Hence, because of the continuous music .... should       1149. (2) Found = establish
      be used here.                                                  Hence, you will find (get) a house .... should be
1128. (4) Still waters run deep = a person who seems to              used.
      be quiet or shy may surprise you by knowing a lot        1150. (4) No Error
      or having deep feelings.                                 1151. (3) It is a preposition related error. Hence, senior
1129. (2) Here, under the direction (supervision) (Noun)             to me .... should be used.
      .... should be used.                                     1152. (2) It is double superlatives related error. Hence,
1130. (3) In Indirect Speech Interrogative sentence is               the tallest .... should be used here.
      changed into Assertive.                                  1153. (2) Whose is used to say which person or thing you
      Hence, and asked me what my name was ......                    mean.
      should be used here.                                           Look at the sentence :
1131. (4) No error                                                   He is a man whose opinion I respect.
1132. (3) As the generality of the sentence suggests,                Which is used to be exact about the thing you mean.
      Present Simple should be used here.                            Look at the sentence :
      Hence, but nobody wants to grow old ...... should              Houses which overlook the lake cost more.
      be used here.
                                                                     Hence, whose money .... should be used.
1133. (3) Here, Reporting Verb is in past tense. Hence,
                                                               1154. (1) The structure of subject will be :
      because it was not to his taste .... should be used
                                                                     Juan Carlos, the king of Spain.
                                                               1155. (2) It is a preposition related error. Hence, of
1134. (3) Here, preposition ‘in’ i.e., in 1599 .... should be
                                                                     cholera .... should be used.
                                                               1156. (2) At a loss = puzzled or uncertain what to think,
1135. (2) Enamoured (Adjective) = liking something a lot.
                                                                     say or do; baffled.
      Look at the sentence :
                                                                     Hence, at a loss .... should be used.
      He was less than enamoured of the music.
                                                               1157. (2) Magnate = a person who is rich, powerful and
      Hence, evidently enamoured of .... should be used.             successful especially in business.
1136. (1) It is a preposition related error. Hence, He is            Here, subject (some) is plural. Hence, business
      jealous of ...... should be used.                              magnates .... should be used.
1137. (3) For two persons or things between ....... should     1158. (3) As the sense suggests, of no delays (negative)
      be used. Hence, between the two countries .......              .... should be used.
      should be used.
                                                               1159. (3) Alarm bells = If something sets alarm bells
1138. (3) Here, to achieve my objective ....... should be            ringing, you mean that it makes people feel worried
      used.                                                          or concerned about something.
      For is superfluous.                                            Hence, a sound of alarm bells .... should be used.
1139. (1) Job = responsibility; duty.                          1160. (2) Here, an easier access .... should be used.
      Hence, use of actual is superflous.                            In comparative degree, use of ‘the’ is not proper.
1140. (4) No Error                                             1161. (3) It is preposition related error.
1141. (2) It is article related error. Hence, to give an exact       Hence, spend on luxuries .... should be used.
      date .... should be used.                                1162. (1) ‘The’ is used with ordinal number.
1142. (4) No Error                                                   Hence, I was the first .... should be used.
1143. (1) Usually in the sentence shows general                1163. (3) Look at the sentence :
      programme/habit. Hence, Present Simple i.e. His
                                                                     There is a wide variety of patterns to choose from.
      parents usually spend ..... should be used.
                                                                     Hence, singular verb i.e. distracts the mind ....
1144. (2) Cope with = to face and deal with responsibilities,
                                                                     should be used here.
      problems or difficulties successfully.
                                                               1164. (3) Trial (Noun) = a formal examination of evidence
      Hence, because he could not cope with .... should
                                                                     in court; test.
      be used.
                                                                     Trail = a long series of marks that is left by something.
1145. (1) As the structure suggests, Future simple i.e., I
                                                                     Hence, a trail of misery .... should be used here.
      Shall/will come .... should be used.
                                                               1165. (4) No Error
1146. (3) First clause is in Past simple. The sentence
      shows past time.                                         1166. (2) Ability = the fact that somebody is able to do
      Hence, and gave him money .... should be used
      here.                                                          A gentle form of exercise will increase your ability
                                                                     to relax.
1147. (3) Reason has already been used.
                                                                     Hence, ability to act (infinitive) ... should be used.
      Hence, it is not proper to use due to.
                                                               1167. (2) Doubt = a feeling of being uncertain about
      Hence, ill health .... should be used here.
1148. (3) The possessive of one is one’s. Hence, one’s word
                                                                     There is some doubt about the best way to do it.
      .... should be used here.
                                                                     Hence, I have some doubt ... should be used.