1090. (3) R                                                    1109. (1) Beside = next to or at the side of somebody/
      Here, Subject (the investment) is Singular. Hence,             something.
      in health and planning has eroded considerably                 Besides = in addition to; apart from.
      is the right usage.                                            Hence, Besides, writing is my hobby .....should be
1091. (3) R                                                          used here.
      Here, that there is no such thing as luck is the         1110. (3) It is prepositon related error. Hence, to the
      right usage.                                                   supervisor ... should be used.
      The sentence is showing a Universal Truth. Hence,        1111. (1) It is preposition related error. Hence, Her
      Simple Present Tense will be used.                             knowledge of English .... should be used here.
1092. (1) P                                                          He has a wide knowledge of painting and music.
      Here, we now look forward to is the right usage.         1112. (2) Here, very kind or kind enough .... should be
      look forward agrees with to (Prep.)                            used.
1093. (1) P                                                          Enough Þ to the necessary degree
      Here, No other method of making is the right                   Hence, it is not proper to use very and enough
      usage.                                                         together.
1094. (3) R                                                    1113. (2) Here, subject (substantial seizure) is singular.
      Here, corresponding Preposition i.e. to provide the            Hence, singular verb i.e. ... has been made .... should
      best facilities for and personal attention to is the           be used.
      right usage.                                             1114. (2) Here, had its shared (Adjective) suffering or had
1095. (4) S                                                          its share (Noun) of suffering .... should be used.
      No error                                                 1115. (2) Here, replace ‘because’ with ‘that’.
1096. (2) Q                                                          Hence, as Lady Gaga was that she had been told ....
                                                                     should be used.
      Here, the problems of the future is the right usage.
                                                               1116. (4) No error
1097. (1) P
                                                               1117. (1) Article ‘the’ is used before an ordinal number.
      When we use not only.. but also, same part of
      speech should be used before both. Hence, we will              Hence, the first European sailor .... should be used.
      not only pack is the right usage.                        1118. (2) Well–worth = very important; certainly worth.
1098. (1) P                                                          We need a positive expression here.
      Here, No country can endure long (Adverb) is the               Hence, but is well worth .....should be used here.
      right usage.                                             1119. (1) The sentence is in interrogative. Hence, How
1099. (2) Q                                                          can man die ....... should be used.
      Here, equipped not only with is the right usage.         1120. (3) Here, prevented the boys from going (Gerund)
                                                                     to..... should be used, not an infinitive.
1100. (2) The sentence is in superlative degree. Hence,
      the largest circulation of all/ larger circulation than  1121. (3) Advice is an uncountable noun.
      any other .... should be used.                                 Hence, as it contains a lot of good advice .... should
1101. (2) A period of six years is a singular subject. Hence,        be used here.
      Singular Verb i.e. has elapsed .... should be used.      1122. (2) Here, man (singular) is the antecedent of who.
1102. (4) No Error                                                   Hence, who has .... should be used.
1103. (2) Get off = to fall asleep; to leave work without      1123. (2) Here, subject (inventions) is plural.
      permission; to stop discussing a particular subject.           Hence, are made (V3) .... should be used.
      Get over = to return to your usual state of health,            The sentence is in passive voice.
      happiness etc. after a shock etc.                        1124. (3) Aesthetic (Adjective) = concerned with beauty
      Hence, to get over .... should be used here.                   and art and the understanding of beautiful things
1104. (1) Here, two situations have been compared. Hence,            Hence, have aesthetic appeal should be used here.
      comparative degree i.e. It is better .... should be            Aesthetics = the branch of philosophy that studies
      used.                                                          the principles of beauty in art.
1105. (2) Disgusted (Adjective) = feeling or showing           1125. (1) Arrangement of persons Þ 231 i.e., second, third
      disgust or dislike or disapproval.                             and first persons.
      Look at the sentence :                                         Hence, my wife and I .....should be used here.
      I was disgusted with myself for eating so much.          1126. (3) Further = additional to what already exists
      Hence, with him for his ...... should be used here.            Farther = at to or by a great distance
                                                                     Hence, two further (additional) volumes to be
1106. (3) The use of preposition ‘the’ is superfluous.
                                                                     published .....should be used here.
1107. (4) No error
                                                               1127. (2) Continual (Adjective) = repeated many times
1108. (2) Alphabet = a set of letters or symbols in a fixed          in a way that is annoying
      order used for writing a language.
                                                                     Continuous (Adjective) = happening or existing for
      Hence, (the) alphabet .... should be used here.                a period of time without interruption.