Directio ns (1-10)—In these             8. Birds sit on the boughs of trees in   15. The teacher was very angry at his
questions, a part of the sentence is given      my garden and with their sweet             student.
in bold. Below are given alternatives to        notes fill the air with music.             (1) angry with
the bold part at 1, 2 and 3 which may           (1) fill their sweet notes in the air      (2) angry against
improve the sentence. Choose the correct        (2) by their sweet notes fill the air      (3) angry about
alternative. In case no improvement is          (3) fill the air by their sweet notes
needed your answer is (4).                                                                 (4) No improvement
                                                (4) No improvement
  (SSC Section Officer (Audit) Exam. 1997)                                            16. He backed out of the agreement.
                                             9. India will enter the league of ma-
  1. On one occasion he persuaded me            jor developed nations as a space           (1) gave his full support
     to accompany him on a shooting             giant within a short time.                 (2) reconsidered the point
     expedition he was planning.                (1) energy                                 (3) withdrew his support from
     (1) has planned                            (2) force                                  (4) went through the back door
     (2) had planned                            (3) power                             17. Man is the only animal who can
     (3) planned                                (4) No improvement                         talk.
     (4) No improvement                     10. Many a man would welcome the               (1) which
  2. We have no less than a thousand            opportunity.                               (2) whom
     students in our College.                   (1) Many man
                                                                                           (3) that
     (1) not less                               (2) A many man
     (2) no less                                                                           (4) No improvement
                                                (3) Many a men
     (3) no fewer                                                                     18. He did not know the answer, I did
                                                (4) No improvement
     (4) No improvement                                                                    not neither.
                                                Directions (11– 20) : In the fol-
  3. When she regained conscious-          lowing questions, a part of the sentence        (1) neither did I
     ness she was stretched in the         is printed in bold. Below are given al-         (2) either did I
     ditch out, soaked to the skin.        ternatives to the bold part at 1, 2, and        (3) neither have I
     (1) out in the ditch stretched        3 which may improve the sentence.               (4) No improvement
     (2) on the ditch outstretched         Choose the correct alternative. In case    19. When the owner offered tea, the
     (3) outstretched in the ditch         "no improve-ment" is needed, your an-           peon denied it.
     (4) No improvement                    swer is ‘4’.
                                                                                           (1) disliked
  4. Too little is known by this time        (SSC Section Officer (Commercial Audit)
                                                                    Exam. 29.07.2001)      (2) declined
     about possible side-effects of the
                                            11. The greater the demand, higher             (3) disobeyed
                                                the price.                                 (4) No improvement
     (1) presently
     (2) in the end                             (1) high                              20. “Do you remember his phone num-
                                                (2) the high                               ber? I don"t suspect so.”
     (3) before hand
     (4) No improvement                         (3) the higher                             (1) don"t think
  5. If you want to save money you              (4) No improvement                         (2) don"t thing
     must get rid of shopping.              12. I prefer to ride than to walk.             (3) may think
     (1) cut down on                            (1) riding to walking                      (4) No improvement
     (2) get on with                            (2) ride to walk
                                                                                           Directions (21–30) : In these
     (3) put up with                            (3) riding than walking               questions, a part of the sentence is
     (4) No improvement                         (4) No improvement                    given i n bold. Belo w are given
  6. The loud and incessant chatter         13. The workers went on a strike ask-     alternatives to the bold part at 1, 2
                                                ing for better pay and service con-   and 3 which may improve the sentence.
     worries your father who is trying
                                                dition                                Choose the correct alternative. In case
     to concentrate.
                                                (1) requesting                        no impro vement is needed, yo ur
     (1) aggravates
                                                (2) demanding                         answer is (4).
     (2) annoys
                                                (3) needing                                         (SSC Section Officer (Audit)
     (3) irritates
                                                (4) No improvement                                           Exam. 09.09.2001)
     (4) No improvement
                                            14. The newspaper provides more In-
  7. Not only they went to see a film,                                                21. Please report to me when you re-
                                                ternational News than domestic
     but also had dinner out.                                                              turn back from Delhi.
     (1) Not only did they go                                                              (1) you have returned back from
                                                (1) National
     (2) They didn"t go not only                                                           (2) you return from
                                                (2) alien
     (3) They not only went                                                                (3) you returned back from
                                                (3) provincial
     (4) No improvement                                                                    (4) No improvement
                                                (4) No improvement