may be poor now but he ap-
      rately these problems, is in-               (3) upon      (4) No improvement           pears to be rich.
      deed ?                                160. Corruption is the most serious              (1) to seem rich
      (1) is that it? (2) isn’t it?               problem in India.                          (2) rich to be
      (3) are they? (4) No improvement            (1) the more serious                       (3) to have been rich
      Directions (151–160) : In the fol-          (2) the seriouser                          (4) No improvement
lowing quesions, a part of the sentence           (3) serious                         168. The suspected couple was taken
is bold. Below are given alternatives             (4) No improvement                         away from the airport through a
to the bold part at 1, 2 and 3 which              Directions (161-165): In the fol-          side entrance to the police sta-
may improve the sentence. Choose the        lowing questions, a part of the sentence         tion for interrogation.
correct alternative. In case no improve-    is printed bold. Below are given alter-          (1) whisked (2) rushed
ment is needed, your answer is ‘4’.         natives to the bold part at (1), (2) and         (3) guided (4) No improvement
               (SSC Section Officer (Audit) (3), which may improve the sentence.      169. She left the room feeling contrite.
                         Exam. 30.10.2008)  Choose the correct alternative. In case          (1) sorry for what she had done
151. He was weary of failure, didn’t        no improvement is needed, your an-               (2) rather ill
      he ?                                  swer is (4).                                     (3) extremely irritated
      (1) isn’t he?                                 (SSC Tax Assistant (Income Tax &         (4) No improvement
      (2) wasn’t he?                                Central Excise) Exam. 14.12.2008) 170. The transport workers have or-
      (3) doesn’t he?                       161. In the desert, the sun is the mas-          ganised a strike asking for more
      (4) No improvement                          ter, all else resigns before its           salary.
152. What you have been doing in the              merciless rays.                            (1) demanding
      workshop since last month ?                 (1) collapses (2) falls                    (2) begging
      (1) have you done                           (3) retires   (4) No improvement           (3) requesting
      (2) you have done                     162. I intend to learn French next               (4) No improvement
      (3) have you been doing                     year.                                      Directions (171-175) : In the fol-
      (4) No improvement                          (1) learning (2) learn              lowing questions, a part of the sentence
153. Keats says the idea very well in             (3) have learnt                     is bold. Below are given alternatives
      his poems.                                  (4) No improvement                  to the bold part at (1), (2) and (3) which
      (1) speaks (2) describes              163. The police needed him for armed      may improve the sentence. Choose the
      (3) expresses(4) No improvement             robbery.                            correct alternative. In case no improve-
154. The enemy soldiers went back                 (1) liked          (2) was after    ment is needed, your answer is (4).
      hastily.                                    (3) were looking to                             (SSC Combined Graduate Level
      (1) returned                                                                                       Tier-I Exam. 16.05.2010
                                                  (4) No improvement
      (2) retreated                                                                                                 (First Sitting)