125. He paid the caretaker for his                 (2) but perhaps the best one is :         (1) They take their children for a
       board and lodging.                              “Style is the man.”                       drive always in the charming
      (1) Room        (2) Furniture                (3) but the best one is : “Style is           countryside around Banga-
      (3) Boarding (4) No improvement                  the man.”                                 lore.
       Directions (126-135): In the                (4) No improvement                        (2) They take their children al-
following questions a part of the           134. They have bought a new car,                     ways for a drive in the charm-
sentence is given in bold. Below are               isn’t it ?                                    ing countryside around Ban-
given alternatives to the bold part at             (1) haven’t they ?                            galore.
(1), (2) and (3) which may inprove the             (2) don’t they ?                          (3) They always take their chil-
sentence. Choose the correct alternative.          (3) have they ?                               dren for a drive in the charm-
In case no improvement is needed your              (4) No improvement                            ing countryside around Ban-
answer is (4).                              135. Only a few persons can stand on                 galore.
  (SSC Section Officer (Commercial Audit)          entreaties.                               (4) No improvement
                           Exam. 30.09.2007      (1) against (2) with                  140. To prevent head colds, use a neb-
126. I had my ears bored, so I could             (3) in          (4) No improvement          ulizer to spray into your nose until
       wear my diamond ear-rings.                  Directions (136-140) : In the fol-        it drops down into your throat.
      (1) holed       (2) pricked           lowing questions, a sentence is given            (1) To prevent head colds, use a
      (3) pierced (4) No improvement        which may need improvement. Alterna-                 nebulizer to spray into your
127. It is interesting to correspond the    tives are given at (1), (2) and (3) below            nose until the drug drops
       history of the 19th century with     which may be a better option. In case                down into your throat.
       its literature.                      no improvement is needed, your answer
                                                                                             (2) To prevent head colds, use a
                                            is (4).
       (1) corroborate                                                                           nebulizer to spray into your
                                                     (SSC Tax Assistant (Income Tax &
       (2) correlate                                                                             throat until it drops down into
                                                     Central Excise) Exam. 25.11.2007)
       (3) command                                                                               your nose.
                                            136. I sent him a letter to return the
       (4) No improvement                                                                    (3) To prevent head colds, use a
                                                   car by registered post.
128. Didn’t Mr. Sharma come to the                                                               nebulizer to spray into your
                                                   (1) I sent him a letter by regis-
       office yet ?                                                                              nose until your throat drops
                                                       tered post asking him to re-
      (1) Hadn’t      (2) Hasn’t                                                                 down into it.
                                                       turn the car.
      (3) Isn’t       (4) No improvement           (2) I sent by registered post him         (4) No improvement
129. He can’t read this, nor can I.                    a letter to return the car.           Directions (141-150) : In follow-
       (1) no, I never can                         (3) I sent him a letter by regis-   ing questions, a part of the sentence is
       (2) no, I can’t                                 tered post to return the car.   in bold. Below are given alternatives
       (3) no, I don’t                             (4) No improvement                  to the bold part at (1), (2) and (3) which
                                            137. Covered with grease, the water        may improve the sentence. Choose the
       (4) No improvement
                                                   did not seem unduly cold to the     correct alternative. In case no improve-
130. I bought four dozen mangoes.
                                                   swimmer.                            ment is needed, your answer is (4).
       (1) dozens of mango
                                                   (1) As he was covered with                         (SSC Section Officer (Audit)
       (2) dozens of mangoes                                                                                   Exam. 06.01.2008)
                                                       grease, the water did not
       (3) dozens mangoes                                                              141. He declined all the allegations
                                                       seem unduly cold to the swim-
       (4) No improvement                              mer.                                  against him.
131. The master was good at using                  (2) As it was covered with grease,       (1) spurned (2) refused
       pleasant names for unpleasant                   the water did not seem undu-         (3) refuted (4) No improvement
       things in order to hoodwink the                 ly cold to the swimmer.
       labourers.                                                                      142. It is time we leave.
                                                   (3) As it was covered with water,
       (1) euphemisms                                                                        (1) left
                                                       the grease did not seem un-
       (2) euphoria                                    duly cold to the swimmer.             (2) have to leave
       (3) pleasantries                            (4) No improvement                        (3) would leave
       (4) No improvement                   138. The old woman gave her dog bis-             (4) No improvement
132. They had to put off until later               cuits.                              143. We spent an hour discussing
       the open-air performance                    (1) The old woman gave biscuits           about his character.
       because of heavy rain.                          to her dog.                           (1) his character
      (1) postpone (2) delay                       (2) The old woman was given bis-          (2) on his character
      (3) adjourn (4) No improvement                   cuits by her dog.                     (3) upon his character
133. Dozens of phrases can be offered              (3) She gave the old woman dog
                                                                                             (4) No Improvement
       to describe style but perhaps the               biscuits.
                                                                                       144. After the letter reached me, I
       best one is : “Style – it is the            (4) No improvement                        shall know the result.
       man.”                                139. They take their children for a              (1) After the letter reaches
       (1) but the best one is : “Style –          drive in the charming countryside
            it is the man.”                        around Bangalore always.                  (2) After the letter will reach