Directions (51 – 55) : In the fol-     58. What does it matter most is the          67. The help given to us was more
lowing questions, a part of the sentence        quality of the goods that we re-              adequate for our purpose.
is bold. Below are given alternatives           quire.                                        (1) much adequate
to the bold part at (1), (2) and (3) which      (1) What it matters more                      (2) enough adequate
may improve the sentence. Choose the            (2) What does it matter more                  (3) more than adequate
correct alternative. In case no improve-                                                      (4) No improvement
                                                (3) What matters most
ment is needed, your answer is (4).                                                      68. Quite the most remarkable article
                                                (4) No improvement
         (SSC Tex Assistant (Income Tax &                                                     we ever remember to have read.
        Central Excise) Exam. 05.12.2004)   59. You called on me when I was not
                                                                                              (1) ever remarkable article we re-
 51. If I am the P.M. I would ban all           at home, don’t you ?                              member to have read.
     processions.                               (1) did you ? (2) didn’t you ?                (2) remarkable article we remem-
     (1) will be    (2) were                    (3) didn’t I ? (4) No improvement                 ber ever to have read.
     (3) am         (4) No improvement      60. He paid the caretaker for his                 (3) remarkable ever article we re-
 52. Mrs. Madhuri has great respect             board and lodging.                                member to have read.
     and unlimited faith in her Direc-          (1) room         (2) furniture                (4) No improvement
     tor.                                       (3) boarding (4) No improvement          69. You won’t tell them what has hap-
     (1) respect and unlimited faith for                                                      pened, wouldn’t you ?
                                                 Directions (61-70) : In the fol-
     (2) respect for and unlimited faith                                                     (1) won’t you ?
                                           lowing questions, a part of the sentence
          for                                                                                (2) isn’t it ?
                                           is printed in bold. Below are given al-
     (3) respect for and unlimited faith                                                     (3) will you ?
                                           ternatives to the bold part at 1, 2 and
          in                                                                                 (4) No improvement
                                           3 which may improve the sentence.
     (4) respect in and unlimited faith                                                  70. She doesn’t mind to be disturbed.
                                           Choose the correct alternative. In case
          for                                                                                 (1) being disturbed
                                           no improvement is needed, your an-
 53. He is addicted to smoke.                                                                 (2) to being disturbed
                                           swer is (4).
     (1) addicted to smoking                                                                  (3) being disturbing
                                                         (SSC Statistical Investigators
     (2) used to smoke                                                                        (4) No improvement
                                                           Grade-IV Exam. 31.7.2005)
     (3) addicted of smoking                                                                 Directions (71–80) : In the
                                            61. It’s high time that you go home.
     (4) addicted with smoking                                                          following questions, a part of the
                                                (1) have gone(2) should go              sentence is in bold. Below are given
 54. Write down the address lest you
                                                (3) went         (4) No improvement     alternatives to the bold part at (1), (2)
     may forget.
                                            62. It is proposed to construct a bath      and (3) which may imp rove the
     (1) you may not forget
                                                for males 99-feet long.                 sentence. Choose the correct
     (2) you cannot forget                                                              alternative. In case no improvement is
     (3) you will forget                         (1) a 99-feet long bath for males
                                                                                        needed, your answer is (4).
     (4) you should forget                       (2) a 99-feet long males bath            (SSC Section Officer (Commercial Audit)
 55. We used to get up early in the              (3) a males bath 99-feet long                                  Exam. 25.09.2005)
     morning, have breakfast and then            (4) No improvement                      71. By this time tomorrow, I will
     went out to play.                      63. Corrupt officials have siphoned off           reach my home.
     (1) go out to play                         more than five hundred crore ru-             (1) will be reaching
     (2) gone out to play                       pees over the last decade from wel-
                                                                                             (2) shall have reached
     (3) had gone out to play                   fare funds.
     (4) played                                                                              (3) can reach
                                                (1) away         (2) up
     Directions (56–60) : In the                                                             (4) No improvement
                                                (3) in           (4) No improvement
followiing questions, a part of the                                                      72. He was so afraid that his knees
                                            64. They are migratory workers from               knocked one another.
sentence is in bold. Below are given            another country.
alternatives to the bold part at 1, 2                                                        (1) one against
                                                (1) immigrant(2) itinerant                   (2) each other
and 3 which may improve the sentence.
Choose the correct alter native. In case        (3) emigrant (4) No improvement              (3) both
no impro vement is needed, yo ur            65. Neither I nor my friend live here.           (4) No improvement
answer is (4).                                   (1) neither I do nor does my friend     73. They only work when they have
             (SSC Section Officer (Audit)        (2) neither do I nor does my friend          no money.
                      Exam. 05.06.2005)          (3) neither I live nor does my friend       (1) when they have no money,
 56. Can this machine be adopted in                                                                they only work
                                                 (4) No improvement
     farm work.                                                                              (2) when they only work they have
                                            66. He is the poorest of the two work-
     (1) by         (2) into                                                                       no money
     (3) for        (4) No improvement                                                       (3) they work only when they have
 57. The driver was dazzled by the               (1) the poorer of
                                                                                                   no money.
     bright light of approaching car.            (2) the poorest between
                                                                                             (4) No improvement.
     (1) twinkled (2) flashed                    (3) poorest of
                                                                                         74. When we saw him last, he ran to
     (3) glowed     (4) No improvement           (4) No improvement                           catch a bus.