(1) has run                                   (3) felt like a fish out of water.            (2) reclamation as well as acqui-
     (2) was running                               (4) No improvement                                 sition of farmland
     (3) had run                               83. The flood-affected people are look-           (3) reclamation and acquisition of
     (4) No improvement                            ing forward with the visit of the                  farmland
  75. He suddenly struck a note of dis-            Governor.                                     (4) No improvement
      cord in his otherwise harmonious             (1) looking forward to                    90. It is a three-years degree course.
      presentation.                                (2) looking forward on                        (1) an three-years degree course
      (1) unhappiness                              (3) looking forward for                       (2) a three-year degree course
      (2) regret                                   (4) No improvement                            (3) a three years degree course
      (3) anger                                84. He is fond of saving money.                   (4) No improvement
      (4) No improvement                           (1) hoarding                              91. As soon as winter sets in, the
  76. If I dyed my hair green, every-              (2) not spending                              number of tourists start in-
      body will laugh at me.                       (3) spending carefully                        creasing suddenly.
      (1) would        (2) did                     (4) No improvement                            (1) the number of tourists are
      (3) may          (4) No improvement      85. He comes often to our house.                       increased
  77. The students often play truant,              (1) come often                                (2) the amount of tourists start
      didn’t they ?                                (2) often comes                                    increasing
      (1) can they ?                               (3) often come                                (3) the number of tourists in-
      (2) is indeed ?                              (4) No improvement                                 creases
      (3) don’t they ?                           Directions (86-95) : In the follow-             (4) No improvement
      (4) No improvement                     ing questions, a part of the sentence is        92. Is respect really preferable than
  78. He is adequately provided for the      given in bold. Below are given alterna-             money ?
      necessities of life.                   tives to the bold part at 1, 2 and 3                (1) preferable to money ?
      (1) by           (2) to                which may improve the sentence.
                                                                                                 (2) preferred, or money ?
      (3) with         (4) No improvement    Choose the correct alternative. In case
                                                                                                 (3) preferable than money ?
  79. The T.V. news is doctored by non-      no improvement is required your an-
                                             swer is (4).                                        (4) No improvement
      professionals and whetted by po-
                                                            (SSC Statistical Investigators   93. His speech was marked by dis-
      litical higher-ups.
                                                             Grade-IV Exam. 13.08.2006)          agreement and scorn for his
      (1) wetted       (2) vetted
                                               86. Most of the participating mem-                opponent’s position.
      (3) written      (4) No improvement
                                                    bers at the fair, which was                  (1) is being marked with dis-
  80. Will you type these letters now ?
                                                    organised by the students, were                   agreement and scorn for his
      (1) Could        (2) Can                                                                        opponent’s position.
                                                    Mathematics teacher’s.
      (3) Shall        (4) No improvement                                                        (2) was marked with disagree-
                                                    (1) Mathematic teachers
    Directions (81–85) : In the follow-                                                               ment and scorn for his
                                                    (2) Mathematics teachers
ing questions, a part of the sentence                                                                 opponent’s position.
                                                    (3) Teacher in mathematics
is in bold. Below are given alterna-                                                             (3) was marked by disagreement
                                                    (4) No improvement
tives to the bold part at (1), (2) and                                                                and scorn for this opponents
(3) which may improve the sentence.            87. Americans do not object my call-
                                                    ing them by their first names.                    positions.
Choose the correct alternative. In case
                                                    (1) my calling the                           (4) No improvement
no improvement is needed, your an-
                                                    (2) to my calling them                   94. Changu is as tall if not, taller
swer is (4).
                                                    (3) been called                              than Chanchu.
                (SSC Tax Assistant (Income
                       Tax & Central Excise)        (4) No improvement                           (1) as tall, if not, taller than
                          Exam. 11.12.2005)    88. The NYC building at New York                  (2) as tall as, if not taller to
  81. The traveller commanded of the                City is as high as every other               (3) as tall as, if not taller than
      peasant he would tell him the way             building in the United States of             (4) No improvement
      to the nearest village.                       America.                                 95. The bigger dilemma facing these
      (1) exclaimed of the peasant if               (1) high than every other build-             mega stores is how to retain cus-
           he would                                      ing                                     tomers after the novelty wear
      (2) enquired of the peasant if he             (2) as high as every other build-            thin.
           could                                         ing                                     (1) wears thin.
      (3) replied o f the peasant                   (3) higher than any other one                (2) cools down.
           whether he will                          (4) No improvement                           (3) wears off.
      (4) No improvement                       89. But here again, there are allega-
                                                                                                 (4) No improvement
  82. As I was new to the place, I felt             tions of indiscriminate reclama-
                                                                                               Directions (96 – 100) : In the fol-
      like a fish in water.                         tions and acquisition to the
                                                                                           lowing questions, a part of sentence is
      (1) felt like a fish in the water.            farmland by the Adanis.
                                                                                           printed in bold. Alternatives to the
      (2) felt like a fish with water.              (1) reclamations and also acqui-
                                                                                           bold part, which may improve the sen-
                                                         sition by the farmland